Time Flies on the Road to Ascension


Written by Steve Beckow

Yesterday (Aug. 22, 2012), SaLuSa said something that has been commented on a lot lately – that time continues to speed up.

“There is so little time left and that is still speeding up, so try to keep your attention on the great future that awaits you. It will be well beyond anything you can imagine, and perhaps you will consider that your personal changes will be the most acceptable.” (1)

Many of us are familiar with the articles and videos on the Mayan calendar some years ago that said that time speeds up by a factor of twenty each time we enter a new “underground,” “wave,” or time period. (2) I certainly don’t claim to be an expert in the Mayan calendar, but the notion that time is speeding up has widespread support among our sources.

For instance, ascended masters like Hilarion tell us that “the acceleration of time is speeding up.” (3) Matthew, whom I regard as an ascended master, has also been saying similar things for years:

“Hold paramount in your thoughts that your linear time is speeding into the timeless continuum, where Earth’s Golden Age already has arrived!” (4)

“Knowing about these major leaps forward and other marvelous life-changing developments to come, you can feel joyous, excited, confident and soundly prepared to surmount whatever challenges you may encounter during the next few months. And those months will seem to fly by—your sensation of time passing faster and faster will keep increasing as the planet continues ascending.” (5)
Jesus through Pamela Kribbe offers the corollary that the resolution of situations can also come rapidly:

“Believe that the resolution can come quickly. Know that it can come quickly, because you are the masters of the destiny of the collective consciousness. Hear that well: you are the masters of your reality and the collective consciousness reality. You are the masters of the destiny and how quickly it can come.” (6)

The celestials also told us in 2011 that we were:

“… approaching the core of the dimensional spiral you exist within – time as you know it, speeds up, and will be perceived by many as switching places with the aspect you know as space. Within this is connection to the higher energies as more and more of you come forward to attune yourselves to the healing awareness and intelligence of the various frequencies of Love Light.” (7)

The galactics have been telling us regularly as well. We quoted SaLuSa earlier. He tells us that “you are noticing how much faster time is still speeding up. It is a sure sign that the vibrations are rapidly lifting up, and a guarantee that you will experience the upliftment that goes along with it.“ (8) He states that “it is a strange experience for you, and means it will feel as if there is insufficient time to get all of your work done.” (9) But Mira the Pleiadian informs us, as Jesus did, that “the collapsing of time will hasten … changes.” (10)

Kryon chides us to remember next time we wake up wondering what has changed that time speeding up is proof that the shift has come.

“Let me ask you, Lightworker, can’t you feel that which is time speeding up? Consistent time is a paradigm you have been used to since you were born, and the perceived change makes you nervous, doesn’t it? In some cases, it wakes you up at three in the morning when the cells are saying, “What is it that’s different?” The next time you’re awakened and the cells are asking you what’s wrong, I want you to talk to them, as the boss of your own DNA. Remind them of the time you planned for, for it has arrived. The shift is here.” (11)

Whether we take the counsel of the Mayan calendar or from our sources that time is speeding or whether we see the increasing light on the planet is what is speeding time up, we are being propelled closer and closer to Ascension. SaLuSa adds that the increase in Light “will continue exponentially, as the more your vibrations increase the more Light you attract to yourself. … Now perhaps you can see how the path of Ascension draws you away from the lower vibrations.” (12) And Matthew tells us that “the unstoppable intensity of the light is propelling Earth ever closer to the Golden Age, where no darkness of any kind can exist.” (13)

Therefore the remaining four months should pass more quickly than any period of time up till now and bring us to the doorstep of our star portal before we have time to catch our breath. How a world will transform, economies be reconstructed, new civilizations join us, truth be revealed, healing occur, and all of us strap ourselves in for our journey to another dimension is entirely unknown to us at this time. Nevertheless we’re told that all of this will occur and at a pace that will dazzle us.


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