The Anchoring of Energies


Hello Son,

The Anchoring of Energies

Hidden away in your innerself is the true self, the original program, your true identity unspoilt from all emotions and discrimination. It is unfolding as you read and is slowly anchoring the energies into each cell.

This has been going on for some time and in accordance to God’s Will; this is a gradual and steady process to be accustomed to the high energies. This is the manifestation of light that is awakening the planet, the galaxy and beyond.

This process is not going to stop as the Divine program is in its final stages, so resist not but embrace this epic journey.

The challenges, fights, chaos, turmoil, confusing times was all for these moments to get you here and to listen and to accept the higher Source.

It is time for you to unfold your inner self and see what others are seeing and feeling at this moment of time. There need not be a delay or wait for a moment, as the time is now; so use it wisely.

The mind, soul and spirit wish to combine as one consciousness thus eliminating the material lower vibrations that often confuse all.

Nothing more should be said but it is the action which is missing to make this happen and the path to be well treaded upon.

You are all wiser than you think and are surrounded by the protection of your Lord Master.

Your mother; with love move forward beyond the lower dimensions and above the veil of limitations.

Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon Channelled by Shazi Further Reading: Signpost to the Source

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