Barbara: My Experience of 21/12/12

Thanks to Andrea.

I have been reading the 2012 Scenario website for the past 6/7 months and I have not posted much here before. But I like to know that I am not alone with my feeling and sensations, as there is no one I know near me that feels this way. I would like to share with you my own experience of the last 2 days.

These energies I feel vary, and I believe they may be associated with my own biorhythms. I have had such sensations regularly since February when I believe my 3rd eye was activated. I hope this helps others out there who feel they are on their own.

I was feeling the strongest energies throughout yesterday into the night. My anchor in Gaia was an iron ball, and I was attached to it with a long rope or string. My body was pulsating, tingling and trembling; it was hard to concentrate. My head has had this ringing sound, which over 2 years has been increasing in frequency. It was very loud yesterday.

Even though it rained continuously throughout the day, I was still feeling joyous. My heart chakra was a glorious emerald beaming green light into Gaia’s grid, and my throat chakra was a wonderful sapphire beaming blue light into the grid.

Today I was compelled to lie down and meditate at 10:15am(GMT), so I stopped everything I was doing and did so. I saw my heart and throat chakras as I had last night. I felt some interference as 11:11am approached; something wanted me to get up but I persevered. I joined the others in the aether and some were dancing. We were chanting ‘We want LOVE’ which then changed to a gentle ‘We want PEACE’.

At this moment my attention was drawn to my anchor with Gaia. My iron ball at Gaia’s heart suddenly exploded and released Gaia’s HEART, red and beating strongly. It was so joyful, absolutely glorious. My experience of 21.12.12 at 11:11am was that Gaia’s true heart had been freed and released. This is the start of my new age of Aquarius. I truly believe the world has changed.

Love & Peace


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