Shazi: Ascended Master Saida Khatoon – Hindsight and Perspective of the Life you Lead

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Hello Son,

Hindsight and Perspective of the life you Lead

There are so may people who are totally frightened of the change of their circumstances. They feel they are losing a battle of wits.

My dear beloved light beings, the changes in your life are necessary because living in a society and under their terms has been totally unjust to yourself and the rights you should have.

If you’re working and if the rewards are not benefitting you, then change your perception in line with that of others. Otherwise we will be lost and the tuning with that of others will only be gargled and make no sense.

But there is another circumstance and this is divinely lead; where the Lord personally intervenes and makes decisions so that you may triumph; this is prayers that you have given in your life and the prayers you hold in your heart and mind. This is the trust the Lord has in you and trust he will keep on giving.

The Lord means no harm but remember dear ones, this paradigm polluted to the core and changes are necessary to rid and save you from the disease that can be caught.

Your hearts are open; it is just the matter of looking in the right direction.

Your mother, you are loved to the core and more.

Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon Channelled by Shazi

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