They’re Out of the Starting Gate with the Aussies in the Lead….

Written by Steve Beckow

With the announcement of the 2012 Scenario Sedona Conference, I have one fewer secret to carry around! I welcome that!

It’s been perhaps around 20 minutes since ticket sales opened up and ten have been snapped up. That’s exciting.

What are we trying to achieve with this conference? Well, it’s Sierra’s creation and I don’t want to steal her thunder. I’m sure she’ll discuss her vision for the conference as soon as she’s back from a weekend vacation.

But I can probably share my own personal vision, much of it borrowing from Sierra’s.  This isn’t an introduction to 2012. It isn’t a discussion of Disclosure per se or NESARA. It comes only two months short of Ascension itself and so it’ll clearly be about Ascension. I don’t think we’d be able to keep it from that topic. The excitement will be building tremendously by the end of October.

We’ll have Mike Quinsey, Suzy Ward and Linda Dillon there, three of the most reliable channels that this site features. Unfortunately John Smallman has family reasons for not being able to attend and I’m very sad that’s the case, because his attendance would have made the representation of channels be more impressive than I have words for.  Their commentary will be about as germane and helpful as I’m sure anybody’s could be.

And we’ll have the editors of this site and the hosts of … no, not Heaven, but of InLight Radio … to share their knowledge and inspire everyone to gear up for the final push.

And what final push? The final push to persuade the undecided to open to Ascension. All of us reading this blogsite, I’m prepared to say, are here to help see that as many people as possible take advantage of the opportunity before us to leave behind Third-Dimensionality, duality, conflict and suffering and come with us on an amazing, totally-expanding and unimaginable adventure into the real land of milk and honey – the Fifth Dimension.

For some people here, when the work’s over, it’s back to dimensions much higher than that, with a job well done.

We came here to explain to those who don’t understand just how precious this opportunity is, just how advisable it is to let go of skepticism, stop protecting oneself from something so beneficent, and embrace the love energies that are washing the Earth.

We lightworkers are going to need a complete letting go of all considerations which until now have held us back and this conference, to use a phrase from Werner, is the world’s biggest “let go.” It’s a letting go of our barriers, resistances and considerations around doing this work and a commitment to put our shoulder to the wheel and push this wagon across the finish line.

And all your favorites – Mike, Suzy and Linda – will be there to cheer us on.  I’m looking forward to meeting you all at Sedona. Sierra has told us this is not like other conferences. We speakers don’t get to talk and then flee to our hotel rooms or drive around the countryside (well, not much anyways. We are after all in Sedona).

No, we’re there to mingle and make ourselves available and actually make the acquaintance of so many people we know by email and have known for years, who’ve participated in creating a world that works, a New Age for humanity.

So that’s it. That’s why we’re doing this. And we still have a few more secrets, which we’re hard at work on and which you’ll know about soon enough. Stay tuned for those.

And now for ticket sales.  Well, as I understand it, the Aussies are in the lead, with the Yanks and Canucks following. They’re into the first stretch and….

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