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307 smallI may try to post small personal updates from now until Friday detailing how the energies of this week are treating me, but you may have to forgive me if I am unable to keep up. The interesting thing about the date of the 21st is that I had begun to write it off weeks before it was to reach us, because of fear in myself that “nothing would happen”.

This date has been focused on as an ascension date and my very fear that my personal ascension would not occur because of my own latently-held vasanas allowed me to forget about the importance of this date in general; be it as an ascension date or a date for very powerful energy to reach us and make itself known.

I had planned to try and be quiet during this week while I work away editing messages that our guides have given for the 21st but with this wonderful and uplifting energy I’m already feeling, I just can’t stay silent. I feel that I must detail what I am undergoing and the process I find myself enjoying as we enter a very powerful date and absorb the powerful energy already resulting from this potent timeframe.

I think the main thing that made me want to write and detail my experiences this week was an article from Stephen Cook about a strange reaction he felt to his own shifting process that is being brought about with these 12-21 energies. I went through something very similar to him last night, and it was a strange occurrence that I knew even then had to do with my personal shifting process.

We were readying for bed and I can still remember feeling very energetic and active; I did not want to lay my head down to rest because the energies of the night were taking over and all I could feel was higher dimensional energy, splendor and bliss. Every night lately has been like this and when I can find it in myself to align with the energies of the night, I usually experience a very potent meditation, astral travel session or anchoring of Love.

What’s interesting about last night is that I seemed to have gone from entirely energetic, to completely drained and nearly lightheaded. Do you remember that feeling you would get as a child when you’d been out playing too long, and your body would respond by showing you how tired it is? It is a general disoriented, lightheaded feeling and a feeling of somehow existing within two worlds at once.

Well, this seemed to have been rushed upon me out of nowhere and whereas I was full of energy before, all I could do was lay my head down and find a wonderful and blissful sleep. This may not seem like much to write about but I should express that my words are not doing justice here, to exactly what I experienced. It was almost as if a recalibration [a continual recalibration, might I add] was taking place within me and my body was responding the best way it could – by having me rest.

I had some amazing, detailed and intricate dreams that I know were very powerful because I have not experienced dreams of such power since I first began awakening. The holographic reality that is our dreamscape was almost performing for me; showing me what it can do and the amazing things that can be manifested within its space. It was truly amazing!

So, this is how I am feeling on this day [the 18th] and I have to reiterate my feelings that this amazing omnipotent energy will only grow stronger and stronger until that ultimate pinnacle-date of the 21st. I should reiterate as well to those of you who may not believe ascension will occur on this date, that regardless of the predictions made and expectations garnered, it is still to be a powerful date and we are already experiencing the energetic power of this timeframe.

I want to express as well that I am ready to embrace ascension. Again, this could have been one of the reasons I initially put-down a sudden, mass ascension even when the Hathors were endorsing it; because I wasn’t ready to embrace it and I didn’t feel I was ready to ascend.

I say now to my guides: if I and my family are ready, let us ascend.

If we do not, I will still be just as happy as ever and you can bet I will continue in my Lightwork and channeling. These energies just feel so great that I could not possibly abandon this work – even if our ascension turns out to be more gradual. If the 21st is the ascension date it seems it could be, than I am ready to embrace.

Again; if not, I will still be a happy ascending being. I am fully ready for these energies and the intensity they will garner, because I am already feeling the wonderful effects of a strong and powerful alignment.

Wes Annac – Living and Loving this ascension.


    • Thank you so much, dear friends!! I cannot express how much your Love and support has always meant to me. Your wonderful free press has been an inspiration and a favored source of information as well! Much, much Love and gratitude to you!! 🙂 🙂

      Wes 🙂


  1. I had a very vivid lucid dream last night. From what I recall, I was in a very large house full of people whom I did not know in this life, but “knew”, as in my expanded family. I don’t know how much of this was accurate or simply symbolic, but there was a lot of activity, talking interacting, and I noticed no rooms had any doors, so even in the bedroom, where I and at least 2 others were talking for a while, there were no doors, no secrets. I am feeling a powerful magnetic love energy coming into my head, gently affecting all my thoughts and tempering feelings and emotions, so if I have a thought that starts to ” go rogue” and seems to have a life of its own, blaming, arguing, with someone in a past scenario, my new state of mind simply and lovingly interjects, and I start looking at it from a place of love, and I just let it go. It is conscious, but automatic, no effort. So I can see this going on back and forth for perhaps a long time, maybe months or more, but less and less, for sure.

    Up until now, everything has progressed for me, and most people I see, in a very gradual way, so I would not think anyone, or maybe some but not most of us, would suddenly just
    ascend into a completely different scenario, outer or inner, as I know for me, that would just be too much too soon. I like to think I gradually keep working towards being more empowered every day, but my world does not suddenly change, nor would I suddenly find myself in a garden of faeries with purple skies and unicorns and rainbows, and heavenly music playing 24 7. That’s fine later down the road, but when its the right time. I am one of those who feel I would like to finish out this life in a very positive way, with empowerment, and
    all the love, health, prosperity, and joy that comes with it, and finding a community of loving friends and family to share it with. I see that is happening, slowly. And with that in mind, I can see living here in this body for a very long, hundreds of years perhaps, or more.


  2. Seriously couldn’t agree with you more Wes! The description of a child realizing he’s exhausted is a flawless analogy lol my experience has been wicked similar. Thanks for the post brudda : ]

    ~ Johnny


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