Bill Brockbrader Court Hearing November 14, 2012: A Call to Action

Bill Brockbrader Court Hearing November 14, 2012: A CALL TO ACTION

Pat Donworth, Activist Awake, Nov. 4, 2012.


On Wednesday, November 14, Bill has a hearing with the judge, during which his attorney will argue to have the charges against Bill dismissed and the case dropped. Bill would be a free man. Focusing on this hearing is the best use of our collective efforts.

We ask you to join us in actions — letters and prayer / group meditations:

Step 1.  Letters of Support:  Send letters of support to Bill, to reach him ASAP up till the Nov. 14 hearing date.  For those who sent letters last summer, it’s the same kind of letter: attesting to his character; giving your support; thanking him for his service to country; and for standing up now for justice and freedom for all people. Keep the letter general in support, rather than getting into specifics, e.g. dropping the case.

Send the letters to:

William Brockbrader 1046233 c/o ADA County Jail 7210 Barrister Drive Boise, Idaho   83704 United States

*Remember to provide your full name and address on the envelope or it will not be delivered.

Step 2.  Meditation/Visualizing Bill’s Case Dismissal:

We invite you to hold Bill in the Light during your individual meditations, and we invite you to join in a nightly group meditation, as often as you are able.

At our Saturday, November 3 meditation, we established a powerful Light Grid around Bill, Eva, and Garnett. That Grid is in place, and any time we reconnect with it, calling in more light, we establish a more and more powerful grid.

Sample Intentions:

“The charges against Bill are dropped and Bill’s case dismissed. That Bill is a Free Man on November 14.”

“The Violet Flame surrounds Bill with love, light, and protection.”

“Bill is a FREE MAN.”

“Bill, Eva and Garnett (her son) are wrapped in the White Light – protected, safe, and victorious.”

Use your own method of sending light / loving intention, or send the Violet Flame, or White Light to surround Bill, his attorney, and the judge. Also picture the light around Eva and Garnett, keeping them safe and strong during this critical time.

Nightly Group Meditation:

Join our online community with a high frequency connection of love, light, and protection for Bill, Eva, and Garnett nightly at 10 PM Eastern / 9 PM Central / 8 PM Mtn / 7 PM Pacific. The group meditation will last 30 minutes, but join us for whatever part of that you are able.

We began this meditation as a group on Saturday, November 3, and I can tell you, it was palpably powerful beyond words. We are One, and by consciously uniting our heart-felt, loving intention for Bill, Eva, and Garnett, we experience the Power of Love that is unfolding now in the New Paradigm. Our frequencies transform our reality. As Light Warriors and Light Workers, this is our moment, and here is a concrete way we can be of service.

You can either meditate on your own at those times, connecting into the group energy, or you can join us on the fb page, making your presence known and joining in that group experience. Either way, your prayers and light visualizations are much, much appreciated.

If you’d like to join Bill and Eva’s facebook group, click here.

On behalf of Eva and Bill, I say a heart-felt THANK YOU for all your prayers, letters, and show of support.  Let’s help get this beautiful, loving, vibrant family into a space where they can freely live their lives together, in peace and happiness.

May Freedom, Truth, Light, and Love surround Bill, Eva, Garnett, and each of you this day and everyday.

We are One.


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