Unfurl Your Sails and Catch the Winds of Love

Written by Steve Beckow

SaLuSa said today:

“You are about to enter the final stretch of your journey, and very soon to experience a great increase in your levels of consciousness. Most people would agree that this year has passed quicker than any time previously, and after Ascension it will be even faster.

“We would like to confirm again that progress is also speeding up where the many needed changes are concerned, and you will not miss out on anything that you expected. The timing has never been that critical, and for obvious reasons we look at the period immediately following Ascension. It is a time where our work and that of our allies will not be hampered by outside influences, and we can be more open about it.

“After Ascension you will soon forget the past difficulties and delays, as there will be so much to interest you. …

“We simply keep on reminding you of the need to keep focused on Ascension, and sending your Light to any point in the world that is not at peace. …

“The Galactic Federation of Light is working hard to bring conclusions to a number of projects that are in their final stages. It is touch and go whether you see them this side of Ascension, but if it has to be afterwards the way will be clear for them to go quickly ahead. ” (1)

I wanted to add that I’ve been hearing, from other sources whom I consider reliable, much the same message about the wave of love and the need to remain in peace. The phrase that Archangel Michael used in a personal reading with me on Nov. 12 was “a tsunami of love.” (2)  I’ve heard many phrases like that recently to describe whatever is expected soon.

It will, as SaLuSa said, raise our levels of consciousness apparently. But the reason I write about it is not that, because SaLuSa has already said it, but as a caution to people who are still engaging in 3D drama. It’s the peace part of what SaLuSa said that motivates me to write.

The sources I’ve been listening to lately have said a word of warning to those who are still engaging in a war of words or any other form of 3D opposition and resistance. What they’ve said is that anyone who meets this wave of love from an oppositional place will find themselves suffering greatly (with the emphasis on “greatly”). Whatever our experience is will be vastly magnified.

A a result of the 11/11 experience and the period that followed it, which some call the Mercury retrograde but about which I have no ability to speak as one not familiar with these matters, a lot of very heavy vasanas (i.e., deep-seated reaction patterns) have been reactivated in people. Some people are in meltdown (that’s the phrase I’ve heard) and on some fronts heated discussions have gone on and all kinds of difficulties have emerged.

These sources say that lightworkers now need to disengage from these conversations lest they meet the wave of love from a place of battling with others and find those feelings greatly enhanced.

Another message that’s being repeated generally is that Ascension is close and approaching fast and everyone would do well to begin, if they haven’t already done so, letting go of all that’s old, all that’s troublesome, and, to borrow a phrase from Pundit Ravi Shankar, settle into being in preparation for what will be upon us before we know it.

For me that extends to all complicating situations, all new initiatives, etc. I plan to begin freeing myself up more and more for settling into being. The rest of the time will go to writing but very little time will be spent from here on in on creating new initiatives or even doing project work that is not vital to pushing matters around Ascension forward.

I won’t be responding to people caught up in the drama or impacted negatively by the wave of love who write and want to begin a quarrel. The time is past for trying to deal with that. While I feel it advisable to not allow myself or others be trampled on, it isn’t advisable to take matters too far and venture into the area of endless exchanges or even one exchange, perhaps, that isn’t vitally necessary. It’s time for peace, within and without.

Anyone who’s studied karate knows that all karate forms, or katas as they’re called, begin with a defensive gesture – a block of some kind. Karate practitioners are not taught how to begin a fight offensively. They are only taught how to respond to one that someone else has begun. And that training becomes a philosophy. As long as the other person doesn’t throw a punch, there will be no fight, no matter what defensive posture the karate practitioner assumes.

In this time of vasanas arising to be cleared, the message I’m getting is that it’s wise to be defencive and not offensive, but even wiser still not to react at all.

The coffee is perking and I smell it.

Anything that can be postponed till after Dec. 21, I intend to postpone. Any lines of pursuit such as acquisition, retention, or extension I intend to let lie fallow.

Even if so many prognostications in the past have not materialized, as SaLuSa implies in his message, I’m still paying attention to this one.

Maybe I can tag on a discussion here I had with a good friend yesterday. The friend was saying “What if Dec. 21st does not materialize the way you predict?”

Hey, have we ever faced a time when so much of humanity was orienting towards a single date in such a unified manner? No, we haven’t. At the least we stand to have an absolutely incredible moment of standing together in expectation of the wonderful and transformative, a moment that should not pass unutilized.

This will be a time when our speaking will be listened to by a huge number of our brothers and sisters. So whether Ascension is sudden or gradual, whether it happens on Dec. 21 or another day, I don’t recommend that the opportunity presented by our orienting towards it “as if” it will happen on Dec. 21 be missed. I plan to approach it as the most potentially useful and hopeful of occasions.

We’re growing by leaps and bounds even if we’re Rip van Winkles simply dreaming all that’s happening. I intend to allow all possible growth to happen for me and worry about all the rest later. If I look like a clown, then I do.

If I can have a permanent heart opening from this period of unrivalled growth, then I will and leave the rest to be sorted out afterwards. I will let go into events not because I know for certain they will happen but because I don’t want to miss this wave of love.

Enlightenment is the purpose of life and all of us are courting and requesting enlightenment every day by our participation in these heart-opening events.  So I’m pulling out all stops myself.

If anyone is concerned about any aspect of orienting towards Dec. 21 as if it’s D-Day, then as Rajneesh said: expect miracles but tether your camel. Take whatever steps are needed to see that no harm comes to you, financially or otherwise, if events don’t pan out as planned. But after taking those steps, then open fully to whatever comes.

Take advantage of the currents and waves of love that are sweeping the planet. Unfurl your sail and catch the winds of love.  That’s my recommendation.


(1) SaLuSa, Nov. 30, 2012.

(2) Personal reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, Dec. 12, 2012.

Source: http://the2012scenario.com/2012/11/unfurl-your-sails-and-catch-the-winds-of-love/

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