Day of Busy Rest

Hello dear friends. While this was not planned, we may not be around much the next couple of days due to  [ultimately positive] happenings in our personal Lives this week as well as a general tiredness as I personally am being led to rest this week, as a plethora of energies are absorbed that are shifting my entire perception into what seems to be a readied premature fifth dimensional state. I’m being told that most of us are going through this very process at this moment as we are absorbing continually pure energies and finding a resulting total shift in perception.

I can feel the clear difference between 3D and 5D Life and have long felt to be existing in multiple worlds at once [we all are!] and lately this has increased to the point of discomfort with the majority of aspects of 3D Life that I had otherwise been complacent with. As such, I and many others are being led to rest at this time as we assimilate these energies.

Rest assured dear friends, this is simply an interim resting point and you can continue to expect a plethora of routines updates from Yours Truly. See you guys on Thursday! 🙂

Much Love,

Wes 🙂


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