Message from the Council of Angels and the Pleiadian Council of Light: Overview 11-23-12


Channeled by Goldenlight,

Greetings we are the Council of Angels and Pleiadian Council of Light. There is so much going on with your earth and your humanity on earth during this time. We wish to give you an overview of some of the things that are happening in your realities now. There are many gatherings, meditations, ceremonies, festivities, meetings, forums and just a general “oneness” of your high spiritually minded community there now.. A building crescendo towards the merging of dimensions there now for you…here are some things we want to bring to your awareness ~ things that are manifest or manifesting in your reality that you should be aware of:

• your crystalline grid which goes into full activation and anchoring of the higher dimensional frequencies between 12-12-12 and 12-21-12…meditating upon this grid will help to activate and align your system with the new energies

• the galactic family of light which is now gathering around your planet for a front row seat to watch this grand galactic event.. This family consists of intergalactic councils, archangels, ascended masters (Archangel Michael and Ascended Master St Germaine are overseeing the earth’s ascension).. All of these beings wish to express their love to you all and welcome you to the higher dimensions

• your new earth, the crystalline age also known as the golden age, is being birthed into creation by all emanations from the source.. This includes all of your galactic family, archangels, ascended masters, lightworkers, starseeds, star channels, wayshowers, enlightened ones, consciously aware ones, spiritual elders, and more.. All of us are one and all of us are pure emanations from the source.. We are source knowing source.. Every living thing, every plant, animal, being, and of course your great mother earth who is a planetary being (logos).. All are part of the one and all are now birthing this new earth

• we wish to speak of holograms your 3rd dimension is a hologram all that emanates from source is a beautiful hologram in the mind of the source creator …you see the new earth is a hologram which you are creating and will then project yourselves into easily; as the 4th and 5th dimensions, which will support this beautiful new earth creation, are now surrounding your earth in the crystalline grid…

This is a grand cosmic event of vast proportions.. An experimental one as this type of grand event on earth has not yet happened with humans on it – yes there were advanced civilizations like Atlantis Lemuria Egypt Babylonia but never an upshifting of dimensions while the inhabitants were on it. Each person on earth – whether they remember it or not- was briefed on this grand plan and volunteered for it before coming to earth in this lifetime. Some are awakening from their amnesia slumber, some not…but all will eventually hear of it and make a decision to switch holograms or not.. You see this earth transition is like a changing of the guards so to speak where societal political financial and other structures are being replaced around the globe. The masses are indeed awakening and tyranny repression and all similar paradigms can no longer exist where there is a raising of mass consciousness.. Yes those old structures are crumbling to dust as all begins anew now

• much is resonating now to the sacred number of 12 and of course the 12-12-12 epitomizes this. The awakening of the 12 DNA strands for humanity is now in progress… The chakras of the human body are being upgraded to 12 chakras.. You see 12 is a sacred number… 12 dimensions 12 divine rays 12 dna strands 12 chakras 12 zodiac signs We could go on but suffice it to say that the sacred number 12 is now resonating in your corner of the universe.

You see planet earth has been a sequestered planet it is one of very few planets wherein the inhabitants upon birth forget their true origins: their connection with source, their origin as a soul, the other lifetimes on earth planet or other planets. They are not a member of the intergalactic councils and really are sequestered off in their own little experimental world. The law of noninterference states that we cannot intervene without beings asking. Well your mother earth Gaia – who deserves to be honored and cherished for supporting your lives floating in the universe – but is instead burned trampled crushed extracted cut open drilled and other harmful actions – she did cry out for help and the gates of heaven so to speak did flood open to allow for all to come and assist her; this then coincided with this time of the upshifting of your dimensional frequency and so much more that is happening.

This is much to consider and we will continue next time with more information from the higher realms… until then we bid you a delightful rest of your day with much en-light-en-ment falling upon you.

We are the Pleiadian Council and Council of Angels and we bid you a good night.

Thank you dear Council of Angels and Pleiadian Council.

– GoldenLight ☼

©2012 The Golden Light Channel. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you include this credit, do not alter it in any way, and provide a link back to at the top of the post.


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