ATHENA. “Yes, You Are Human Angels.” By, Bella Capozzi. November 1, 2012.

* I’m sure that we are all in agreement that, energetically speaking, this has been a really turbulent and highly charged week – Hurricane Sandy being at the forefront.   Add to that the full moon, with it’s inpouring of powerful new light-codes and activations, and for many (myself included) it hasn’t left us with a lot of time to stop and catch our breath.  As for me, I’ve had family here from New England, stranded due to flight cancellations.  Also, at the same time, I ended up having minor surgery and have been in recovery mode from that at the same time.  All is well now, and I just enjoyed my first long meditation in over a week.  (Eek!  I’ll never go that long again!)  As a result, my blog posts have been somewhat intermittent.  I’m so happy to finally be back online and sharing with all of you.  Here’s a sweet message from our beloved Athena, which came in during today’s vortex meditation.  Love and blessings… Bella. 


Dear child, it’s been a trying time for all, of this I am aware.  The faith and fortitude of Humanity is being put to the test, challenged in it’s ability to place love first, before all else.  To believe that underneath whatever and however things appear on the surface, that there is an underlying Divine plan at work.  Gaia is shifting.  She is twisting and churning and shaking off the darkness and debris of the Piscean Age – an age which is fading and dying and rapidly coming to a close.  Like a set of clothes which are too tight, she rips  free of her old bondage.  Gai is patient.  Gaia is kind.  Gaia is forever tolerant of the her children’s follies, even at the expense of her own health and comfort.  But now, at last, today is Gaia’s day.  From high up in the Heavens rains down the crystalline rain to wash her clean and lift her higher up, closer to God, and further distanced from the destructive paradigm of old.  The Earth is moving, she is transmuting.  She is taking you with her on her Holy journey, thus in turn rendering you – her willing passengers – transformed as well.

Welcome to The Shift in all it’s glory.  I say glory because it is glorious!  Oh, of course, tragically, there has been destruction and confusion and massive upheaval.  Yet, I ask of you, how can it be otherwise?  How might a pristine New Earth be built atop that which is toxic and in need cleansing?  Trust that you are being monitored closely, and we are nearer by than you are able to perceive in your current state.  You are, each and every one of you, a precious Human Angel.  As an indispensable member of the Team of the Light, you must have faith that your safety and well-being are of paramount importance.  Your health and happiness and that of your loved ones, our number one priority.   We are steadfastly by your side, assisting you, guiding you, as together we construct a new reality and usher in the Platinum Age of Enlightenment.

So, what is the lesson in all of this, you ask?  What precisely are these tests about?  And I answer you;  these tests are about coming together.  They are about prompting you to give of yourself, of your time and of your personal abundance, and to come to the aid of your Brethren in need.  They are triggers to aid you in your remembrance.  They force you to unearth the old knowings, as the 3rd dimensional way of doing things no longer works.  You are a collective, Dear Ones.  Whether you are able to remember this fact, it matters not.  You are what you are, and what that is is a family, a team.  It is who and what you have always been.  You are permanently, energetically conjoined in Unity Consciousness.  Do not fear this connection.  It may seem odd and foreign, alas somewhat uncomfortable to you at the beginning, but it shall not stay that way for long.  The veil is in tatters and the time of the Great Shift is not so long away.

Therefore, it is essential right now that you begin to understand and accept this, as it it is soon to be your normal way of living.  It shall be more comfortable by far if you allow yourselves to ease into this state now.  For the many who remain still unaware, it may frighten them and jolt them harshly, like a shock to their system, at the very moment in time when the fifth dimensional vibrations take hold.  Be ready, as the Wayshowers and the Wisdom Keepers.  Be healed and ready now, and you shall find yourselves well ahead of the game.

You are each a priceless masterpiece, and the Creator sculpted you from the essence of love.  Infused you with brilliance.  Scattered you across the Universe;  sparkling, glowing, breathtaking stars.  And it is here upon the soil of Mother Earth that you are coming back together once again, to join and form a rainbow of color and light.  Together you are becoming the bridge over which the other ones shall follow.  Join hands, Wayshowers, in unity and grace.  For, yes, you are Human Angels.

Copyright © Bella Capozzi.  All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

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