Possible Pillars of Light over Japan

Columns of light are alleged to have appeared over Japan recently.  Discernment is advised. It might be an easy matter to add light in.

Thanks to Blossom. If the images are genuine, they may support the prediction of Blossom’s sources that pillars of light will be seen.


  1. Dear Wes,

    I would like to humbly and publicly apologize to you for my inconsiderate and aggressive words and tone recently regarding your computer issues.

    For my part I have most recently encountered many spiritual materialists, spiritual charlatans and what we might call spiritual panhandlers both in person and on the internet and I know that you are none of these.

    It did however, move me to write what I did thinking of and feeling for how donations for such a cause might well have been more skillfully allocated…given that I know 100% that I could have remedied any and all of your computer heating and/or virus issues.

    I have raised many computers and especially laptops from the dead after the “experts” could not and as for viruses I ave never encountered one in my life that could not be allayed and defeated…

    …as for lap tops in general they need to stay cool so please consider placing yours n the refrigerator and leave it on 24/7 if possible…they do not prefer to be continually powered on and off and it is a series of shocks to their systems to do so…think of it this way…there are millions of computers on this planet earth that have to be kept on 24/7 in case you are wondering if this is a good idea…

    ….in summary, I do realize that my tone and words were “unsettling at best” which was kind of you to put it that way…I meant no disrespect or to call to question your integrity and I did both despite my intentions…

    ….I do hope you will forgive me and we will begin again and if this is not a public enough arena here to project my words for all to see then please feel free to copy and paste in the appropriate or correct place…yours in light and love…Dave Stout Asheville, NC USA


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