I Admit It: I am Excited!

Written by Steve Beckow


I’ve had a request that we increase our look at what one might consider more “advanced” subjects relating to Ascension in these last three weeks, as opposed to, say, more “introductory” matters.

Perhaps I could be permitted a word on the subject. I very much understand the desire to move into more advanced topics, and in fact I probably will be interviewing the Divine Mother on An Hour with an Angel next Monday, and, if I do, I’ll be asking her some more “advanced” questions.

But I do feel the need to say here that perhaps the largest part of our mission is to cater to the “beginners.” Not only as editors but as lightworkers.

As an individual considering a teaching career, I was always biased toward the more advanced seminars than the more introductory ones so I understand the desire. But as a lightworker approaching Ascension, I’m aligned with the mission of seeing that the greatest possible number ascend. Here are the galactics on the matter:

Atmos: “It was and still is the Divine Plan to help as many souls as possible to move back into the higher dimensions through Ascension.”  (1)

SaLuSa: “Nothing would please us more than if you all had a turn of heart, and every soul made the transition.”  (2)

SaluSa: “Progress is coordinated for Humankind so that as many souls as possible move into the Light.” (3)

Saul: “Reality is infinitely inclusive.  None who desire admission will be turned away.”  (4)

What that means is that, if someone has chosen to ascend and is well prepared, then they don’t really need to receive as much attention from us as the person who’s undecided, newly-awakened, etc.

It’s exactly the undecided, the fence-sitters, the people in the middle that need assistance. It isn’t the people “in the know,” the well-prepared, the seasoned troops. And it isn’t the people who’ve set their faces against Ascension.

If anything the seasoned veterans are asked to see to the newcomers. So at this site we actually do see our role as being very much with the newcomers, even though we too would like to plumb the new and deeper mysteries.

We don’t do any advertising or “proselytizing” so we have no outreach to people who are unaware of Ascension. So it really is those who are in the process of making their decision that we try hardest to reach.

If you wish a larger helping of the more advanced writings, I recommend that you wander through the First Contact website. (5) To me this is the greatest undiscovered resource around (leaving aside the self-serving appraisal that comes from having written it). There are pages and pages of descriptions of what is occurring, historical records of pre-Ascension events, discussions of the galactics and their mission, etc. Lots of nourishment for the grad student in us.

If you’re a lightholder and want to plumb the mysteries of enlightenment, I point you to From Darkness Unto Light. (6) Lots to chew on there.

And if you want to read about the closest setting to life after Ascension, I’d point you to New Maps of Heaven, where you’ll find discussions of higher dimensions on the spirit side of life. (7)

Also there are many, many articles in the “library” in the righthand column for those who want to pursue an in-depth study. So there is a portable feast of material available; no need for anyone to go hungry.

Another matter that I’d like to turn to. Lightworkers are divided into two camps. There are those who feel that Dec. 21 is the day of Ascension and those who feel the shift will be gradual with no clear demarcation line. Each have the sources to back up their contention.

I am orienting towards Dec. 21 “as if” it is the day of Ascension. I don’t have any sense that it won’t be.

Why I’m raising the point is that, whether you’re a follower of the sudden school or the gradual school, whether you see Dec. 21 as the date or a later date, no one denies that Ascension will happen. If by an outside possibility I am mistaken and Ascension does not occur on Dec. 21, Ascension will still occur. The work of assisting Ascension will continue. I serve Ascension and not a date.

Archangel Michael has also said that Ascension can occur later for some people whose remaining vasanas (reaction patterns) prevent them from ascending on Dec. 21. I don’t know if lightworkers continue to assist from the holographic world those people still clearing. But there could be situations in which it appears that no Ascension has occurred.

I’d imagine the galactics and celestials would be on hand to tend to those who are still clearing and make the situation clear but there could be some people who are confused and wonder whether Ascension has happened or not.  If a person found themselves in that situation, again I’d recommend that they remember that everything possible is being done to assist the largest possible number of people to ascend. For the people who need more clearing, assistance will be there. No one will be abandoned, even the ones who choose not to ascend.

So this blogsite is orienting towards Dec. 21 “as if” Ascension is occurring on that day. I’m lessening my involvement in other projects and focussing on writing articles. You may find some people on radio shows possibly turning their attention to meditating or other modes of preparing for Ascension.

I’ve encouraged the other editors to scour the net for relevant news and channeled messages or, if they are commentators rather than news gatherers, to step out and share themselves as completely as they can to promote that kind of dialogue and discussion.  We welcome your news tips through “Contact Us” in case we miss some really important event somewhere in the world.

I know that Archangel Michael wants us not to neglect our preparation by leaving them to the last minute. For that reason he hasn’t promoted a countdown.

But I don’t see how a countdown can be avoided (and I also know that AAM is alright with whatever we do). We normally get excited and spirits rise around Christmastime anyways. How much more of a reason to get excited can there be than Ascension? I certainly worship the Christ we worship at Christmas. But I’m also pretty excited about actually achieving Christ consciousness. Who wouldn’t be?

I agree with Saul, who says:

“Your homecoming is awaited with glowing and enthusiastic expectation as we watch and encourage you from the spiritual realms while you drive powerfully forwards to join with us here.

“You have always belonged here in the divine realms; your absence has only been momentary, but because to you it has seemed endless, we shall celebrate your return in the grandest of fashions, befitting those who have endured a long and arduous journey, which it most definitely seems to you that you have.  These fantastic celebrations will far exceed any expectations that you can possibly imagine.  Your delighted amazement is guaranteed!” (8)

So I personally am not going to fight it. I’m excited. I admit it.

I’m also committed to remaining calm and balanced but, as the cabal slips under containment or leaves the planet, I think it becomes safer and safer to actually become celebratory. And the final reunion is an outright celebration, a festival of joy.  I may be breaking a few rules but these are not normal times!


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  1. If there is no separation and we are one . Why are their beginner and advanced light workers. It feels a little like ego when their are levels to enlightenment…….


  2. A brilliant post and you answered it with love for all. It was the question I reacted to about advanced teaching. I believe we will all ascend that wish to and put the intention out there.
    It is after attention and intention not how much you know about “it”. See you there Wes.
    In love and fondest regard for holding the light love and laughter. Sherry
    my motto: I love where I’ve been I love where I am and I love where I’m going


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