President Obama Supports Undoing Citizens United

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GFP Note: For those that don’t know, the Citizens United ruling that recently happened basically meant that the richest people and corporations could spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns without any need to disclose their identities. This represented an enormous step backwards in campaign finance reform and a shift in power away from the people and to the very wealthy. We a very pleased to see Obama talking about overturning the Citizens United ruling.

Note from Wes: Our American readers may recognize the ‘Citizens United’ ruling as what allowed Mr. Stephen Colbert his Super Pac that he had talked about for so very long on his show. Him and his laywer, Trevor Potter, were routinely exposing legal loopholes in relation to Super PACs on his show whilst Colbert pretended to be in line with the criminalities on air, while they made such exposures. All of the coverage was presented in a very funny yet highly exposing way.

The movement to undo the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United picked up a big endorsement as President Barack Obama stated his support for a constitutional amendment to overturn the decision.

President Obama threw his weight behind the movement to address the decision that granted corporations the ability to spend unlimited dollars in the name of “political speech” in an answer to a constituent question posed to him in a Reddit chat. It was the first time that the president voiced this support himself.

The president’s statement about a potential constitutional amendment was part of a larger answer to a question about the role of money in American politics: “What are you going to do to end the corrupting influence of money in politics during your second term?” Reddit user Suzmerk asked.

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