Truth vs. Fantasy – Important Now

Written by Steve Beckow

Lolo Soetoro and Family ca. 1971

I find myself a little saddened today, feeling a mite not up to the task, after having chatted with a lightworker about President Obama.

It feels like the work of countering the cabal’s propaganda machine is almost impossible.

You remember the series of articles some years ago about how large the security apparatus in the United States (and probably in other “western democracies” as well) had grown after 9/11? Huge. And now, because of 9/11, these agencies were no longer being paid out of the proceeds of the international drug trade or currency manipulation, but with taxpayers’ dollars.

And, given that there never was a “war on terror” – there was a war on democracy, to be sure – given that there never were 19 Arab hijackers, and planes did not bring the World Trade Center Twin Towers down, etc., etc., this huge security apparatus was free to work on all of us in the aid of the erosion of our constitutional rights and the enrichment of the eilte who commanded them.

For years and years, President George Bush Sr., was a CIA agent and CIA Director, had intimate control of a large part of the international drug trade and was “outed” by turncoat whistleblowers within the drug trade, who ended up on Mexican beaches with their bodies disfigured, and DEA agents who ended up in oil drums.For  years photos were circulated of him outside the Texas Book Repository as a young CIA agent on the day Kennedy was killed, and the complete story of his birth in Germany was circulated, replete with testimony and other convincing evidence.Barack & Michell Obama at London airport

And yet not a word was reported in the mainstream press.  Or anyone else in officialdom. Only in a few small alternative news outlets – like this one, for instance.

No politician asked us to look into the circumstances of President Bush’s birth. No one asked what role he played in President Kennedy’s death.

So let me see if I understand this. The innocent are persecuted and the guilty go free. Those whom the cabal wants to persecute and destroy, they discuss freely. But those whom they want to protect or exonerate, they allow to carry on without the slightest scrutiny.

Enter Barack Obama.

While Bush’s birth in Germany or even McCain’s birth in Panama receive not an ounce of scrutiny, no mention in the controlled press, seldom a day passes when poor Barry Soetoro or whatever his name is (or was) is somewhere dragged through the press weekly.

Do we as lightworkers ask how it could be that one President is shielded from publicity when his guilt is glaring and another is subjected to minute and regular scrutiny? Do any of us question those who are publicizing these events – a press that is suborned and serves the CIA and related cabalistic interests?

No, more often than I’d wish, we don’t question it. Instead what we do is we take photographs of the young Barry and show how his arm has rough patches that resemble reptilian scales. (1) Or that extraterrestrials are visible in outline against the wall in these photographs.  Or that, caught in the camera’s and the lights glares when he deplanes in London, the reflections in their eyes proves they are reptilians.  (2)

I’m reminded of the unkind thing said of doctoral students, that they choose a topic and then ransack heaven and earth to prove it. And so do we.

And all of this, in the articles I just read, is midwifed and excited by a man purporting to be a commanding officer in the “United Galactic Federation.”  (3)

So let me get this straight.  When Matthew Ward honored David Wilcock, he prefaced his comment with: “Because we honor every one of the many courageous souls throughout your world who are aiding the light forces, rarely do we single out an individual for such recognition.” So Matthew will seldom mention many terrestrials even to honor them.

And when I asked Archangel Michael whether George Bush was born in Germany, he paused and said that this soul does not want me to discuss the matter.

The ascended masters and celestials are extremely reticent to talk about us, even to honor us, and will refuse to discuss a person even if he is one of the leading figures in the New World Order.  And yet a man claiming to be a commanding officer in the “United Galactic Federation” can say the most damaging things about a sitting President and no one questions whether this is a likely scenario.

The cabal has created so much smoke around President Obama that many lightworkers have concluded there must be fire. And then we go from there and examine faded photographs for the chimeric appearance of etheric entities in the background or examine a young boy’s arms for scales or his reflecting eyes for reptilian traces.

How many of us actually listen to the man or watch his wife interact with people and ask themselves if a shape-shifting evil reptilian could speak as he does or if Michelle’s broad spontaneous smile could come from someone evil?

This is probably the worst it gets for me. At these moments I feel the fatigue the most.

But I also know that the vast majority of us lightworkers are actually hard at work honing our discrimination and coming from our hearts and listening to the evidence of our inner voice, the most trusted source. I’ll snap out of this and carry on. But I do request people to really get how difficult our task is as lightworkers.

Yes, we’re here to struggle against the forces who would enslave us – and in fact we’ve won. But, no, we’re not here, as unusual as our evidence and informants are, to lose touch with common sense, reliable evidence, and our hearts’ knowing.

We don’t have huge resources but we have a huge task and the world is counting on us to come through.  Let’s use extra care in these last three months and not be swayed by the propaganda of a controlled press or dubious evidence that some among our own ranks uncover.

And let’s see which sources are reliable by the ways they speak, the values they hold, and the principles they follow. Now is the most important time to be wise and sensitive.


(1)  “Photographic Evidence that Barack Obama is a Human/Reptilian Hybrid, Part 1,” at

(2) Barack & Michelle Reveal Reptilian “Baggage” at London Airport Part 1

(3) “Obama’s Childhood Medallion & the Art of Genetic Engineering,” at;  “Second Spacecraft Call-In from United Galactic Federation During Nicoloff/Adachi Radio Interview, July 28, 2009.” at


  1. How much I do understand you! i used to read Greg Giles every day. I loved to read his channelings. A very dear friend of my (who also used to read it) told me that she thougt that the “tune” of the messages changed. Today I read his message, and I stopped, because there is something demanding (sometimes aggresive), a “tune” that doesn’t feel good anymore. I still believe he is a very good person it is as if sometimes “other entities” take over. My feeling tells me President Obama is a good man in a very difficult situation. I never liked President Bush, but maybe that is my personal feeling. Every time we are told to listen to what resonates with ourselves. I believe when a channeling is not of love, then you can just leave it and try to forget it. I also pray for more signs in the media, so people would know what is coming. So many people know nothing, they just get stuck, I see it in my own family. It is very difficult to tell people what is coming, because they just think I am insane, it is so different from the world we live in now! Sometimes it feels as if the freewill only counts for the cabal, I think: “what about the 99%!
    Please keep doing the wonderful work you are doing for the new world, don’t get confused, WE WILL GET THERE!
    A lot of warm greetings from Holland, Lia:-)


  2. While I highly doubt that the Obamas are evil,

    “How many of us actually listen to the man or watch his wife interact with people and ask themselves if a shape-shifting evil reptilian could speak as he does or if Michelle’s broad spontaneous smile could come from someone evil?”

    these are simply “appearances” that are very much used by evil people: a spontaneous smile can and does appear on the faces of those without conscience. Both beauty & ugliness are more than skin-deep, and often the “cover” personna is not who the person truly is.

    I feel your pain, Steve, this 3D world is very inside-out.


  3. I too had noticed a change in Greg a few months ago. They began to not resonate with the heart. so I stopped listening also. I have found that what resonates is the way a person holds themselves toward others and the way the body also reacts. Those of love are engaging and you see this in their eyes their speech their written word. I tend to feel the energy oh how to put this! when someone speaks on the telephone you sense their mood/ emotion. You can also sense when some one is smiling when you are talking the warmth flows even when they are far away. Gregs no longer smile they no longer resonate in love. Has he been attacked I do not know only those close to him would see/sense the change.
    If the words bring up emotion that is not good for you don’t read it, the same with books,tv,movie,music be discerning because once it is in you need to release the image that creates the anger, the fear, the sense of helplessness. I have also found that groups on FB have become bogged down with 2012 movie doom, looking for signs to the extent it is consuming their every day lives. Elections world wide and demonstrations. Humanity is going through a major change/shift. When things begin to break down you know something new is on the horizon. Just my thoughts and mine alone.
    Much love and light to all. Suzanne


  4. Thank you so much Steve for always being honest to yourself and to the hue-mans of this sacred planet. You are a truly Divine Creator bringing guidance to us who work for the Light. You are a pillar of LOVE that up lifts me up through my daily endeavors and I am grateful. Much love. Tara


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