Pedestals are for Statues

Written by Steve Beckow

As we approach the culmination of 2012, there probably will be a tendency to look for heroes, to focus attention on a few people, to try to reify and concentrate our feelings in ways that are not necessarily always healthy.

We’ve done this all the time in our society – with movie stars, athletes, explorers, soldiers, and sometimes even the odd politician. Often in the process we give away our power, which has landed us in difficulty in our political and economic lives in recent times – as it may have been meant to do.

We’ve been manipulated by the planetary controllers through hero worship, adulation, the cult of personality, the cult of the star. Our attention has been diverted from what’s really important.

We’ve been given circuses instead of bread. The dazzle and glitter substitutes for substance and compassion and we wake up with the social equivalent of a hangover.

One of the worries that I have is that, as we head into the last three or four months before our shift, the temptation may arise to do that here as well.

I call this tendency “pedestaling.” We all feel exuberant having found a person to put on a pedestal and we don’t consider what we’re doing to ourselves thereby or to the unfortunate one who is duly installed.

Pedestals are dangerous. They’re for statues, not people. Pedestaling a person is not doing that person a favor.  There’ll always be one person who puts another on a pedestal and a third who wishes to drag that person down. It’s the second oldest profession in the world and only the foolish agree to climb up on such a platform.

Engaging in acts of hero worship, in my view, is a step backwards. The galactics have asked us not to do it with them. And we’d be wise not to do it with each other, I think.

As we open up a global conversation and make connections across the planet, we need to do that as equals and as colleagues or we’ll have missed the point of it all and missed the boat.

Mata Amritanandamayi, who is as humble as anyone could be, used to say to married couples that they should be one … and then she would chide couples she knew were in a struggle for control: “Ah, but which one? That’s the question.”

Oneness doesn’t mean “which one?”  Control, domination, self-servingness, self-glorification – all of that has to go on the trip we’re taking.

Maturity for us means, I believe, not needing to have attention be focused on us. Responsibility entails responsibility for collective unity rather than for individual gain.

There’s another side to the matter as well. I seem to recall someone saying that we all carry within us the potentiality for cancer. Maybe I heard that wrong, but perhaps we could pretend that someone said it for the sake of this discussion. Well, there’s also the potentiality for arrogance in everyone, I think.

And when we focus attention on one person, we expose them to the risk that those incipient cells of arrogance will run amok. And that’s again not healthy for anyone concerned.

As we gradually regain our higher dimensionality as starseeds from other dimensions, I believe we’ll need to emerge gradually and gracefully. Too rapid an emergence, or having the spotlight shone on one person who’s emerging, can cause that person to lose balance and be consumed by incipient arrogance. We all have those spiritual cancer cells within us.

So, if you’d permit me to make a request, I’d ask us as we head into the home stretch, not to pedestal the people we care for who may have served us and whom we appreciate.

I’ve been wanting to say this for a very long time and have drawn back from the precipice lest I be seen as a stick-in-the-mud. But what we’re aiming for is far too precious to give in to our propensities to venerate, that lead to such unhealthy outcomes.

Now I’ve said it and will crawl under the nearest big rock. But I do hope you don’t mind me raising the matter and agree that it’s wise to refrain from unhealthiness from now till Dec. 22.  After that, no one will want to engage in it.


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