Meredith Murphy – Another Key In The Divine Plan Turns – 29 August 2012

Meredith Murphy – Another Key In The Divine Plan Turns – 29 August 2012


We’re about to experience a lunar hand-off as another key in the divine plan turns.  How are you faring?

A major new energy current is opening within our galaxy and we’re shifting into alignment with this, as our moon does.

In essence, we’re moving into a intensely lit channel of accelerating, brilliant light.  Are you feeling it?  This is what it feels like to me as our water based bodies move into more air-based structures, and light.

Tomorrow, Friday the 29th is a major astrological portal, as the moon’s nodes change signs for the first time in 18 months.  This means a big shift energetically, which many of us are already feeling.

For me this energy came up and the shift was palpably destabilizing.  I felt queasy, weak, and although mentally and emotionally fine, like I was in a bubble, an altered state.  I was at the Library in Pasadena writing and packed up and came home where I spent the whole day horizontal, sleeping, eating comforting fresh food and drinking tea, playing with my dogs…all while lying down and just being.

The moon’s nodes on the 29th shift into Taurus, from Gemini.  With this change we enter into a new series of Eclipses, that will last about a year and a half.  And what a year and a half we’re entering into!  The grounding of the 2012 energies is what this energy vector feels like to me as we enter it.  So the arc has enormous energy around it, which many of us are also feeling.

The first of these Eclipse cycles begins this year in November on the 13th with a total solar eclipse/new moon and we emerge on the 28th with a full moon and a lunar eclipse.   If the past two Eclipse Cycles are any indicator of the momentum these passages bring as we approach the December 21st completion cycle, it’s nice to have a head’s up and begin feeling into alignment with this energy cycle now.

The other feeling I had today which was extremely expanded, was a sense of detachment.

How interesting that as our moon, which affects our emotional state so much moves into the 2012 trajectory, my emotional state became very sovereign, contained and detached. In fact I forgot until just writing this that earlier today I dealt with very stressful situations with a friend and his daughter and it was like nothing to me.  I was kind, practical and helped to smooth things out and take care of things, while there was strong emotion and anger all around.  This is a powerful sign of things to come.  As we are increasingly living in 5d while in a 3d world as the Earth continues her ascension trajectory, this detachment is our oasis, literally–an energetic location where everything works and is beautiful.

With this node shift, and the emerging energies, we’re moving into a period where we will feel impelled to manifest structures and pathways for our purpose to expand in the world and our self-expression to become more amplified.  So there is a big felt sense of completion from this prior cycle closing.  Just reflect on what has transpired in the last 18 months.  It’s MAJOR. And then turn your gaze toward where we’re headed.  ALSO major.  🙂

Friday on the 31st we reach an additional cycle of completion with a full moon, the second full moon in August–a blue moon (not technically as it’s in a different sign but what the heck).  So in alignment with these cycles look within at your own changes and what’s completing.  Allow the fullness of your own evolution to ripen and be felt and acknowledged.  The shift of the nodes into Taurus will shift is into grounding these changes more in the reflection of our experience.   A perfect reflection of the momentum of creating a new world together.

It’s seems only yesterday we were half way through this year, and now we’re moving toward the September Equinox with acceleration.  Take a deep breathe.   This node shift of the moon is another alignment within the galaxy that brings us closer to the December 21st arrangement in our Universe.

Another key to the Divine Plan turns.  And so it is!

Now is a great time to have a reading.  As this year progresses readings have been increasingly practical and the transmissions relevant and empowering. There are many who have come into greater fullness as to their purpose with both multidimensional and earthly shifts taking place.  If you would like more clarity about your purpose, energetic support and insight to move through the challenges within your own lineage click here to learn more and request an Oracle/Intuitive Reading.

Blessings and light,

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