Stephen Cook – Ascension Week: Zonked!

Written by Stephen Cook

Note from Wes: I will have to have a chat with dearest Stephen soon, because I experienced something very similiar to what he discusses here, last night. A strange feeling of depletion, Light-headedness and a small shooting pain near my heart and just as he says here, all I could do was lay down and sleep. The only difference is that I had some wonderful dreams!

I’m feeling increasingly that we are in the midst of a shifting and integration process unlike anything we’ve experienced before, because I’m certainly feeling the effects and it seems that many others are as well!  

By Stephen Cook – December 18, 2012

OK, so I have now taken complete and total responsibility for my all and every action, thought and deed throughout this entire period leading up to this week’s final days of our Ascension process: Ascension Week: Taking Self Responsbility.

But what happened yesterday I was not even remotely prepared for! Responsible, or not.

I had previously enjoyed some ‘minor adjustments’ during the various 12.12am, 12.12pm and 12.12am meditations that I did over the 12/12/12/ portal and the day after, the 13th. One of which included a ‘mission’ on a beautiful Sydney beach.

And I have had some major, ‘instant downloads’ over the past few days. You know, the ones where you feel giddy, you feel unbalanced and you say to yourself: “Oh, thank goodness, I am already sitting (or lying) down”.

Nothing, however, could have prepared me for yesterday – which, now I have recovered slightly, I can only describe as being completely ‘zonked’!

I woke just before 7am to make it in time for  a pre-Ascension webinar I had been invited to attend. But as I got out of bed I felt very, very strange.

It was like I could not raise myself off the bed. Let alone get up. Exhausted but more so. But up I got anyway.

I then kind of slumped around the floor area, as I made my way to the kitchen where Anthony and I had a very quick and light breakfast.

Then I came in to sit at the computer, turned it on and whoosh! I just had to lie down on the floor.

I felt unsteady, unwell, uncoordinated, unfunctioning and unattractive!

Yep, I just hit the floor. Down I went. It was actually all very easy.

The only pain I had was this strange ‘knifing’ I felt midway down my shoulder blade; well. higher than that, actually. Almost at the bottom of my neck. Weird.

After about five minutes of lying there, I knew I had to get off the hard wooden floorboards that had become my sudden ‘comfort zone’, mostly because they actually weren’t that comfortable after all.

I headed to bed. But a voice told me to grab my headphones and Galaxy smartphone first. It also told me to play Tom Kenyon’s 30-minute Aethos music piece, which I have been using regularly each night lately.

So I struggled to find the phones and ‘ears’ and  plugged myself in.

I still had that strange ‘pain’ – but I put the track on replay and for the next two hours I drifted in and out of what I would possibly call consciousness, as the music lifted me, and guided me, and cradled me, and caressed me into all sorts of wonderful feelings, places and spaces. Visions and missions, too.  Some were lucid; some not. Some were remembered; some not. No pain.

I won’t go into all the details, as each of us will have our own experiences over these remaining days before and after Friday and I don’t wish to influence your experience of your own.

But then I just fell asleep. Literally. Out cold. No dreams. Nothing.

Then, suddenly, I found myself awake and it was after 2pm! Yep, mid afternoon.

That just doesn’t happen to me. I couldn’t believe it. I had been ‘zonked’.

Anthony had also had to lie down for around three hours. Most unusual for him during the day, too.

Today, I am still somewhat woozy from the zonking and I still keep having small ‘download adjustments’.

Where am I?  I don’t quite know.

Have I changed dimensions? No not yet. Well, I don’t think so.

But I do feel wonderful. And I am SO looking forward to my next Ascension Week’ installment’.

In fact, I wonder how huge my next zonking will be! Massive, please!

Til then, I will continue to take responsibility. keep the faith – and trust and know.

Except when I am being zonked.

You can download Tom Kenyon’s Aethos track here:

P.S. And if you’re wondering where that ‘zonked’ photo of me at the top was taken. I was lying on a real Mayan bed inside the Mayan Temple in Palenque on 11/11/12. That was pretty ”out there’, too.



  1. Hi, I too have had similar symptoms too. Gosh, it feels much better to know that I’m not alone! It does get isolating at times. I’ve been awake now since 1999 and officially in 2009 (just a few months before my dad passed away fairly suddenly, a huge life experience for me all the way around!). Now in 2012, I’m really feeling the flux! It’s wonderful but sometimes, when it’s really strong, I do wonder what’s going on. I’ve been checked medically, all fine – so I know that this is spiritual. I’m naturally clairvoyant (been since birth) and just started to channel my guides as well. As for as the some of these symptoms hitting peak, I just keep hearing in my heart…., “get rest, drink water (not soda!) and take care of yourself, regardless of you what you think you should be doing! ( I know this is really hard when you have stuff to get done!), “Listen to your body and heart, it knows what it’s doing, All is well” (this was taken just a few days ago, I have more but haven’t shared them yet until it’s time so to speak.) Even being clairvoyant, this is new to me. Love to all of you!

    Love this site! Thanks – Shey


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