Solstice Greetings from MAX the Crystal Skull


Greetings, I am MAX the Crystal Skull, We are here, December 21, 2012 Solstice.   We are all alive, no apocalypse in sight. All is in order. The Codes have been released, the Star Gates are open,  energy and light are flooding Gaia from the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy.   Do you feel it?     According to my channel it is very soft and gentle, sweet and loving.

But it could feel different to you, since this is a very individualized process. Take time today to soak it in, whatever the energies that are coming through for you.   Stop your whirlwind of activities today and find time to be still.   Move into your heart and feel the energy flowing to you. Connect with your Mother Earth as she fills with this loving energetic gift. Leave the doubts, the questions, the readings all behind and just be still and feel the moment.

Let everything go and connect with this day.    There is more work to do, this is not the end of your journey.   As they say “it is just the beginning.”   But for now there is nothing more important for you to do than be still and let your body feel this great surge of light energy. Feel what is in your heart.    Let your heart speak to you.

In Divine Love and Light, MAX


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