Written by Steve Beckow

Suzann Carroll said something in her article today (posted Aug. 23, 2012) that struck me. She said that:

“You are the Openers. You are the first ones to open the myriad Portals into the fifth dimension. Also, you are the ones that will stand by that open Portal until everyone has gone through. ‘The first will be the last.’ However, that third dimensional term does not exactly explain what we are saying.

“You, the Openers, volunteered to be the leaders of this Planetary Ascension. Therefore you serve as the Scouts who go ahead into the unknown and come back to tell of your experience. You dash into the Bliss of the NOW, and courageously return to tell of your trek. You have become masters of saying things in a specific manner so that you do not frighten your audience.” (1)

How much I agree with her that we lightworkers are becoming “masters of saying things in a specific manner so that you do not frighten your audience.” I’m working with a group at the moment that appears, at least at this initial juncture, to be masterful at what I think Suzann is pointing at here, which is responsibility, maturity.

For me, to be responsible or mature is to be willing to see oneself as source in the matter, to be willing to see one’s own input as crucial to the outcome. To focus on another’s input in the matter, save as that person’s direct supervisor in a work situation, is to risk descending into judgement and blame.

When differences of opinion arise, especially in our increasing lightwork with others, the person who judges and blames usually also sidebars – that is, gossips about others with third parties rather than taking his or her complaints directly to the person involved. That results in the other person seldom knowing our complaints and finding him or herself suddenly ostracized from the group without knowing why. There is no opportunity to address our complaints or to put the correction in.

This system of judgement, blame and sidebarring becomes the way we live. It results in breakdown and neutralizes so many of our best and noblest efforts.

In the past year, during which many lightworker projects have arisen and some have fallen to this way of being, I’ve said to myself over and over that, as long as humans engage in this destructive behavior, we could not have saved this planet. Nothing we do coming from this paradigm works and increasingly we’re seeing why.

Admittedly as the condition that Suzann looks at in her article, of coming into our multidimensional selves, increases with our simmering in the love energies washing the planet, we emerge from our third-dimensional patterns.

And admittedly as well, we’d never have worked together so widely as lightworkers before this time and so we’d never have profundly encountered our patterns of judgement, blame and sidebarring. It’s been a sobering experience and I do feel greatly humbled by it.

In miniature, it reflects one reason why we were so easily subdued by the cabal. We simply did not follow interactive patterns that allowed for the success of anything.

I watch TV less and less these days, but the TV I do watch becomes increasingly revealing. Never mind video games. The TV that adults watch exposes them to constant doses of violence and repetitive messages that law enforcement/the powers that be/authority is good and the common Joe is violent and deceptive.

We’re treated to stories that represent so many of us as motivated simply and solely by money, sex, and power. The Dallas mentality of deception and manipulation is reinforced across a spread of programs. A new offering, Hell on Wheels, has more of what one movie (Demolition Man) called murder/death/kill than anything I’ve previously seen.

It’s as if the makers of the film are trying to saturate their program with violence. We arrive at the dawning of the new age almost at the same time that the purveyors of the old age arrive at the apotheosis of violence. Where else is there to go after Hell on Wheels?

Our own society as represented to us on TV as having descended into mayhem and murder even as extraterrestrial civilizations on the small screen are represented as rapacious and predatorial (Alien, Predator, War of the Worlds, Independence Day). We’re bad but they’re worse. There really is no place to go. The situation is represented as hopeless and probably deliberately so.

So there’s no relief from our ineffective ways from those who sell us our common views of our culture.

How strange it is to see that if we want a new way of being, it truly has to come from us. How sobering it is to see that the combined ways we have of dealing with things, apart from the energies flooding the planet and the sources here to raise our vibrations with their examples (celestials, ascended masters and galactics), are so miserably deficient that … well, I confess I don’t think we could have saved ourselves from where we were headed.

So here we are now, emerging into a maturity and responsibility associated with a higher dimension of being. And at least initially I feel flat. The experience of my body is less and less oriented towards exciting foods, drama-laden visual and interactive experiences, opinions, judgments, etc.

I’m left to seek my inspiration inwards and from the mentors who’ve offered themselves to assist us to make this transition. I have to draw away from our common sources of inspiration and our common ways of being and find new sources and new ways.

I’m in a position that Werner Erhard would have described as “jeopardy.” I’m willing to separate from the old but not yet familiar with and loyal to the new. If not for the energies, I’d be in danger of falling back. Having seen the bridge, I haven’t yet crossed it.

There’s no time more than now where faith and trust in the new ways was more important. And a willingness to take a strong stand to be out of the old deceptive, manipulative, and irresponsible ways of being. I know we’ll do it but now is definitely the time of heavy-lifting.


(1) “The Arcturians – We Are You,” by Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie, August 22, 2012, at

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