Blue Moon Effect on Gaia and Ongoing Ascension by Adrial- Message channeled by Laura (1Sep12 -Repost by Wes)

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Note from Wes: A highly appreciated message from Adrial via dear Laura, and it perfectly mirrors much of what I personally have been going through. Laura has posted this message here on Aquarius today, September 1st, but it has been nearly lost in the day’s posts so I feel the need to re-post it, so you dear readers are able to see it! 🙂 Konstantinos has posted an update today as well that can be found under the day’s posts.

Good day, this is Adrial. We have noticed many of Earthlings have been experiencing much unrest yesterday during the Blue Moon phase. The effects of the Blue Moon will continue for some time into this week we are afraid. See this as an opportunity for growth. While it is true that experiencing uncertainty, deep powerful emotions, even sadness or depression, doubt, projection of negative outcome in matters of romance and love is a trying experience for you all, we recommend you not to act on these strong impulses generated or being brought to the surface by this very emotionally loaded full blue moon.


Do not deny yourself the experiencing of what is being shown to you now, you would only be running away from your own reality now. It is possible for all of you to grow even more as a result of these emotional times. This is nourishment for your soul dear friends. What is shown now are the areas which need still you to work on in order to make it into the higher realms of consciousness. Use this raw material to perfect the Divine product that you all are.


Stay with what is shown to you during the coming days this week. Much of what is shown to you and experienced by will appeal to your consciousness. It will show you the worst shortcomings in your entire life. All the areas you and indeed your loved ones, your partner, or your twin flame have experienced in this life time. Please do not enter the judging game of others whose actions and feelings are affecting and influencing you. This will be a strong temptation for you to act and react to much of what is shown.


The experiences will come directly from your own higher self, or possibly your twin’s higher self. This will also bring on some additional physical pain or discomfort. On the positive side, this will also allow you a much stronger connection with your higher self, and with your twin’s higher self. Distance is no object between twin flames, which are always connected whether they know it or not.


You have already begun working with your twin on personal issues last night for the best part of you. This morning probably came as a blessing already to you, as if a heavy load was being lifted during your sleep. Perhaps some of you will recall some of the work done with your twin last night, in order to resolve the continuing issues, and perhaps the most useful insights at this time are being revealed to you during your sleep.


Remember that all that comes to mind now are unresolved issues; these issues exist for you on a personal level since your existence almost. These have manifested into duality in a possible way. However remember that if these issues have manifested, it is also because you needed these to come into fruition and to have your attention focused now on the remaining matters holding you back from the ongoing ascension process.


This is the last part of the marathon before the finishing line. Perhaps this image makes you understand better, for those of you who have experienced such sporting events, what is taking place now for you. This is the hardest part of the journey, no time to sit back and smell the roses until the finish line. The unfolding of ascension on a personal level for you and for Gaia is in your hands. This Blue Moon is also affecting Mother Earth, this explaining perhaps the increase in levels of ground shaking. This is why we have been working on the tectonic plates of Mother Earth in the past weeks.


However, we are coming head on to an insurmountable barrier, for which your help is required. By this we mean, we need human help, conscious help from your own collective. This also includes help from your governments and citizens taking action and responsibilities for their actions. Indeed, in a rather unexpected manner, all the human instability also affects your Mother Earth. Please also consider your actions, how you deal with your emotions, seek balance, meditate on unresolved issues and unfinished business for the remainder of this week and month of September.


Together, as a united consciousness and willpower you can heal Mother Earth from the ill treatments she is the object of for generations. Together you can divert any incoming threatening object to your safe environment. Because we are not of your world, our will power, and technology have huge limitations. Physical rules dictate that this is a time when you must awaken in order to bring balance into your own home, by this we mean Lady Gaia. We are here rather like guests if you like; we cannot dictate our will on you or on Lady Gaia. She and you can only respond to what you create and manifest.

Please consider what has been said here today. With infinite love. Adial.

Channeled by Laura


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