Fun With your New Capabilities

Humanity in this reality has been engrained to work and be serious. Play often has to be regimented or set to specific times. Growth is serious and spiritual seeking is so serious and urgent. Many seekers have an oh so serious attitude about the ascension. Even playful channelings come out serious sometimes (the veil). It makes us laugh a little. We just want to tickle you sometimes (figuratively) to get you to laugh, oh serious ones. 🙂

There is one group in humanity that haven’t yet been indoctrinated into this way of thinking: Children.

See how the little children enjoy themselves, how they play. How their lives are largely revolved around finding new ways to express their imagination.

As you develop your “psychic” capabilities that everyone has, don’t just use it for serious communication. Be playful. Telepathy can be a tool, but perhaps those “picking up” on the other end are more playful than you realize?

Perhaps you don’t have to fear catastrophic results by playing with your abilities. Maybe your own internal wisdom will keep you safe while you ENJOY these gifts.

Just don’t create fear and everything else is fair game.

Enjoy your gifts! And don’t be boring! Life is supposed to be fun 🙂

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