Ann Albers ~ Messages From Ann And The Angels ~ 1 September 2012

Message from the Angels


My dear friends, we love you so very much.

There will always be things in your life that don’t go as planned. There will always be unforeseen circumstances, people who don’t act as you expect and things that don’t work as you expected them to do. In life it is important not to remain stubbornly fixed upon the way life is “supposed” to look but rather to be willing to deal with the way life is. So much time is wasted on your planet in wishful thinking. Instead that time and energy can be applied creatively to say, “Ok, Here I am. Now what is the best course of action given the way things are?” The more you learn to embrace reality in front of you, the quicker you will move into the reality you want.


Consider the captain of a sailing vessel. In his ideal world the seas would calm and there would be a smooth breeze to fill his sails. However, say a storm blows in, or the wind calms. The captain will get nowhere if he sits insisting, “The seas are supposed to be calm! The wind is supposed to be steady!” Far better to say, “The winds have become strong. How do I bring my best to this situation until I can sail into the harbor or out of the storm?” Alternately, if the wind has died down better to say, “Well, nothing is happening here. Do I wish to relax or do I wish to paddle?”


So too in your life, the “storms” give you opportunity to bring or best self into your life, to apply more faith, more trust, more efforts, and more honesty in your life. The still spots give you opportunity to relax, to sit and ponder what you wish to create, or to decide to get going and make something happen. There is no right answer dear ones, only an honest answer.


So in these times of incredible change and growth, do your best to stop judging what is in front of you and instead decide how to honestly deal with it. Do you want to stay in your circumstances or move away? How can you bring your best into any given situation even if your best is to be kind to yourself when you do not feel you are bringing your best. In this fashion, you will free up tremendous amounts of energy to move your lives forward into calmer waters.


God bless you. We love you so very much. –– The Angels


Message from Ann

Hi All,

I think all of us, on a regular basis face situations that we’d rather not. They range from being stuck in traffic, to having things break, to having people behave in ways that don’t resonate with what we’d prefer. There are even days when we don’t look or act the way we’d prefer! However, as the angels say, surrendering to what is actually in front of us, rather than getting stuck in wishful thinking makes the journey through life a lot more pleasant, and makes the unpleasant things pass much more easily.


As I type this, the electrician is running to the store because I didn’t realize one of my electrical boxes was a different size. The carpet cleaners from the restoration company will soon arrive and may have to step over him. My dog is spazzing out because nothing looks normal and she likes her routines! And it is all going to be ok, It’s Monday and I’m doing my newsletter while lights are blinking, furniture is piled in the middle of the rooms, and the rest of life goes on.


I would have rather avoided getting sick, starting a fire, having to unpack 60 boxes that the cleaning crews carefully packed, moving furniture bigger than me, spending 24 hrs with my elder dog at a hotel while ozone machines ran in my house, and so much more that has transpired over the last month. But in each case I just surrendered and brought as much love as I could to each situation. In return the people working on my house were so good to me I was blown away. They did great work, admitted interest in spiritual topics, called me “peaceful,” “refreshing”, “fun to work with,” etc. In my mind they brought their kindest and best selves to the situation too. I think when we do, we inspire others to do the same!


Instead of beating myself up for “mistakes” and moaning about inconveniences, I just embraced it all head on. A month after my “mistakes,” my home, rugs, curtains, couch covers, duct work, walls, and carpets are probably cleaner than the day I moved in. My body is happy with my new diet. I now know guys I can call upon for future work on the house. Spiritually and emotionally I have become stronger. I’m excited about life, filled with new energy and cannot wait to teach my upcoming class.

So this week when things don’t look as planned or don’t look the way you want, bring your best self to what IS happening. I guarantee a happier time and a much quicker trip to ease and grace!

Have a happy week! Love, Ann! link to original article


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