Archangel Indriel. “Nothing Short Of Amazing.” By, Bella Capozzi (AuroRa Le)

By, Bella Capozzi (AuroRa Le). August 20, 2012

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August 20, 2012


~ Greetings Dear Ones, I am Indriel.  Though I may at present seem unfamiliar to you and quite far away, I am not.  Of this I most emphatically assure you.  You are loved unconditionally. You are protected, guided, and ever being shown the way.   We, your Guiding Force, are never judgemental, and are tireless in our support of any and all of your endeavors.  Be they riddled with pitfalls or rooted in high consciousness, we are here to support you, regardless.  Always.  We are instructing you now, with increasing frequency, to break free of the rigid conditioning which taught you reliance only on your 5 bodily senses. 

Just as your chakric system has activated and expanded well past the original 7, so it is true of your sensory body.  The time is upon you to discard the old teachings once and for all.  You are amongst the first to have discovered the realization of who you truly are, as is only fitting, for you are the Wayshowers and have come here to lead. 

Redefine what you think of as “real.”  Strike form your vocabulary words such as “crazy”, eccentric”,  or “unrealistic.”  For if it is unrealistic to seek and enjoy communion with the higher realms-at least in accordance with the old ways of thinking-then let it be so.  Although you know in your heart that only those things you find within your heart are what’s “real”; only guidance from on-high may be unconditionally trusted and relied upon.


~ Watch as the harsh illusions of the 3rd dimensional world drop away.  You have selected your timeline wisely, should you be experiencing a lightness and a detachment from anxiety, hatred and beliefs of worthlessness and limitation.  Feelings of peacefulness, joy and synchronistic events-these are the clues which tell you that you are on the right track.  A wide variety of choices have been made available to everyone incarnate at this time, as not all desire or have contracted to have the same experiences. 

These varying scenarios manifest as invisible timelines, roads leading out of your current paradigm.  Compare them to the branches of a tree.  They grow off in all directions, and can be straight or twisting, smooth or gnarled.  Occasionally, they may briefly intersect.  Some are longer than others and some appear quite dead; they are parched and barren.  Whilst others are lush and green, and ripe with flower and fruit.  It is yourchoice.  It always has been yours, and only yours, to decide.


~ Travelers on the Paradise Roads are being strongly advised to cultivate the virtue of patience.  You are exhausted from your journey, which for so many of you has spanned lifetimes numbering in the thousands.  We understand this, and feel great compassion.  You who are reading these missives have more likely than not been an original part of the Great Earth Experiment, in some capacity or another,  from it’s very beginning.  You may well have been one of the designers of it!  You’ve fought valiantly and hard, and now you are at the conclusion of your journey.  Just a little ways more, Brave Ones, we promise you.  Trust what your heart is telling you, which is that the end is openly in sight.  What awaits you at the end of your chosen road is reality, exactly as youdesigned it, and it is nothing short of amazing.


~ I caution you not to disregard the pretty pictures which present themselves to you whilst immersed in meditation.  Or in what you think of as the dream state.  It is not.  Not any longer.  Not for you.  What you are seeing are brief glimpses of your creations come to life.  So, if what you see does not suit you, then refine it some.  You are also working with us, healing, learning, familiarizing yourself with that which you forgot.  Is what you see too beautiful, is what you feel too magical to be real?  Then yes, by all means-should “real” be defined by your 3rd dimensional paradigm, than indeed it is not real in that way at all! 

All that is fanciful and unreal by definition in the existing world of duality is most assuredly awaiting you once you leave it.  You have a quaint and humorous expression in your language, which refers to something deemed impossible…you say, “When pigs fly.”  Well, I ask you then, why should they not?  Should not fish dance and dogs sing like songbirds, if they so choose?  Alas, time is short and you have much more to do, Lightworkers, for the masses still think the answer to those question would be a resounding no.  They are in for something of a shock, the Dear Souls.


~ So in closing, I assign you a daily silent meditation.  One in which you nobody guides you save yourself.  No music.  No talk.  In a darkened room you must do this, so you are able to practice expanding your inner sight to extend to your outer world.  Increasingly,  you shall be able to perceive sparkles of light, and eventually small orbs.  Though it is not necessary, as I stated earlier, to use your physical sight-many of you still need that extra validation, that small vote of confidence from us that tells you, “Yes.  We are here.”  Go deep within your Self  and have faith in what you find there.  Embrace your magnificent new reality and slowly begin tolive it.  Such is the way of manifestation.  And with that I shall conclude. 

I Am Indriel.


Copyright © Bella Capozzi.  All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.


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