A Telling Cosmic Dream

Written by Wes Annac

I had a really interesting dream this morning that I would like to discuss for a moment before moving on to other daily and Earthly matters and needs. I’ve been receiving innumerable signs and encoded messages lately, especially in my dreams, that remind me of the future we are heading toward and Creating in this Now moment.

The specific message I was given  in this dream was similar to another I was given in a different dream that I’ve discussed before. That dream used blatant symbolism to display that some unawakened souls may have trouble with disclosure, and I can remember that this was presented to me as an old friend who was trying out a starship [which was represented as a carousel] but couldn’t handle flying it and crashed to the ground. I rushed over of course to see if he was ok and noted that there were others around him and I, also rushing to the scene to make sure he was alright.

The dream I had this morning was slightly similar to that dream and displayed how some unawakened souls around us could react to the more awesome Cosmic events that will come with our ascension. I’ve had plenty of dreams wherein something monumental and special happens and all of a sudden, planets are visible in the sky and an array of other Galactic things are seen in the sky that we just don’t see right now.

I’ve had plenty of dreams of seeing incredibly-bold sightings and displays of the Galactics’ ships, dreams of seeing disclosure come about, etc. Heck, I can even remember when I briefly Lived in Florida in 2010/2011, having a dream of seeing a smiling Grey depiction on somebody’s shirt with an arrow pointing upward. So I can say that I’ve had plenty of telling and representative dreams but the one I had this morning was just so profound and eye-opening that I have to discuss it a bit.

Now, I don’t remember how this dream started out. I only remember that I was with my mom and dad in the backyard of my childhood home [the same home that detached from the ground during one of my astral travels and floated up into ‘astral space’ wherein I was introduced to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes]. I was with my parents and perhaps a few other people, in my back yard and we were walking around to the front every now and then, I guess performing different tasks and what not.

Here’s where the dream gets interesting. As we were doing whatever we were doing, I can remember very clearly seeing a ship in the sky. Oh, how could I describe this ship?!

I was seeing what I could only describe as a long pole flying around in the sky. I literally saw what looked like a vertical line with lights on it, flying around very clearly in the sky for all to notice. Now, as I was beckoning to my parents to see this wonderful ship and the amazing display it was giving us, I can remember that something seemed to erupt in the sky.

Now, this was not a violent dream in any way so I don’t want my use of the word ‘erupt’ to be taken in an improper context; this is simply the only way I could describe what was happening. Light just seemed to erupt in the sky and it was not dangerous in any way, as this was transparent, heavenly Light that could not hurt us in any way.

This Light just seemed to erupt and we were given an amazing show, and amazing display. As much as it hurts to say this, being a writer and what not; I just can’t describe the show that this Light gave us. I have had so many similar dreams before wherein Light just seems to explode in the sky and this is not solely a golden Light that erupts and showers us with Light to the point where we can’t see; that never happens in any of these dreams.

Rather, this Light took many different colors and forms and while the surface Earth stayed the same, the sky was just brimming with all different kinds of colors and geometric shapes in the sky. Again, I’ve had dreams wherein this Light erupts and we are left with visible planets and such in the sky but I have never seen this Light put on the show that it did for my parents and I.

It literally danced around the sky, changing colors and forming into different shapes. It was just Cosmic; that is about the only word I can use to describe it.

In his presentation for the 2012 Scenario Conferences, Stephen Cook discussed a vision he received which he has publicly written about as well, wherein the world was just flooded with pure Light on or around December 21st.

I feel like my dream was in line with his vision in a way but there were some differences; for instance, he was zoomed-out away from the Earth during his vision and watched this flooding of Light as it occurred from an outer- perspective, and my perspective was one of seeing the grand display this Light could make when it does get to the Earth. I’m not going to say that this will happen at the end of December but with this dream I was given this morning as well as many others, I know that it is definitely going to happen.

If the dream was not already interesting enough, here’s where it really gets interesting. As I was watching this Light with my parents, it seemed to change into something entirely different. Keep in mind that we Create our realities and my parents were watching this display with me.

All of a sudden, I saw Mitt Romney’s face in the sky and began feeling impressions that were not very flattering toward this soul. I saw written in the sky and felt within myself, impressions related to contempt for Mitt Romney. I felt things along the line of, “booooo! You suck Mitt Romney, nobody wants you here, booo!

It was as if this Cosmic happening had somehow garnered some type of disdain for this soul specifically and upon waking and pondering why I was given that specific vision, it hit me: my mom had voted for Mitt Romney and very strongly believed he was the man for our country. She put all of her faith, energy and belief into this soul and while nearly anybody reading this will likely know that Mitt is an instrument for the cabals; it seemed as if my mom’s belief was being rubbed back in her face with this Cosmic happening.

At least, this is my interpretation of this dream. From what I am ‘getting’ it seems that this dream was once again, displaying to me that some type of grand, Cosmic event is indeed to unfold on this world. I am becoming surer of this possibility every day and every dream I’m given about it seems to display this amazing, grand show of Light wherein amazing, Lighted things are manifested in our skies that I just can’t explain.

However, it seems that this dream was displaying as well that some around us could have trouble accepting these wonderful events – just as my previous dream displayed that some could have difficulty accepting disclosure – and some could feel that their realities and their beliefs of reality could be threatened or attacked with the commencing of these events.

This is what I feel was being displayed with the Romney aspect of my dream. My mother truly believed in Romney just as most unawakened souls believe solely in physicality, and when something happens that serves to take limited, physical beliefs away from one, they could feel threatened or like somebody is attacking them or their beliefs. In this case, this came in the form of Romney seeming to be slandered by the Cosmic forces that were giving us such a spectacular display.

Those unawakened souls around us could have a lot of trouble accepting disclosure, accepting the events that will precede our ascension, etc. and it will be our job to help calm those around us whenever things really begin to take off, and to assure them that their security and their beliefs of the reality around them are not being taken away or slandered, and are rather expanding.

Something amazing is certainly to happen and I can feel that more and more, but it will be our job to act as calmers and beacons of Light for those around us who will have trouble accepting the manifestation of things that we have been waiting for and working toward for quite a while. It will be one necessary test for us to undergo and I can feel already that we will come out of it as the Golden Gods we have always been.

Wes Annac – Sharing visions and dreams about our New World.





  1. Of late, I’ve been having dreams – groups of spaceships, seeing the planet from an increasing height and other things. However, this morning I had a number of visions and I wasn’t asleep! Whilst in bed this morning contemplating getting up (the shutters were shut so it was very dark) I saw as clearly as anything a vision of a lightship and the lights were crystal clear, of beautiful hues and flashing. I opened my eyes and I could still see the vision…. I know we are very close; the crystal clarity of the image told me so


  2. Hey Wes, recently I have had a couple of dreams where I was outside at night and when I looked up, the sky was just filled with ships! I was so excited in the dream! I remember yelling at everyone to look up! Some people couldn’t see them, which really confused me. I remember telling them to just keep looking because they are quickly changing shape and I was sure that they would be able to see them.

    I don’t normally dream about ufo’s, but lately they seem to be cropping up pretty often. In real life, my daughter and I had a close encounter with a ufo almost exactly 1 year ago. We were on our way back from dropping my sons off back at the university after Thanksgiving break, and my daughter and I decided to play a game of “Lets see if we can spot a ufo!” She assured me that they LOVE the song, Iron and Wine “Flightless Bird, American Mouth”, and proceeded to put it on repeated play in our car while she sang along with it. We were just being kind of silly, when she mentioned that she saw some strange blinking lights pretty far away. I played along, and told her to keep singing to them, they love it! No kidding, but she said, “Mom, seriously, its coming towards us, pretty fast.” We were overjoyed! Sure enough, it went RIGHT OVER THE TOP OFOUR CAR!!!! It seemed like it was only about 20 feet over us!!!! It came in from WAY high up on our left side and when it went over us, I was able to see it out of my right side driver’s window! It happened so fast, but what I remember was a smaller round ufo with blinking lights. It then went quickly back up high in the sky!
    It was right after it had gotten dark outside, and we were on a Kansas highway that is usually busy during the daily commute time, and so this Sunday evening there was not much traffic. I am so thankful that we were given that gift. To this day, we still go around singing the Iron and Wine song, cause we know they LOVE it! 🙂


  3. Um, I meant it came from way up high on our right side, (passenger window had view), and after it passed over us, I was able to get a close up view from my driver’s side window (left side)…


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