Karma and Ascension – Part 2 – Karma and the Law of Grace

Written by Steve Beckow


This is the Last Lifetime to Learn Karmic Lessons

According to my understanding, the need to clear our karma up to the time of Ascension is not a reflection of an arbitrary strictness in morality. Ascension depends on our ability to accept and assimilate light so that we can survive in the Fifth Dimension’s rarified environment. And the balance achieved by learning the lessons of karma and addressing the polarization in our character is one of the factors that allows us to assimilate light.

Matthew Ward says that many people “during these waning days of duality” are “rushing to complete third density karmic experiences and attain the balance necessary for soul evolvement.” (1)

SaLuSa sees “this particular life” before Ascension as “so important to you, as it is the opportunity to … clear any remaining karma.” (2) He explains that “in these end times there are … many souls who are anxious to clear their karma, and have packed their life full of experiences.” (3) He tells us that “for many it is therefore a hectic time, particularly at a personal level.” (4)

He explains that “you can take on as much karma as you desire and clearly the quicker you can set it aside the quicker your spiritual progress.” (5) Although karma “is normally carried forward and comes about in a future lifetime,” he tells us that “karma can be cleared within the same life that it took place.” (6)

In fact SaLuSa says that in this lifetime we’ll see more “instant karma” than we ever have:

“In fact out of all your lives your present one will see more instant Karma, as you will not carry it forward with you to Ascension. So, Dear Ones, pay heed to your experiences and if they are for your evolution learn what they have to tell you.” (7)

As a result of our expanded state, SaLuSa advises us to “be careful now as to what you think, because as your creative powers increase you may not always wish for the outcome” (8) We might wonder what comes up to be cleared. SaLuSa explains that “what comes up will be anything that cannot be carried by you into the higher vibrations.” (9)

All Karma will be Released upon Ascension

After we have released as much karma as we can, if we are sincerely intending to ascend, God, through the Law of Grace, will relieve us of our remaining karma, our sources say. Let’s hear their explanation of how this last remaining period of the end times is likely to proceed.

“For most of you,” SaLuSa explains, “your karma … is coming to a close, as you have worked out many weaknesses through so many different lives.”(10) The Pleiadian High Council through Lauren Gorgo tell us that Ascension will allow us to “fully release from the realms of karmic creation.” (11) “All [will] celebrate this wonderful release from the treadmill of karma,” Saul predicts. (12)

Many situations like Earth changes or regional wars are here to help us clear our karma, SaLuSa explains.

“Coming out of your present cycle of duality you will not carry karma forward, which is why it must be cleared before you can ascend. The conditions are therefore in part necessary for souls to have the opportunity to do so.” (13)

Often we wonder why we’re called upon to suffer and think that God does not love us. SaLuSa responds:

“So often we hear you ask ‘why me?’ when something unpleasant occurs in your life, but think carefully about the lesson it is bringing to you. Also bear in mind that sometimes a soul will incarnate and bear the consequences to simply help another soul. We must therefore inform you again that there is no punishment involved, and God continues to love you unconditionally regardless of what you think.” (14)

On another occasion, he returned to this question.

“Life can seem cruel and very unfair, but remember that you have created your own reality. You cannot escape the Universal Law, but in no way are these in the form of punishment. In fact behind them is the great energy of Love and Light that is the life force of All That Is.” (15)

I imagine that no circumstances trouble us more than to watch other people suffer, but the galactics often say that these situations are happening for karmic clearing.

“You ask why we do not come to your aid now [in Somalia’s famine] but please remember that all souls presently involved in the suffering, have at a higher level already accepted it as part of their experiences.

“As we so often point out, in such circumstances our intervention would be seen as interference, and denying them the experience they have undertaken. It does not mean you cannot help, and the reaction of others to their plight is also part of their experience.” (16)

Matthew explains why so much trauma is occurring in the Middle East. Because that situation is prominent and important, let’s listen to Matthew’s case at length.

“Underlying all of the death, destruction and tyranny in the Middle East is the extremely heavy karma being played out. Long before your recorded history, the inhabitants of those lands battled savagely for supremacy, and ancient blood permeated the earth. The resultant negativity had to be released in massive degree so Earth could move out of deep third density, and souls who lived in those early civilizations have returned time and again with the chosen mission to reduce the accumulated negativity. The inhabitants of those lands today came in for the same purpose, but this time, they are here to complete the release and achieve karmic balance as individuals and for Earth.” (17)

“Now, in the context of the universal continuum and multiple lifetime experiencing, what is happening in those countries is the winding up of the third density karma that started in ancient times and has been brought forward throughout the ages. In pre-birth agreements, today’s inhabitants chose to return specifically to participate in this balancing process for themselves and their lands to aid Earth’s ascension out of third density’s hotbed of darkness.

“Starting at a later time, the same is true of the nations in Africa where tyranny and bloodshed has long been a way of life. Understandably, the end of oppression and death in all of those areas will come more slowly than in countries without the need for that heavy karmic balancing.

“While life is no less traumatic for the affected populations on a conscious level, putting their living and dying in the karmic context permits the understanding of why that is continuing even as the light keeps intensifying.” (18)

Not only conditions in distant countries but also conditions closer to home exist to allow people the opportunity to learn their last lessons in Third Density, Matthew tells us.

“Please remember that some of what you see that is worrisome, even abhorrent to society—violence in any form; theft; drugged children and adults, whether by prescription or “illegally”; unjust laws and fraudulent convictions; growing numbers of homeless and unemployed; torture; school dropouts—is “perpetrators” and “victims” completing karmic lessons so they never again have to experience third density lifetimes.” (19)

We’re therefore asked not to judge situations without knowing the full story. He tells us:

“Try not to judge situations without knowing all of the facts, as you cannot know what is behind decisions that other souls take. Duality by its very nature is testing and bound to place you in difficult situations, and often it is for you to find ways of dealing with it. Be assured your life plan will take you wherever it needs to fulfill it.” (20)

SaLuSa tells us that, after we’ve done all we can, we’ll be released from our remaining karma by the Law of Grace.

“When you ascend karma will have been cleared by you or ‘written off’ through the Law of Grace.” (21)

“All ties will be cut and the Law of Grace will ensure that no karmic residue will travel with you. It will be the commencement of another cycle, but this time of Light without the interference of the dark Ones.” (22)

SaLuSa explains that turning to the Light invokes the Law of Grace.

“Through the Law of Grace you can be allowed to forego karma, providing you have turned to the Light. God is not unreasonable and fully understands your intent, and it is by evolving and proving that your progress has taken place in living your truth.

“The soul that has transgressed and found the path of Light and Love is greeted back as a long lost son. So do not be too concerned about your earlier life style, as it is the now that is important and whether you have truly set your sights on evolving to a higher level of consciousness.” (23)

Moreover, the Law of Grace “will come into being more so as you approach the end time,” SaLuSa explains. (24) So we can expect the law to impact us increasingly as we near the date of Ascension.

Thus this is the last lifetime in which to clear our karma and realize the tranquillity and balance that comes from moving away from polarization and resting in the center. It isn’t something that’s asked of us arbitrarily but a requirement of creating the ability to assimilate the needed light to survive in Fifth Dimensionality. Many of the appalling circumstances that exist at the moment are here to give people the opportunity to complete their karmic balancing. If we’re on the borderline and committed to ascend, what we cannot clear will be forgiven us by the Law of Grace.

(To be continued.)


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