Saul: Wellness is the State in Which You Feel at Peace

Saul: Wellness is the State in Which You Feel at Peace

As channelled by John Smallman – November 7, 2012

Wellness is to envelop you all. Wellness is the state in which you feel at peace, satisfied, composed, alert; not anxiously wondering about some 3D issue in your personal life or that of humanity.

It is the state that you seek and encourage to enfold you when you pray or meditate, and in which you surrender all your fears and worries to your Father through the Holy Spirit.

It activates very well indeed when you stop trying to reason out whether or not you are getting there, or achieving a proper meditative pose or humble intent. Using your reason to assess how well or how badly you are doing is a refusal to surrender into the moment and encourages further anxiety.

Trust that you are in your Father’s Presence – that being your intent – and know that therefore you are there. Your sense of it may be weak or non-existent, but your intent means that you are where you intend to be: at peace in God’s Presence.

So do not let the distractions that pour through your mind disturb you. Your intent guarantees your success because God always honors that intent. The veils of the illusion can seem almost impenetrable, but you are never alone, unnoticed, or unloved — because you are your Father’s dearly cherished children. Trust in Him as He trusts in you; you know it makes sense.

Whenever you pray or meditate you are heard, every single time. Frequently your anxious demeanor occupies your awareness: “Is there really a God? Even if there is, why would He listen to me? Anyway, He has far more important issues to attend to” — a never-ending stream of anxieties – and your mind fills to overflowing with distractions. Just let go! Surrender to His infinite Love for you, and accept that He hears you.

You are, each and every one of you, on your spiritual path and precisely at the point that is appropriate for you in this moment. And you are moving undeviatingly forwards towards your inevitable awakening. There is only Reality; the illusion is unreal and therefore there is no option but that you awaken. You can still choose to delay that sublime moment, but to do so only imposes further suffering on you, so why would you? Do not fear to awaken into God’s Presence because you believe yourselves unworthy of Him. God created you, and nothing He creates could possibly be unworthy of Him.

It is your culturally ingrained feeling of unworthiness, which comes originally from your decision to separate yourselves from Reality and withdraw into your illusory environment of pain and suffering, that encourages, in fact demands, that you compete with one another to prove yourself the best — and thus overcome that sense of unworthiness. A sense of unworthiness is a heavy burden to carry and you attempt to lighten that load through judgment and condemnation of others.

It does not work because deep within yourselves that feeling is firmly secured by your conviction that you have offended God, and many religions have made a sense of unworthiness a virtue to which they encourage you to cling. So, to escape from the pain that this belief causes you, you compete with one another for the approval of some human authority figure – a parent, older brother, older sister, teacher, clergyman, spouse, boss, president, king, pope – who is just another one of God’s beloved children, just like you.

Meditation and prayer can take you to the depth of your being where you can uncover the awareness that you are a child of God — and, therefore, utterly worthy of Him and of His Love for you. There is nothing that you have to prove; there is no sacrifice that you need make; no obeisance that you owe. Because you are a divine being, at one with God, your ever-loving Father, eternally. Some of you have uncovered this incontestable truth within yourselves and it has brought you untold joy.

When you awaken from the illusion the truth of this will shine forth for you like a brilliant point of focus confirming the wonder of your glorious relationship with your Father. Even now, you all know this truth. It is just that because of the ingrained fears and doubts that the illusion supports, you have been in denial in order not to recognize your eternal divine connection.

Reality conflicts with your outmoded and ingrained beliefs about yourselves, but because they are familiar you stick with them. Your ingrained sense of human identity fears change and is reluctant to allow, let alone encourage you to set yourselves free to know God. When you awaken, those last doubts and fears will be gone.

Until then, keep reminding yourselves that they are without foundation and that you are beings of perfection, shortly to recognize yourselves as who you truly are.

With love, as always, Saul

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  1. Hello my brother and sister of the light! I love you all so much I can barely contain it! I have a story to tell all of you.

    First a little about me. For years I’ve been feeling a massive change inside myself. It took me years to figure out what was happening to me. Once I did it was hard for me to keep it clear in my mind that I wasn’t crazy. I’ve always known since I was a kid that I wasn’t from this place. I have always felt like a fish out of water, always felt like I lived in crazy town and I was the only one that could SEE it. But that has all changed now.

    I have been reading the posts on this site and others for years and this is the first time I am writing a comment. I feel I must b/c it was soooo amazing I can’t keep it to myself.

    Last night Nov 6, 2012. I was at the house with my best friend of 18 years. We have done it all together. Years of partying (raves) and what not. Anyways we were out side watching all of the (spacecraft) stars move around in the first part of the darkness (night) like we have been for the last couple of weeks. My friend goes inside for a sec and I’m still out side. All of a sudden a light shoots up from the meadows next to where I live. It is perfectly alined with where I am standing. I yell to my friend “GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE NOW” so he comes running out and I ask him if he sees the light shining up from the meadows? He tells me yes and we start trying to figure out what it could be. He goes back in side thinking it is no big deal. I was smoking a cig (I know I know but I have made up my mind to ride out the rest of this illusion smoking b/c I enjoy it) and I moved to a chair. I then watch this light move to line up with me sitting in the chair. OK now I’m freaking out!!!

    Now a little back story. Months ago when the GFL was talking about missions and that there would be people being taken to ships to help with the sea walls and what not I had felt the need to go into this meadow and wait for a ship. I waited for a couple hours and then I heard in my mind that they would not make it b/c of my proximity to an Air Force base. So I left thinking I was crazy and laughing at myself for the imagination I have… Ok back to last night.

    So now the light has just moved to where I was sitting and I hear foot steps or movement in the bushes next to my house. At this point I can say I’m a little freaked out but really starting to believe that this is actually happening. I then hear in my mind that I have 5 mins to get to the place I had waited for them before and then the light goes out. Now my first instinct was to just leave my friend and start running. But my earthly mind took over and I started to think about what he would do if I just disappeared. he would probably call my parents since he knows them well. So I asked him to come with me (wasn’t the best thing to do) and we started off but he chickened out after just a min of walking then I did after he ran back to the house. I told them in my mind that I wasn’t coming and to just leave. I hear in my mind “Ok, look up” and I see them flash the light at me twice then they were gone. I then started to feel like I had just missed out on a HUGE opportunity. I then hear in my mind that all happens for a reason and that now I KNOW I’m not crazy…

    Ok, so after this whole episode my friend is laughing and saying this is crazy. He is not being judgmental hes just tripping and not understanding what is happening but he knows something has changed. He asks me if we could put on a movie, I agree but first check the polls (Romney is in the lead and I find that a little troubling) I know he is wanting to take his mind off what has just happened and try to relax. So we put on Hot tub time machine b/c for some reason he wanted to watch it…

    This next part has changed my life for ever.

    As I’m sitting and watching the movie I am over come with the need to get up and go to my bed room to meditate. I have never had such an urge to do it before. It was OVER WHELMING! So I go to the bedroom and sit down close my eyes and with in a split sec I hear “Obama will win, we have defeated the dark cabal! They tried very hard down to the last second to stop us but we have been victorious! All will proceed as planned, the announcements will begin shortly. IT IS FINISHED”. I jumped up and YELLED! Praise be to the MOST HIGH! (I have chills as I write this)

    I spoke in tongues for about 30 secs had a complete OMG EVERYTHING I HAVE BEEN READING AND FEELING FOR YEARS IS REAL! I”M NOT CRAZY! Muhahahahah!!!

    I then tell my friend what has just happened. I started to wonder why all of this happened while my friend was at my house. He had really wanted to come over and hang for some reason. I then hear in my head that if he would not have been there I would have been meditating and not believed what I heard the way I did. The fact I was watching the movie and had an OVER WHELMING since to move to my room and meditate is what made me realize this is real. I check CNNs website and I see “It’s Obama’! I start to cry tears of joy! My friend is looking at me with a look like, HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU KNOW?

    So my bothers and sister of the stars! IT IS FINISHED!!!

    I love you all!

    Paul true self!


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