Nancy Tate – From Starships and SaLuSa to Inner and Hollow Earth – The Light Agenda -Tomorrow

Nancy Tate – From Starships and SaLuSa to Inner and Hollow Earth – The Light Agenda

Presented by Stephen Cook

Wednesday, August 15
6pm (PDT, USA) / 9pm (EDT)

Remember: If you can’t tune in at this time you can listen at ANY time that’s convenient to you, once the show has gone to air. Just click on this same link.

Nancy Tate is a long-term Lightworker who has been offering all of us a broad perspective on both our star brothers and sisters as well as those from Inner Earth and Hollow Earth via her website for the past 10 years.

If her name rings a bell it may also be because Nancy’s site is where Mike Quinsey has been posting his tri-weekly messages from SaLuSa since he first went online, after connecting with Nancy several years ago.

You may also know her through her public channellings from both Horus, from Inner Earth, and Hatonn.

Well, this week on The Light Agenda you’re going to find out all about Nancy’s own story – her life, her journey, her talents and her biggest and traumatic secret – as we discuss everything from the massive fifth dimensional spaceships appearing in our skies this past week and this week’s 25th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence to her understandings of both Inner Earth and Hollow Earth.

As a personal aside, after I first saw the “new constellation” above my home in Sydney, Australia – and realised it was a giant starship – it was Nancy who excitedly broke the news to me that she had just come back inside from watching it in the sky above her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico – even before I asked her! So we’ll both share our stories on that.

We also talk about how Nancy started channelling  after reading a book that also helped John Smallman to unleash his inner-channel (that’s the book, Opening to Channel) and how she’s is often amazed by those who ‘come through’ her – as they use words and concepts she’s never heard of!

You”ll also learn how Mike Quinsey came to be posting SaLuSa via her site and of her longtime friendship with Hollow Earth’s Billie Faye Woodard, as she shares what she knows about the two world’s (Inner Earth and Hollow Earth) within our world – a realm she now receives messages from via Horus. And, even though she personally feels more connected to the Galactics, how our brothers and sisters from these two realms will soon be playing a role in our future, too.

You’ll also hear about Nancy’s happy and normal family life growing up, her two marriages, her two daughters and grandchildren and about the three dogs who have shared her life over various times – two of them twice!. Plus her relationship with her current partner of eight years, Bob Towers

Nancy also reveals for the first time that, despite this “tremendously happy and normal family life”, she was shocked when, at the age of 55, she found out she had completely repressed a truly disturbing, traumatic and shocking incident from her childhood. She also explains that she’s so glad she did, because had she carried that memory her whole life, she would never have had the happy experience she has had – nor would she have previously been able to handle it. (And I warn you, it took my breath away when she first told me).

We also talk about Nancy’s two books, The Menorah: A Beacon for All Mankind (a fictional story about the history of the 12 Menorah) and a children’s story Grandmother Ellie’s Attic, (about a 10-year-old girl and what she and her genie find in her grandmother’s attic). Nancy laughingly reveals how both books took her 10 years to write and how she still doesn’t believe she wrote them – and yet has started on her third book The Legacy, which is about her own recollections about her  first life here on Earth.

And on a lighter note, we celebrate Nancy’s 69th birthday, which is this week – on Monday August 13.

PLUS: In a first for The Light Agenda, you are going to hear Nancy step up to the microphone herself and sing her personally re-worked version of a popular song from a major movie and stage show which means a lot to her- and which she says  has a message for all of us at this particular moment in time.

Tune in to Nancy Tate – From Starships and SaLuSa to Inner and Hollow Earth – The Light Agenda, on InLight Radio Wednesday this week.

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To find out more about Nancy Tate, her books, her CDs, her channellings and Mike Quinsey’s SaLuSa’s tri-weekly messages, head to: or


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