Giant Triangle-Shaped UFO Caught on US Radar

Giant Triangle-Shaped UFO Caught on US Radar

Thanks to Debbie

According to The 2012 Scenario reader Debbie the same triangular shape many of us are seeing in the skies lately could well have been hovering over us as far back as June, which is when Archangel Michael said that we had reached a tipping point and the “boulder was rolling down the hill’.

On June 29, 2012, a major storm hit the South Bend area, east of Chicago in Illinois, USA.

Debbie managed to gain access to and copy these radar images from that day. What she saw astounded her.

“It’s funny that the exact same shape appeared on our local radar during some storms. I was so flabbergasted by the *missing rain* shape, I took screen captures of them,” she says.

” This is a series of screen captures of the radar for that day. You can see the triangular *missing* rain right above the words *South Bend*. Even though I didn’t take progressive screen captures, the triangular shape moved southwards towards Indianapolis before the storm left the area.

“I have also seen these in storms in other areas since then. Up until June, I’d never seen this sort of anomaly on any radar before

“Look right above South Bend which is near the top center of the map…. Notice the shape that blocks the radar… it’s still actually showing a little… They are numbered sequentially and are 5 minutes apart…

“Now that I know what to look for, I’m going to pay a LOT more attention to the skies!

“For the last few months, there have been enough strange, very low lying *cloud formations* to make me do double takes of the sky. They all seem to be in an area east of my work.

“There are even strange *rain* echoes in that area with absolutely no rain falling.

“On Friday on my way home, there was a huge cube shaped cloud in that direction! CUBE SHAPED! I’ve never seen a perfectly cube shaped cloud in my life! And it was perfectly square, not rectangular!

Plus I’ve seen pyramid clouds, both with the points up and the points down. One that had the point up actually had light emanating from it, because you could see the glow on the bottom of the cloud. None of these shapes are small either…”

Nor is our most recent visible visitor, the Andromedan mothership.

Here are Debbie’s radar images, in order, from 1 through 8:



  1. I believe that is a “scalar square” but in triangle form. Caused by “weather modification”, a kind of experiemental vibrational government thing. Lots on it to read on the net. 🙂


  2. So are you saying that there are UFOs behind these clouds? I don’t quite understand what’s going on. I just witnessed a UFO and was looking to see if anyone else saw it and I was brought to this site.


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