A Message from Lord Alcyone through Elizabeth Trutwin, August 20, 2012


A Message from Lord Alcyone through Elizabeth Trutwin, August 20, 2012

Greetings I am Alcyone. I am the consort of Mother Sekhmet/Kali Durga. Alcyone is also the name we give for the Central Sun, also known as Source Energy. Alycone has been called the Sun behind the Sun. Source Energy is where all life begins. It is that which each of you are a spark of the Divine. Your lifestream begins at Alcyone and descends down the dimensions to Earth. Your lifestream starts out as Pure Energy at Alcyone and descends into matter and live streams animating your body as your Soul.

All along the lifestream of energy are branches which umbilical out from the main stream to simultaneous multiple parallel lives in other dimensions, planes and levels. There are infinite numbers of lives being lived on your lifestream and they are all you. These are your Avatars. These parallel lives are happening in no time. By this definition you are living all your past lives and all your future lives at the same time. When Earth Ascends we will be living in No Time.

The first dimension is a point. The second dimension is a plane of existence. The third dimension is altitude or a point in space. In the third dimension our Soul lives in a point in the space. The fourth dimension is time. This life on Earth is a point in the Space (third dimension) Time (fourth dimension) continuum. Earth will Ascend fully into the 5th Dimension and above. This is a misnomer because many places on Earth already exist above the 5th Dimension. Standing on Mt. Shasta you will experience the 7th Dimension and on other sacred spots you can already experience the 9th Dimension and above on Earth. Every thing is relative and every thing is Infinite.

Ascension is a process some lightworkers have been reading about and working on for 20 years. Then why do we see lightworkers living unhappy lives and especially lives lacking money? To begin with Earth is a duality Planet. This means that each person incarnate on Earth must balance their karma from all other past lives before they can move on to Ascension. Some may say they were an Ascended Master in a past life so why is it so hard now? Its true, we all have ascended before in order to be at Earth now. Each new incarnation must be walked back to full Enlightenment. When we incarnate we agree to meet the conditions of emotion, ego, society conditioning and all darkness at Earth and we agree to work through the conditioning ascending back to being an Enlightened Being. Many do not understand that their years for doing this are limited. If they fail then they have to be reborn and begin again. Stubbornness and haughtiness can get in the way and the next thing you know the person is in poor health and they do not practice daily those things which bring Enlightenment and soon enough – poof – the life is ended before the Soul is ready and they are stuck to start back at square one. This leads to accumulated lifetimes and accumulated karma and the task then is compounded for each new lifetime.

This begs the question. When we have changeover and move into the 5th Dimension doesnʻt every One become fully Enlightened immediately? The simple answer is No. At the time of changeover the veils will be removed, society conditioning will drop due to full disclosure of the truth and the love element will be exponentially increased on Earth. The next question is: When reparations are made and each person has the money they need donʻt we begin our new Missions? The simple answer is No. Those who have become fully Enlightened WILL begin right away their new Mission. Those who have failed to do the work will receive counseling with a Mentor and they will be shown the Path to Enlightenment and invited to walk the Path. They will be given the free will choice to move down the Path slowly, moderately, quick step or instant. This has always been true for Earth and it will continue to be true after changeover.

The many changes will make it easier, however no Soul will be allowed to proceed without doing the inner work required to become fully detached from ego mind and fully emerged in devotion to the Self and devotion to the Infinite. Only in this condition will One be invited to their next Mission. Those engaged in allowing Ego Mind to rule their lives are no help to the New Mission. Engaging in tasks of World Service before obtaining mystic perfection are a waste of time and for each life the clock is ticking. The ego disagrees and to listen to ego is a death sentence and an invitation to begin anew as a baby in another life. What will you choose? How many of your friends and family have you already lost? How many funerals will you attend before you agree to dissolve ego by becoming detached from limitations?

Enlightenment is a Path that each Soul on Earth is required to Master, no One is exempt. Changeover will make it much easier, smoother and faster than it is now. One MUST DO THE WORK. Where to begin? It is so simple. Meditate. Contemplate. Relax. Breathe Deeply. That is the beginning. Inside the brain are chemicals which get released from the pineal gland when One is meditating. These chemicals only increase their circulation to the Third Eye when in a meditative state. Those who desire obtaining the siddha of inner sight and inner hearing called prâkâmya must meditate every single day, twice a day or more is the golden standard. Inner sight comes from an activated Third Eye and Inner Hearing is commonly termed telepathy. These are the very most basic siddhas to begin with and they only come through meditation. If you are daily meditating now you are making your way down the Path. If you ignore your duty as a Higher Being to meditate then your ego is laughing at you and you may want to make your pre arrangements for when you leave this life. It really is that simple.

Contemplation. Contemplation is the taking in of what you have learned and integrating it into your knowledge enabling you to acquire the Supreme Wisdom. You integrate it into your knowledge by living it. Concentrating on goodness, the sum total of your Service to your Duty, One obtains freedom. Concentrating on the Cosmic Sound inside of you One obtains knowledge of the three parts of time: past, present and future. Contemplating on obtaining perfection of mind, body, soul, emotions, psyche and intellect through loving detachment One becomes unconquerable and impervious to frustration.

Relaxation. Clenched teeth, bubbling bowel, tightened fists, pain, arguing, watching violent movies, scanning the internet for the fake news, playing video games with animated blood and living each day from the coffee in the morning to the beer in the evening are not actually modes of relaxation. Many lightworkers have completely forgotten about Self-Love. If you ask them to turn away from their big projects designed to save the world and focus on loving themselves many have no idea what it means. Ego mind will swear they are already doing this, in fact it will argue the point. Self-Love means allowing the time for Meditation, Contemplation, Relaxation and Breathing Deeply. Many have never been taught to love themsleves. By allowing the lifestream to have these gifts One is showing their Higher Nature they are truly Loved. This is what it means to be unconditionally lovingly devoted to the Self and the Infinite. Most in this world still have forgotten to hear the calls of Nature and the Cosmos. Their closest brush with nature is a two minute video forwarded in an email watched while drinking coffee. Star Gaze. Sun Gaze. Sit under a tree. Walk on the shore. Do this and before long your other siddhas will come. Do this and nuclear power, world war and mass starvation dissolve.

Breathe Deeply. Walk outside while contemplating the nature pouring into your eyes on your Path. It can be that simple. Perform yoga asanas like touching your forehead to your thighs with your legs straight sitting on the ground. This posture has been said to cure all forms of disease in the abdomen by breathing out the toxins stored deep inside. Begin by sitting on the ground with straight legs. If this is difficult stay here a minimum of five minutes. Keep practicing. Each day bend lower, reach your hands farther to grasp your toes or the whole foot. Keep practicing. There is no other activity which takes your whole concentration of every cell in your body. There is no other activity which will focus your breathing as intently firmly fixing the mind on Oneness. There is no other activity which will so quickly hasten you down the Path to Enlightenment. The idea is to conquer the limitations found in your body, mind and spirit. Yoga and Walking outside place you on the fast track. Single Minded Devotion place you closer to the immediate track. Sitting in front of the computer wringing your hands at how you can make money or how corrupt this world is put you on the slow track. It is your choice.

What is Alcyone? Alcyone the Great Central Sun of this Solar System is the Source for all Energy. Without purification there can be no illumination of Source Energy inside your body. Each one of you has within a Spark of the Divine waiting to be nurtured and strengthened. This embryonic godliness inside will grow, barriers will be removed and hinderances will be beaten down when these practices have been integrated into daily life. An army of Angels, Galactics and Ascended Masters stand by to assist you by showing you the Path. The battle against ignorance, haughtiness, stubbornness, starvation, disease, death and profound repeated lack is fought with the weapons of meditation, contemplation, relaxation, deeply breathing, detachment and devotion. Detach from the Egoʻs control over you. Release the prisoner within who stares at the computer screen hoping for a better life. It has been said that all Souls on Earth now will Ascend. That is true only if they do the inner work before their bodies give out. At Ascension they will be awake with no veils and may choose to Ascend by following the process. The Supreme Goal of this lifetime cannot be achieved without Supreme Effort. Which will you choose?

I am Alcyone, Sun God and Consort of Mother Sekhmet/Kali Durga. With Ra we are the Supreme Creators of this Universe. I am here for you to call on for strength as you continue down the Path. Greetings Children of Ra. Feel the transmission of love I have embedded in this communication. You are loved beyond belief. You are Guided each step of the way. I am always with you and you are NEVER alone. Call on me to walk with you on the Path. Take me to your realm. Let me hold your hand. This is Alcyone through Elizabeth Trutwin, August 20, 2012 © All RIghts Reserved.http://CosmicAscension.orghttp://GalacticRoundtable.inhttp://Garuda.co  An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus.
This is a question and answer session on video Skype and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit http://CosmicAscension.org/SanandaKumara.html MORE INFO HERE.


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