Cahokia: Full Report

Cahokia: An Ancient American Metropolis with Cosmic and Galactic Ties

Written by Wes Annac

The history we have been taught in our schools greatly differs from the truth of what has happened on our world. All around the world, ancient monuments and ruins of clearly advanced cities and in many cases, enormous structures that many note a strong, spiritual energy emanating from whenever visiting such places, have fascinated and captured the imagination of all who have discovered the truths of such things for ourselves.

Despite all of the amazing and perception-shattering, indefinable ruins of advanced ancient cities that have been found all around the world, little explanation is given as to what exactly accounted for the advanced nature in which supposedly primitive societies were able to build some of the amazing monuments that have been discovered.

The ruins of one such advanced, ancient city exist just twenty minutes away from St. Louis, Missouri and I happen to Live and feel very, very close to these ruins. These ruins that I speak of are those of the Cahokia Mounds.

Cahokia, which was named after Native American tribes who discovered the large monuments built on this land far after the fall of the civilization who had built them, is a city that has long been shrouded in mystery and while the mounds it features are not as well-known as the pyramids of Egypt or similar known structures, one could debate that they absolutely should be.

Some informational foundation should be laid in order to properly start a discussion of Cahokia, as little about the actual civilization has been able to be discovered due to the tearing down of many of the Cahokia mounds in order to utilize the dirt from such mounds to build roads among other things. However, what has been given about Cahokia has served to show us a little bit about how this society sprang up and how their culture and hierarchies were established and believed in.

Upon laying a foundation of information, I would like to attempt to dive further into the mysteries of this very sacred and ancient area using information about our Galactic brethren that has become known very recently, as many discover that the Galactics have actually been visiting our world and many of our societies for longer than we can imagine.

In or around 600 AD, early Native American tribes from all throughout the Mississippi began to come together and trade with each other, creating a small network that would soon unite to form the great Metropolis of Cahokia.

“Although there is some evidence of Late Archaic period (approximately 1200 BCE) occupation in and around the site,[7]Cahokia as it is now defined was settled around 600 CE, during the Late Woodland period.” (1)

What is interesting about the early formation of Cahokia is that whenever researching this subject, one will find that a few small and closely-knit Native American villages suddenly seemed to sprawl into a highly developed and advanced society.

“The Cahokian civilization was truly massive in scale. At its apex, around approximately 1050AD, the city of Cahokia had in excess of 15,000 residents. There were also numerous suburbs and agricultural centers that emanated out from the city in all directions creating a total regional population of more than 40,000 residents. This would have made Cahokia one of the largest, if not THE largestmetropolis in the entire world during that time.”

“Historians are baffled as to what could have allowed this explosion in population. The region went from less than 1,000 residents, to more than 40,000 residents in barely more than 100 years. No other cities in the world during this time could support growth of this size due to food shortage, sanitation problems, disease, and other city planning concerns.” (2)

If one subscribes to channeled information, we have been told that our Galactic brethren have contacted many societies along their growth cycles wherein the collective is to be introduced to a higher state of consciousness in accordance with such cycles. There are many ancient, advanced societies throughout our history that seemed to experience such a sudden boost in their development of science, mathematics, spirituality and philosophy. It is as if the collective was suddenly initiated into a purer and more aware state of consciousness.

Cahokia is one example of this happening and is a very good example, as the sudden development and population-boom of Cahokia is something that still baffles researchers and archaeologists to this day. However, more interesting than the sudden uprising of this civilization is its sudden downfall.

“Even more of a mystery, though, is the downfall of Cahokia. After only 250 years as a major metropolis, the entire civilization vanished. There are many theories as to the downfall of the Cahokian society. Theories like changing climate due to a “Little Ice Age” or a breakdown in civic structure due to war and competing factions are used to explain this mystery.” (2)

A little bit later, we will get into the account in the report referenced above which goes on to say:

“But many feel that there is another reason for the Cahokians dramatic rise and fall, an alien reason.” (2)

For now, let us focus on when this civilization was in its prime, the amazing monuments that were built [many of which are still here today] and the societal structure of this civilization as we explore the spiritual and physical culture that the “Cahokians” were involved in and how this can relate back to a possible contact with perceived ‘’Gods” on the part of the Mound Builders of Cahokia.

It seems that the ability on the part of the Native Americans to develop and engineer a sprawling city as well as outlying communities played a strong hand in the fast-paced development of Cahokia. Nobody is arguing the intelligence of the Native Americans, nor claiming that they were somehow incapable of building and planning such a sprawling metropolis on their own but there is much about the development of Cahokia and the building of the Cahokia Mounds alike that, like the development of other ancient and advanced cities and monuments, suggests assistance from beings of a higher intelligence.

Again, Cahokia seemed to rapidly turn from a small collective of Native American communities to a bustling city with influences that were very far-reaching. In its prime in or around the 1100s, Cahokia was purported to be larger than London was at the time. It was without doubt the largest city north of Mexico at the time.

Unfortunately, despite the sheer importance of the monuments of this city and all that they could tell us and have told us about Native American history and the fact that there was once a very advanced and intelligent Native American society right here in Illinois with ties to the spirit realms and the Galactics (we will get into that soon), one wouldn’t quite know it if visiting here. Despite what is left of the ruins being protected from being destroyed, this land in general is quite disrespected.

“If they ever build a Wal-Mart at Machu Picchu, I will think of Collinsville Road [which runs right through the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site].

I’m standing at the center of what was once the greatest civilization between the deserts of Mexico and the North American Arctic—America’s first city and arguably American Indians’ finest achievement—and I just can’t get past the four-lane [highway] that cuts through this historic site. Instead of imagining the thousands of people who once teemed on the grand plaza here, I keep returning to the fact that Cahokia Mounds in Illinois is one of only eight cultural World Heritage sites in the United States, and it’s got a billboard for Joe’s Carpet King smack in the middle of it.” (3)

While the biggest of the mounds in Cahokia (which we will get into discussing as well) have been mostly preserved, many of the surrounding mounds have been destroyed for various reasons, as was discussed above.

“Less than ten miles to the west, the ancient Indian mounds that gave St. Louis the nickname Mound City in the 1800s were almost completely leveled by the turn of the century. Today only one survives, along with some photographs and a little dogleg road named Mound Street.”

“The relentless development of the 20th century took its own toll on Cahokia: Horseradish farmers razed its second biggest mound for fill in 1931, and the site has variously been home to a gambling hall, a housing subdivision, an airfield, and (adding insult to injury) a pornographic drive-in. But most of its central features survived, and nearly all of those survivors are now protected.” (3)

I can attest to multiple oil refineries in this area which pollute the land and the air which we attempt to breathe around here. I cannot see stars at night because of the smog; only small feints of clusters as well as starships posing as stars. If attempting to drive into my hometown, one will likely notice the horrid odor of the oil refineries surrounding it. As a child, one gets used to such awful stenches.

Despite the clear disrespect that has been propagated against this sacred land, what remains of the Cahokia Mounds tells of a history we have not been told, that is so very important and that relates to an advanced society so very large and intelligent.

“Cahokia Mounds may not be aesthetically pristine, but at 4,000 acres (2,200 of which are preserved as a state historic site), it is the largest archaeological site in the United States, and it has changed our picture of what Indian life was like on this continent before Europeans arrived.” (3)

So just what were the structures called mounds which were built by the ancient Cahokian civilization, and what role did they play in the development of this civilization?

According to Legends of America, the Cahokians built over 100 mounds across this land while adhering to three different specific types of mounds.

“These ancient Indians built more than 120 earthen mounds in the city, 109 of which have been recorded and 68 of which are preserved within the site. Many others are thought to have been altered or destroyed by farming and construction. While some are no more than a gentle rise on the land, others reach 100 feet into the sky.”

“Three types of mounds were constructed, the most common of which was a platform mound, thought to have been used as monumental structures for political or religious ceremonies and may have once been topped by large buildings. Conical and ridge top mounds were also constructed for use as burial locations or marking important locations.” (4)

While there were many, many mounds built all around Cahokia’s main square and around present-day
St. Louis as well, the largest and most prominent of these is Monks Mound.

Monks Mound was named after French Trappist Monks who moved to this land during the 1800s [far after the fall of the Cahokian civilization], and these monks Lived on one of the tall mounds near Monk’s Mound. Monk’s Mound is the tallest of the mounds built and is by far the most marvelous to behold.

“At the center of the historical site is the largest earthwork called Monks Mound. At one hundred feet, it is the largest prehistoric earthen mound in North America. The mound is 1,000 feet long, 800 feet wide and comprised of four terraces, each one probably added at different times. An estimated 22 million cubic feet of earth was used to build the mound between the years of 900 and 1,200 A.D. The mound was named for French monks who lived nearby in the early 1,800′s [and] was most likely the site where the principal ruler [of Cahokia] lived, conducted ceremonies, and governed the city. Over the years, the mound has significantly eroded or been damaged by man, so that the original size is now uncertain.” (4)

Throughout the site there are various smaller mounds and what is left of the mounds that remain, which were not dug up and were rather preserved. Even Monks Mound is not likely the same brimming object it once was but even still, having been to the Cahokia site a few times I can say that it is marvelous to behold and it is even more marvelous to climb to the top of and view this beautiful state of Illinois from so many different directions, a hundred feet up in the air.

There are two smaller mounds a short distance from Monks Mound on the Cahokia site, one of which was likely the mound that the aforementioned French Monks chose to Live on whenever coming to this site. Whenever personally visiting this site and coming upon these two mounds as well as a couple of other mounds, I could feel a very strong attraction, a strong energy beckoning me forth, the closer that I got to the mounds.

It was a multidimensional energy of calm, of power and of history. As an energetic empath I have felt and been sensitive to strong, brimming and vibrating energy before but what I experienced just by being near these mounds was something I have never felt before.

There is something strong about these mounds and what they were meant to represent, and they played a very strong hand in the culture and beliefs of the Cahokian civilization who built them. The biggest mounds were used to house the ‘elites’ of the Cahokian civilization who had built up a hierarchy which placed them in positions of authority and influence as they took shelter on the biggest mounds in a display of dominance and elite-status over the rest of the Cahokian population.

Since excavations of many of the mounds have been ongoing since the 1960s, much about this civilization has been discovered due to the artwork, carvings and such that have been discovered at the site. We are able to get a feint glimpse at the possible everyday Life of this incredibly advanced civilization, as well as get a glimpse into the insight of some of their beliefs.

If one subscribes to the Ancient Astronaut theory, many ancient civilizations who were contacted by perceived “Gods” recorded the contacts and the sightings on their art, in encoded ways. Many have argued that our ancient ancestors were not stupid, and rather recorded much of the extraterrestrial contacts they were given by integrating messages relating to such contacts in their art; sometimes in neatly encoded ways and sometimes in quite obvious ways. (5)

One of the most prominent and highly-discussed Cahokian arts that has been found by archaeologists who have been digging at the site since the 60s, is that of the “Birdman” tablet. (6)

As you can see in the picture above, the Birdman tablet features exactly what the name suggests – a Bird-man. Many may say that the Cahokians simply had active imaginations and liked to express such simple imagination in their art, in the same way that we make cartoons in this day and age which are bred out of pure imagination. Others suggest that this could be representing the elites of Cahokia, who could have likely put on such garb to represent their elite status in communication with the heavens or “sky worlds”.

A review of what has been discovered about the spiritual practices and beliefs of this civilization while keeping in mind the integration of spiritual beliefs into the art of ancient peoples, could lead one with an open mind to a completely different conclusion from that of the Cahokians simply expressing imagination. Before jumping into this discussion, let’s look at what the common beliefs in relation to these Birdman tablets are.

Below is what the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site Official Website has to say about the tablets discovered in the area. Notice the clear connection between what is represented on the tablets as discussed below and the spiritual beliefs of the Cahokians which related to “underworlds” and “over worlds” [or “sky worlds”].

“The Birdman Tablet, the official logo of Cahokia Mounds, was found during excavations on the east side of Monks Mound in 1971. The image on the ‘front’ of the tablet is of a human, dressed in eagle (or falcon) regalia. The ‘reverse’ of the tablet is plain or cross-hatched, suggesting the pattern on the skin of a snake.” (7)

“So both the sky world and underworld are represented, with the human image existing ‘between’ them.

This is the only such artifact found in an excavation by professional archaeologists, but a half dozen or more similar sized sandstone tablets have been discovered near Cahokia. Several were known to have near identical cross-hatching on one side, but were plain on the other. A couple of these have been found in the northern portions of Cahokia and around Horseshoe Lake and in excavations on Monks Mound and for the Interpretive Center.”

“The actual purpose of such tablets remains a mystery to this day.” (7)

Elizabeth Agnes Cassley discusses the symbolism of these [Birdman] tablets as well as the similarity between Cahokian culture and development, and the culture and development of other ancient civilizations that experienced the same rapid growth in nearly the same timeframe as Cahokia, while suggesting a possible Mayan connection.

“Raptors were powerful symbols of the sky world. In the upper world, they controlled the sun . . . life! They were the ones that decided whether or not you existed. (…) In North America, many differences existed among the Indians of the Southeast and the Southwest, but there were also ways in which they were similar. It appears that all of the southeastern Indians as well as some outside the Southeast shared basic assumptions and thought patterns. This includes notions of how the ‘cosmos’ was put together, as well as very general theories about why things happened. They also shared a fundamental social transformation that began occurring among them at about A.D. 900-1100. Perhaps they were descendants of the great Mayan culture?” (8)

Elizabeth goes on to discuss just how the Birdman tablet was found.

“Testing was done on a few of these mounds in the state park during the 1970s under the di­rection of Melvin Fowler of the University of Wisconsin. While digging a large test trench, near the two eastern lobes at the base of the largest mound (Monk’s mound), a small sandstone fig­ural tablet was discovered by one of the workers. Ken Williams picked up the stone … his heart pounded, as he observed the many rows of two crosshatched lines overlapped on the rect­angular shaped stone. As he turned it over . . . he saw the engraving of a Birdman . . . half man, half bird, the only representation to be found in good con­text at Cahokia.” (8)

It is also suggested that the carvings on these tablets could have been used to represent elite status.

“Could this Birdman stone have been a cult symbol owned by one of the leaders of the People? Perhaps a stone passed down through generations for the purpose of tattoo and/or identification. Maybe to secure immortality or even prestige. The crosshatching on the back of the stone may represent serpent markings or feathers. Similar crosshatched markings are found on depictions of snakes carved on shell cups (associated with human burials) found at Spiro Mounds in Oklahoma.”

“Birdmen are also depicted [in Oklahoma], as well as an assortment of human forms, animals and plants.”

(…)”Art is inspired by something going on at that time.” This portable engraved stone was definitely used as either a `visual’ communication or a ‘spatial’ one. The ‘art’ depicted on these stones attempts to communicate ideas and attitudes within the tribal clans and even into the far outlying villages or ‘satellite’ communities of the Mississippian people.” (8)

I have to say that what is said at the end of the above reference really resonates with me. I personally could see these Birdman tablets as recognizing not only a merging with the underworld and the Sky World, but as recognizing the status of those who have found a communication with the Sky World and with the “Gods” descended down from the Sky World.

Some would say that I am jumping the gun a bit on that assumption and with what has been gathered in this report so far, I would say that is fair. Besides the sheer amazing nature of the mounds and the suggestive art of the Cahokians which has been discovered, there is still a missing link; something missing that could perhaps connect the Cahokian civilization with direct, ingrained beliefs of being contacted by extraterrestrials.

This rounds us back to an aforementioned reference and to the stories of Cahokia passed down in what has been quite a long game of telephone (9) in relation to Cahokian affiliation with perceived “Gods”.

The following is a recollection of stories that have been passed down for generations, clearly displaying the nature in which such stories have been distorted. Much of this account does not resonate with me personally and I would suggest discernment when reading it. However, there are aspects of this story that suggest a real and possible contact with extraterrestrials [albeit extraterrestrials with negative intents] and provides a portion of this missing link. Again, this account has been taken from real Cahokian legends and in my opinion, distorted heavily.

“…Many feel that there is another reason for the Cahokians dramatic rise and fall, an alien reason. What follows are speculations based on stories passed down through the generations, hearsay, and good old fashioned gossip”

“Legend has it that around 720AD the struggling Cahokian tribes, who were made up of many other tribes including the Illiniwek Indians, were in danger of being wiped out due to famine and disease. On the brink of their collapse, they were visited by numerous robed beings from the sky. These beings offered them the knowledge and technology to save their civilization from extinction, as well as allow them to prosper and become one of the most powerful civilizations in the world.” (2)

At this point, the ‘legends’ and ‘hearsay’ could seem quite plausible. We have heard that again, many ancient civilizations have been contacted by benevolent extraterrestrial “Gods” who helped these civilizations to advance and develop. The account given here so far is that these “Gods” assisted the few closely-knit tribes here in Illinois as they were struggling and on the brink of being wiped out. Again, this is slightly plausible.

Here is, in my opinion, where the story is distorted and where one must practice discernment.

“But in 500 years, the beings vowed to return to the region at which time they would collect a payment in return for their generosity in the form of all of the Cahokian’s wealth and riches, as well as all of the Cahokian children under the age of 16. The Cahokians accepted these terms and proceeded to use the knowledge and tools provided by these beings to build an amazing and powerful society.

As 500 years passed, the Cahokians were now Gods among men. They were the most progressive and advanced civilization in the world. The “pact” made by their ancestors with the beings had long been forgotten or attributed to folktales.”

“Then, the Cahokians were startled as the ground began to shake and sky rained fire. Hundreds of robed beings appeared from the sky on the outskirts of the city. They explained that 500 years had passed and they had now come to collect what was theirs. The Cahokians were appalled at these demands and refused to give up their children or their riches. Believing themselves to be greater than Gods, the Cahokians rose up against the beings and fought them.

Scores of Cahokian soldiers marched into battle against the beings, which had now sent down thousands of their own troops to attack the city. The Cahokians were no match for the advanced weapons and technology possessed by the beings. As the attackers fought their way through waves of reinforcements and marched towards the city gates, the leaders of Cahokia knew that their only hope was to turn to a super weapon they had developed under the guidance of the “Great Spirits”.” (2)

The story then goes on to suggest that the Cahokians utilized Monks Mound as a defense tower and utilized negatively-oriented “psychic energy” from the mounds in an attempt to defeat the apparently malevolent “Gods”.

It’s an entertaining story and would likely make an interesting movie, but I personally don’t buy the story of the “Gods” being malevolent and seeking rewards for the assistance given to the Cahokians. This does not completely diminish the theory that the Cahokians could have been visited by advanced, benevolent beings who wished to assist them along their collective growth cycles for the ultimate purposes of helping the civilization to evolve in the ways that they did, without seeking any type of reward for doing so.

I understand that this overall report of Cahokia could attract all different types of knowledge-seekers. Those who are interested in the history of Cahokia and those who would like to fill in the missing pieces [one of whom I am], those who subscribe to the Ancient Astronaut theory and those who may think it isn’t genuine or plausible.

Anybody who follows my work will likely know which category I fall under and while I do not wish to propagate separation or claim righteousness, the Ancient Astronaut theory as a whole does not only seem a likely explanation of the sudden uprising of a grand, Native American civilization here in Illinois and the building of amazing, grand monuments in this land where building communities in general could be quite difficult depending on the seasons; this theory seems quite plausible with the arts that have been given from various ancient and advanced civilizations as well as the amazing monuments given, many of which are difficult to duplicate with technology we have today.

Rather than the story of malevolent “Gods” who only helped the Cahokians to advance to later gain rewards, I subscribe much more to the belief given below, which has also been passed down for generations but in my opinion, is much more plausible if looked at from an “Ancient Astronaut” based standpoint.

“According to legend, a bearded and robed god visited the Mound Builders and inspired them to love one another, live in harmony with the land and built the great earthen works.” (10)

In my opinion, this bearded and robed “God” could have been a flesh and blood, intellectually and spirituality evolved extraterrestrial who was represented on the Birdman tablets as a being with a direct connection to the Sky Worlds, to the Heavens – essentially making them “Gods”, thus the interpretation. Again, the Birdman tablet also likely represents the assumed elite status of the Chief of the Cahokian civilization who the bearded “God” likely chose to represent himself to.

The content in the next section of this report has not yet been discussed or even referred to, and it displays the unfortunate darker [and likely later] side of the Cahokian civilization. I have not yet expressed this in this report, but the Cahokians were much like many other advanced, ancient civilizations in that they took to ritualistic sacrifice, likely more toward the downfall of their civilization.

“According to legend, a bearded and robed god visited the Mound Builders and inspired them to love one another, live in harmony with the land and built the great earthen works. But later, they degenerated back to human sacrifice and warfare. The Natchez [not affiliated with the Cahokians] were described by the French as being the “most civilized of the native tribes” but it was later reported that in 1725, the death of a chieftain touched off a [mass sacrifice] when several aides and two of the man’s wives agreed to be strangled so they could escort him into the next world.” (10)

In the 70s while excavating Mound 72, archaeologists found something very startling. They found the remains of Cahokians who had been offered up for sacrifice, as well as the remains of who could only have been the Chief, leader of the Cahokian civilization at the time.

“According to [a] new book by University of Illinois archaeologist and professor of anthropology Tim Pauketat, the mound builders were not always the idyllic, corn-growing, pottery-making, fishing-hunting gentle villagers depicted in various dioramas at the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site in Collinsville.

Pauketat said these long-vanished people practiced human sacrifice of women and men on a mass scale and weren’t always careful to bury only the dead.”

“(…) Based on years of study of artifacts including many from the extensive excavation of the site’s Mound 72 during 1967-71…”

Obviously, Cahokia has not been the only ancient and advanced civilization to eventually degenerate into sacrifice and it seems that many ancient civilizations who were contacted by extraterrestrial “Gods” eventually seemed to degenerate into sacrifice. Keeping in mind all that we have learned about Cahokia up to this point, I would like to offer my opinion as to the causes for the rise and fall of the Cahokian civilization.

This opinion comes from a place of keeping an open mind while using my own discernment, based on what I have come to know and feel is true about our reality and our history, and to that history buff reading this who finds yourself ingrained in old-fashioned mindsets that say that extraterrestrial contact with our world in any form is pure baloney; you may disagree with what I am about to say.

To begin, I do not believe that the small tribes forming before the boom and rise of Cahokia were struggling to the point of near-obliteration before building up their great city, as is given in one reference in this report.

I believe that these souls were coming together as they realized the presence of many small tribes around them, and as they developed general Peace between each other, they began to trade and barter amongst each other, steadily creating a network of tribes, some smaller and some larger. In one way or another, a general assembly or an “ambassadorship” of types must have been established between the original and most prominent of tribes who had linked together.

It is said in this report that there were many different tribes in different places in the west, who began to [individually in their own respective areas] come together and who experienced the resulting boom [and then fall] of their civilization, roughly in the period of 600-1300 AD.

We have been told that along certain dates and strides reached along our Cosmic Calendar in which the Mayan Calendar is based off of (I believe a reference was made to a Cahokian link with the Mayans) different actions have happened that have been for the ultimate purposes of initiating the collective who is running along such cycles into finding higher states of consciousness along their evolution.

One such initiation has included that of being contacted by benevolent, Galactic humans who share advanced technology, knowledge and views on spirituality and philosophy as well as very advanced knowledge of the Cosmos and Cosmic cycles and alignments.

The Cahokian civilization was much more spiritually oriented and oriented toward the Cosmos than the majority of people will ever realize. They procured their own version of Stonehenge with long pieces of wood which is prominently called “Woodhenge” and they were purported to be using this structure to measure solar cycles that were important to the changing of seasons and perhaps as well, to “dates” that they had learned to recognize as Cosmic alignments which would aide them in reaching purer states of consciousness and awareness along their established growth cycles.

The Cosmos and alignments with the Cosmos were so important to the Cahokians that they literally built their city and each and every mound in a very purposeful manner, to be in alignment with the Cosmos. The amount of organization and structure as well as extremely advanced knowledge of the Cosmis that doing this would require, and all of this being easily constructed in such a short amount of time, is very telling.

The following is an excerpt from the book Cahokia: Mirror of the Cosmos by Sally A. Kit Chappell. (12)

 Cahokia: Cosmic Landscape Architecture

“Seen from high above, the Cahokia landscape had mythic dimensions. Stretching for six square miles, more than one hundred mounds rose from the earth with monumental presence. At the center lay four vast plazas, honoring the cardinal directions, to the north, east, south, and west. At their crossing the great Monks Mound towered more than a hundred feet in the air. At other points woodhenges (large circular areas marked off by enormous red cedar posts) enclosed large circular plazas or ceremonial areas.”

A whole city aligned with the cosmos! The idea reverberates with expressive power. The stars in the heavens shine radiantly; they are constant in both position and movement; they appear with reassuring regularity generation after generation. The North Star orients a hunter in the forest so he can find his way home. The moon lights his way in the darkness. The Pleiades promise a frost-free growing season. Our orbit around the sun brings four seasons, from spring to winter, echoing the life cycle of a person from youth to old age, with the promise of continuity in new generations.

Are there other symbolic messages hidden in the placement of the mounds and plazas in this eleventh-century city? How was its plan designed? What kind of social and political organization was necessary to erect public works of this magnitude? How was the labor force organized and motivated? What kind of surveying and engineering methods ensured stability and endurance?

Even today, traces of the four main plazas demonstrate their orientation: Monks Mound is aligned with the cardinal directions; the North Plaza is bounded by four mounds on each of the cardinal sides; the principal mounds in the center are aligned with Monks Mound and with each other. Seven mounds are lined up north-south in line with the west edge of Monks Mound. Another eight align with the east edge. Nine mounds are on an east-west line across the site and line up with Monks Mound.

As if designed by a landscape architect, each mound has sufficient space around it to set it off from the others, and the modular spacing between the major mounds serves to unify them. At the equinoxes two poles of the reconstructed Woodhenge align with the rising sun in the east. Solstice posts in the Woodhenge align at the beginning of summer and winter at sunrise and sunset. Several of the principal mounds are also on these alignments.(11)

The reference given above is very, very telling and serves to expose the advanced knowledge of the Cosmos that the Cahokians possessed, while the amazing mounds they built show some type of advanced knowledge in building such mounds and in my opinion, the possible utilization of an advanced technology to build them. Who knows, perhaps some of the mounds themselves could be ancient, advanced technology, with potential healing properties…

“(…) Many people still consider the Cahokia site to be a sacred place. In August 1987, the Monk’s Mound was the meeting place of more than 1000 people who took part in a worldwide “harmonic convergence” which was designed to bring peace to the planet. Many Native Americans and metaphysical groups believe Cahokia is a source of powerful psychic energy even today. (11)

It is clear that the Cahokians were very advanced in nearly every avenue of their society and with the constructing of the grand mounds and the possible contact with benevolent, Loving and helpful Galactic humans it should seem plausible that this civilization would have lasted for a very long time, and yet they did not. We will get into the reasons for this soon enough.

For now, let’s continue on the discussion of the Cahokia mounds as a real, possible source of some type of powerful, healing-type metaphysical energy. Again, I could very much feel some type of inherent, sacred energy within these mounds and especially when standing atop Monks Mound, and it seems that I am not alone in my wonderings and theories about these mounds.

Remember the [quite distorted] story referenced above about negative extraterrestrials making war with Cahokia? In such reference, a type of psychic energy is referenced as being utilized for negative and destructive purposes, as it seems that the more mind-expanding parts of the Cahokian story have been distorted negatively.

I personally believe in a positive psychic or metaphysical energy emanating from the majority of the mounds, having felt such energy for myself.

Apparently, when attempting fairly recently to drill into the bottom of Monks Mound which is the largest of the mounds, something was discovered underneath it that made drilling under the structure completely impossible.

“While the Cahokia mounds are certainly not a secret, they are an archaeological curiosity that is quite often overlooked.  Considering the city was built in an area and at a time where permanent structures were quite rare, the Cahokia mounds are often speculated about.  And the mystery doesn’t stop there.  Just beneath the epic Monk’s Mound deep in the soil at the base of the mound there are unidentified stone structures – structures which archaeologists attempted to dig up using drilling equipment.”

“Unfortunately, drilling for an archaeological find is not something that is easy to do.  As the drill approached the 43 foot mark, the drill bit at the end of the device picked up flecks of what appeared to be limestone – a rock that would have been no doubt carried from a great distance away to be quite as large as the core samples suggested.

But then when the equipment was removed and then taken away, archaeologists gave up on the venture.  It was suggested the objects beneath the mound were not worth the excavation as any attempt to bring them up could endanger the structural integrity of the rest of the mound.  They were simply too large to move without destroying the massive mound.  And to look at the size of Monk’s Mound – the largest built in Cahokia – that’s saying quite a bit.” (12)

So, here we see that there is some type of enormous structure, existing under while completely supporting and holding up Monks Mound.

Could these types of limestone structures exist under other mounds as well and support these mounds while giving off some type of positive, metaphysical energy?

Perhaps these very mounds and the limestone structures which exist under them are themselves evidence of the existence and utilization of advanced, ancient and possibly extraterrestrial technology which if true, would trace back to a direct extraterrestrial contact with the civilization of Cahokia, by beings who shared wonderfully advanced technologies with the Cahokians such as the mounds with the positive energy utilized and given by the mounds, as well as sharing extremely advanced knowledge of science, spirituality, philosophy, engineering and many other avenues of intelligence, evolution and societal structure.

They would have helped the Cahokians to construct and build their city and the mounds of their city in a way that would align with and nearly mirror the Cosmos in a complete, perfect display of the uniting of the underworlds and the sky worlds, the “heavens” in which the benevolent extraterrestrials would have descended from to share these things with the Cahokian civilization. This has happened so very much more than we realize, and it has happened to very many growing civilizations throughout our history as they began to advance and reach collective strides along their evolution cycles.

“For years there has been speculation that something incredibly strange is hidden beneath the Cahokia Mounds.  They are certainly not as famous as the ancient Mayan pyramids or Stone Henge, but they do have the same sort of mystical attachment when you visit there personally.  The sound of the howling wind is barely penetrated by the sounds of modern civilization as you reach the summit and wonder to yourself what the purpose of the structure is.  And there are some who even suggest the mounds were built to cover up some ancient artifact that had been left there centuries before.” (12)

So, what if Galactic humans did choose to contact the Cahokian civilization as they have many other developing civilizations, to share advanced technologies and teachings and this is what either accounted for or contributed to the development of this great civilization? It would make sense that such Galactic humans would have chosen this land and the souls of this land for a specific reason, and would likely choose to stay close to this land via the very ships that they visited the Cahokians from.

Again, I Live very close to the Cahokia mounds and the place I Live would likely have been considered one of the smaller yet considerably closer, outward communities or ancient suburbs of the central city and plaza of Cahokia. Nearly every night, I am able to sit outside and recognize ships flying around in the sky that are not of terrestrial origin; some will pose as stars and some will fly right by quite boldly, before disappearing as if to be a falling star, while moving in a completely different manner than one, of course.

I understand and accept that an eyewitness account with no physical proof would not be enough to sustain the theory that if the Galactics did visit this area and Cahokia in the past, they would likely stick around as they have made it clear to me that they are. Luckily, I am not the only one whom they have made this clear to in recent times. does great justice in pointing out one of the most brazen and bold sightings of a non-terrestrial craft that has ever been reported in the United States and possibly in the world, and as well in linking this sighting with the fact that, guess what… The sighting occurred quite nearby Cahokia, as have many others.

“Generally when we see UFOs around the area just to the East of St. Louis it is attributed overwhelmingly to Scott Air Force Base.  But one thing often overlooked in the area is the Cahokia Mounds, a legendary ancient city somehow nestled amid the sprawling subdivisions and near major highways.  The Cahokia Mounds, as they are commonly called, are in themselves a major source of mystery in the area.  And it seems many of the major UFO sightings of the area in the early days of the new millennium were centered very near to them.  But the enigmas surrounding this ancient city don’t just stop there.”

But there are other things to take away from this classic archaeological site.  The mounds are also near St. Louis and Scott Air Force Base, and the surrounding area including the highways nearest to Cahokia are considered in the midst of a periodical UFO hot-spot.  In 2000, for example, one of the largest UFO sightings in recorded history took place when multiple police officers and several other residents from the area spotted a massive triangular object zipping around from town to town only to soon after disappear just as mysteriously.  Is the real reason this strange object found itself in the area the Air Force Base?  Or could it have found some unfinished business related to these ancient and mysterious structures mere miles away? (12)

And so it seems that the validations keep flowing and pouring in. Not only was this sighting very intense and brazen and occurred very near the Cahokia Mounds, according this area has long been a hot spot for UFO activity. So what more can we find out about this amazing and mysterious sighting? As it turns out, we can find out a great deal. (13)

“This famous UFO case involved the sighting of a huge unidentified triangular-shaped UFO by police officers and others in the early morning hours of January 5, 2000, over the state of Illinois. The officers, from a number of small Illinois towns, were able to track the unknown object and maintain radio contact with each other during the event. Their in-depth testimonies have been fully documented by investigators.” (13)

Sketch of object by Officer Barton; Lebanon, Illinois Police Department

Sketch of rear of object, by Officer Stevens; Millstadt, Illinois Police Department

POLICE REPORT SKETCH, Officer Martin; Shiloh, Illinois Police Department

Witnesses to the Illinois sighting. Top row: Police Officer Craig Stevens (left), and Officer Ed Barton. Bottom row: Melvern Noll (left), and Steven Wonnacott. (source: The Riverfront Times, St. Louis)  (13)

When reading about this for myself, the Phoenix Lights came to mind immediately. Many are likely familiar with the Phoenix Lights sighting wherein a very similar craft was seen by many, many people over the skies of Arizona. This sighting is extremely similar to that in that the object is very big and solid, with multiple lights. The pictures and summary above is not all that we can learn about this sighting.

Via recorded radio discussions about this sighting between the Peace officers of the various Illinois towns (all of which are a short drive away from where I Live) in which this large craft was visible, a complete account of the movements of this craft was able to be given as the officers were all radioing each other about it.

“The UFO incident involved multiple witnesses, which mainly consisted of police officers from a number of small Illinois towns.

The officers were able to track the unknown object and maintain radio contact with each other during the event. Adding to this, Scott Air Force Base was only two miles away from the flight path of the UFO. This episode became the focus of intense media coverage, which continued weeks after the actual event.” (13)

“The first person to notice anything unusual that early morning was Melvern Noll. Noll is the owner of a miniature golf course located in Highland, IL, which is approximately 24 miles from St. Louis, MO. During the off-season he is a truck driver making deliveries at all hours of the day and night.

Noll was returning from a delivery run he had just completed at approximately 4 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 5. Before returning home, he thought he would check his miniature golf course and make sure everything was in order. He parked his truck in the back of the building and began to exit the vehicle. While doing so, he noticed a “bright star” over in the northeast sky. He didn’t give it much thought at the time and proceeded to enter the building, After checking things inside, he was returning to his truck when he again noticed the “bright star” in the northeast sky. This time he stopped and observed it more closely.”

“He noticed the light was, in fact, moving in his general direction.” (13)

Such a good view of the object was gotten that it was described quite well, despite differing reports as if the object had changed shape in the middle of flight.

“In just a few minutes, Noll noticed the bright white light was only part of a larger object. It appeared to be rectangular in shape and was comparable to the size of a football field. Noll added that the object was also very tall.

This object had a series of “windows” that ran down the side. He also noticed two “floors,” each having two “windows.” These were described as rectangular with an intense white light radiating out from them. The “windows” appeared to be located more toward the rear of the object. When the object was very close, Noll stated he could see a large number of dim red lights on the bottom. He assumed the exterior color must have been black or dark gray.

The description he used to initially describe the object was “like a two-story house” in the sky. During this time, Noll did not notice any sound, odor, or emission coming from the object. As it moved away to the southwest he noticed “windows” on the back of the object. He added that these appeared to have a series of lines or bars in them that ran up and down.” (13)

There is so much more from this quite detailed reference that could be posted and I highly recommend following the link (13) and reading the entire account for yourself. I will post here, a section of the radio communications between the police officers as they viewed this marvelous object.

“(…) Better information was provided by the St. Clair County Sheriffs Office. They released copies of the dispatch tapes for the morning of Jan. 5,2000. What follows are the relevant transmissions:

Dispatcher. Lebanon, this is a call from Highland P.D. in reference to a truck driver who just stopped in. He said there was a flying object in the area of Lebanon. It looks like a two-story house. It had white lights and red blinking lights, and it was last seen southwest over Lebanon. Could you check the area?

Lebanon officer. Did they say the truck driver was DUI or anything? 10-4, I’m out…. Just a quick question. If I happened to find it, what am I supposed to do with it? If I see it, I’m not saying a word….”

“…Be advised there is a very bright white light east of town. It looks like it’s just east of Summerfield, and it keeps changing colors. I’ll go over there and see if it looks like an aircraft. It doesn’t look like an aircraft, though…. It’s not the moon, and it’s not a star.

If you would, will you contact Scott Air Force Base and see if they have anything flying in this area please?

Whether it’s a plane or not, it’s heading westbound now. It should be really close to Scott now…. As a matter of fact, if the Shiloh officer looks up, they can probably see it by now.

Shiloh officer: I see something, but I don’t know what the heck it is…. It’s probably heading to Lambert (Field).

Millstadt officer: I’ve got that object in sight also

Dispatcher: Are you serious?

Millstadt officer: It’s huge.

Dispatcher: Does it look like a-What does it look like to you?”

Millstadt officer: It’s kind of V-shaped. It looks like it’s possibly headed toward Lambert.

Dispatcher: 10-4. That’s what Shiloh said when it was heading towards Fairview Heights.

(One of the officers hums theme song to “Twilight Zone” over his radio.)

Millstadt officer: This object was above me about 500 feet. And it was huge.

Dupo officer: This thing appears … it’s probably 20 or 30,000. It’s about where planes usually are. It’s not low at all.” (13)

So here we have an incredibly detailed account of an equally incredibly large ship, the origins of which are still unknown as the report goes on to display the fact that Scott Air Force base took to denying the craft was dangerous while not saying a word about its origins or what it even was; and this sighting took place in towns just barely away from what used to be the bustling Main Square of Cahokia.

The amazing display of intelligence and spirituality that the Cahokians displayed as well as the existence of the quite impressive mounds and the limestone structures which seem to exist under Monks Mound which cannot be tampered with in any way, lest the whole structure come down; combine this with the reports and beliefs of a great spiritual energy emanating from the mounds and these recent amazing craft sightings as well, and it seems clear that Cahokia was not at all a simple Native American civilization, and was rather a grand and intelligent civilization that, one way or another, gained extremely advanced knowledge of the Cosmos, city planning and engineering among many other things that were quite ahead of their time.

Now, there is only one query that remains, and that is how the fall of Cahokia took place and how this great and advanced civilization degenerated into sacrificial rituals and such before the ultimate fall and abandoning of Cahokia by its residents.

As the aforementioned small communities began to form and come together creating some type of general ambassadorship or something that would link the earliest and most prominent of the tribes together, the collective could have been subsequently reaching those strides along their growth that would call for some type of Divine Intervention, to help them initiate themselves into more aware states of consciousness.

I think that benevolent, Galactic humans could have contacted the leaders of what would become the Cahokian civilization. I believe that such leaders were approached Peacefully and in a way that was not inherently threatening, and the visitors offered advanced knowledge and technology. As a result of the giving of such knowledge and technology, a Peaceful understanding and bond was likely formed between the leaders of the possible general council which would turn into the elite council of the bustling Metropolis of Cahokia, and the kind and friendly, Peaceful visitors who only wished to help them advance.

This opinion may not be supported by many but honestly, Cahokia would only be one example of this possibility when looking upon some of our most advanced, ancient societies. As far as I can see, nobody has yet made the Ancient Astronaut link with Cahokia but this could be because this ancient city is hidden pretty neatly within a slew of developing and quite poor alike, communities (the mounds are in an area where we prefer not to venture often because it can be dangerous at night) as well as main and major roads in Illinois, one of which again, cuts through the site quite crudely separating Monks Mound from what used to be the Main Square.

I believe that this benevolent contact is what happened to the Cahokians. This possibility could likely explain the nature in which these few small, closely-knit communities suddenly seemed to burst and expand in marvelous ways, Creating enormous and impressive structures while doing so, one of which is purported to have some type of limestone structure under it, holding it up.

I believe that the mounds were one type of technology that the Galactics could have shared with the Cahokian civilization. Certainly, all three types of mounds were used for different respective purposes. I believe that the platform mound could have most likely been this technology or at the very least, could be duplicating it or representing it in some way.

Just what this technology is I could not tell you. However, whatever it is it seems to give off wondrous healing energy of a metaphysical nature, as many have noticed and felt this when visiting the site. I do not believe that this possible technology is the sole source of this healing energy, rather I think it could have been a type of technology utilizing the atmospheric, free energy of the Earth for various different ceremonial and evolution-based purposes.

Who knows, this energy could have even been utilized as some type of electrical system or grid, to power other technology given to the ancient Cahokians that we have perhaps not discovered due to the sheer nature in which the land has been polluted and disrespected since the fall of the Cahokian civilization.

I know that there is certainly a seeming abundance of oil running through the ground in this area as again, there are numerous polluting oil refineries nestled together around here.

I believe that the mounds were built and placed right where they are for specific reasons, as is suggested in Cahokia: Mirror of the Cosmos. I believe that these mounds were meant to be aligned with the Cosmos for very specific purposes, to receive the energetic abundance coming from the entities within the Sun and from the Sun itself on important, specific astrological alignments.

The Cahokian civilization was again, very interested in the Cosmos and in the Sun in particular, similar to the ancient Egyptians. Perhaps the technology given by the Galactic human visitors in the form of the biggest mounds and the as of yet undiscovered structures which seem to exist, at least under Monks Mound; perhaps this technology was meant to unite all of the mounds which were made specifically for purposes of aligning themselves, together and with the Cosmos, for the ultimate purposes of again, receiving and utilizing a Universal and Planetary Free Energy.

Any archaeologist who knows about Cahokia will tell you that we do know about this civilization is vastly less than what we do not know. Nearly everything about this ancient, incredibly advanced Native American civilization has been lost or hidden from our perception, one way or another. Luckily, we are able to gather the select few references and accounts gathered in this report and others, and couple such accounts with what we have learned about the nature in which our Galactic brethren have been contacting our societies for a very long time, sharing innovations such as what seemed to have been given to the Cahokians.

While anybody will tell you that the Cahokians were much more advanced in nature than we will ever believe or know, perhaps this is much more of a truth than we realize; as this civilization could have utilized various types of advanced technology that could have ran off of the grid of energy being fed through their various giant mounds, or could have perhaps only utilized the mounds and no other types of technology. We truly do not know.

The leaders of the initial tribes who began coming together were likely those who the Galactic visitors chose to represent themselves to, as they likely wanted to appear in a diplomatic fashion. In my opinion, this decision could have been an accidental yet significant factor in the downfall of the Cahokian civilization, but in no way am I attempting to link the Galactic visitation with the downfall of Cahokia.

In my opinion, as Cahokia started to develop so very rapidly and as amazing structures were being formed, likely with advanced technology similar to that which created the pyramids of Egypt, it seems plausible to me that the leaders of Cahokia could have likely let the fact that they were “chosen” by perceived “Gods” to spread truth, Light and technology, get to their heads.

I believe that the egos of the Chiefs and “Leaders” of the Cahokian civilization could have become overdriven to the point that they instated themselves as sole communicators with the “Gods”, sole communicators with the realms beyond the perception of the average Cahokian in which the “Gods” came from, and the absolute leaders of the people.

Before or as the egos of the leaders were starting to develop, a very important facet of the teachings being given by the Galactic visitors were those of art and philosophy, of belief systems. The Galactics were likely representing themselves and their perceptions in which they wished to share with the Cahokian civilization, to the leaders of such civilizations, essentially and eventually creating a bit of a filter between the teachings the Galactics gave and the “teachings” being given by the leaders.

What I mean is that after a period of time, the teachings given by the Galactics could have been distorted in some way that benefitted the “rulers” of the Cahokian civilization whom the Galactics were appearing before in attempts to give truth and Light to the entire developing Cahokian civilization. Fears could have been spread about our Galactic brethren to the point that it was assumed and ingrained within the society and culture after only a few years, that only the Chief and the elites of Cahokia could speak safely with the “Gods” lest a fabricated wrath of the gods be unleashed upon Cahokia.

The entrance to certain mounds at times when ceremonies were not being performed could have become forbidden after a certain point, and restricted to only access of the elites. I certainly remember when visiting these mounds that along with feeling a peacefully calm and pure energy and vibration, the closer I got to the biggest mounds (excluding Monks Mound) the more I felt that I shouldn’t venture any closer, as if it was forbidden or some spirit did not want me venturing any closer, like it belonged to this entity.

In short, the assumed elites could have let the continual visitations and sharing of advanced technology and views, get to their heads after a certain point and whenever the elites began sharing false doctrines and purposeful fear about the benign and peaceful visitors, it was likely decided by the Galactics that they would no longer visit and spread truth throughout the Cahokian society.

They could likely not show themselves to the collective of Cahokia directly, lest a fear and panic be created that would tip the collective energy in too unstable of ways, as these are matters that our Galactic brethren care deeply about. The fear of malevolent beings coming back to make war with Cahokia after having given advanced technology and truth, could have been a facet of the story referenced earlier which was based on purposeful fabrications given to the original Cahokian peoples by their assumed leaders.

The Birdman tablets were widely Created and distributed all throughout the trade routes that had been established, which were quite substantial and expansive. These tablets could have been meant to represent the elites who were the assumed sole communicators with the “Gods” and the “Sky Worlds” or heavens and one seeing such a tablet in an outlying community would know that Cahokia and those who represented Cahokia stood for intelligence, culture, philosophy and most of all, dominance.

In my view, the leaders could not get enough of themselves. They wanted to expand their Metropolis into an empire, and they could have wanted to branch out very far to have cultural control and influence over as much of the world as they possibly could. As these controlling thoughts and feelings were garnered, the Galactics likely made the aforementioned decision to move on, and such a decision likely made the elites quite apprehensive.

No longer having a communication with the “Gods” they likely feared they would lose the support of the people in which they had gained so very much of, all throughout what is now the United States, and they likely feared the waning of their support causing widespread attack of their stronghold. Because of this, they could have built the stockades and walls around Cahokia that have been discussed by others and that were themselves quite grand, and the elites also likely increased production of weapons.

All around this area, there are numerous arrowheads from before, during and after Cahokian times just waiting to be discovered, as there were clearly many weapons made and utilized during these times, likely for hunting purposes. Many of the weapons created could have been kept close to the Main Square in case of a feared outside attack.

The leaders likely continued to claim contact with the Gods while putting out false doctrines that may have been passed down in Cahokian-related legends to this day and eventually, support from the general public had to have started waning. The public had to have realized eventually that their leaders were no longer communicating with the “Gods” and were full of it.

This realization likely came at about the time the leaders started convincing the public that sacrifice of the poor was necessary to bring forth a real and lasting contact with the Gods. Sacrifice was slowly but surely integrated into their ceremonial and ritualistic culture and practices, as a result of false doctrines given by the elites that claimed sacrifice was needed to feed the will of the Gods who truly, never wanted to see such things happen.

The breakdown of Cahokian society began to occur and just like its rise, it happened in a very accelerated manner. In my own personal opinion, as tensions heated up more and more there could have been a final boiling point wherein the Cahokian people took control over the mounds, offering up the leaders for sacrifice to the Gods in a last-ditch effort to proclaim a collective communication with them.

Keep in mind that while the integration of sacrifice into ritual and ceremonies could have set off a warning Light for many, as a result of the sheer nature in which the city was spectacularly built, everything coming out of the elites mouths which were proclaimed to come from the “Gods” was absolute, unquestionable truth to the people of Cahokia. There were many who likely caught on to the false doctrines given by their leaders while still adhering to false mindsets instilled in them by such leaders, such as the need for sacrifice to communicate with the Gods.

The Cahokian peoples, having been so brainwashed, likely saw the elites as liars who once communicated with the Gods and the mindset could have been procured that if the Chief was sacrificed, this could bring forth a communication with the “Gods” on the part of the collective. The problem is, our Galactic brethren are Peaceful by nature and would never respond to such a gruesome request for them to make their presence known. It is simply not who they are.

As the Chief could have either died of natural causes or have been sacrificed, he was buried respectfully along with many others who were sacrificed in rituals before, in Mound 72. As this attempt to bring forth communication with the Gods had failed, the Cahokian people likely gave up, abandoning the site once and for all and finding other places and small communities to Live.

What is interesting is that one cannot trace a common bloodline back to the Cahokians, as even the Native Americans who were in this area [who are called the Cahokians and who Cahokia is named after; nobody knows the real name or ancestry of the advanced civilization] when the Europeans arrived, had claimed they knew nothing of the mounds or of the people who had built them. It is very interesting and very strange at the same time and despite all that is given in this report, still clouds the downfall of the Cahokian civilization in much mystery.

Like the Mayans, the Cahokians seemed to have developed and grown quite suddenly, creating powerful networks of trade and community while somehow possessing advanced knowledge of technology, city planning and the building of enormous, wondrous monuments. Also like the Mayans, the Cahokians degenerated into human sacrifice and like the Mayans, seemed to disappear without a trace.

Until our past is made known to us in very direct in undeniable ways, we will not know what caused the ultimate downfall of Cahokia and what is given here is one possible explanation. I am certainly set in the belief that the Galactics shared amazing technology and teachings with the Cahokians but I will as well remain confused about their rapid decline.

Eventually, the Europeans began discovering and settling in this area. They created small towns and such that were pretty much slapped all over and around Cahokia, and these towns are still very much in existence today. These towns were named usually after a family member of the person who created and mapped out the towns [Alton, Jamestown, Edwardsville, Troy, Chester, I could go on and on] and the white men who came here discovered much about this land as well and utilized all that it had to offer.

In the 1920s, the Wood River area was selected for the building of a Shell Oil Refinery which would bring many jobs and much development to the area just miles away from Cahokia, while hurting the Earth in so very many ways but back in those times [and pretty much in these times as well] it didn’t and doesn’t matter.

Olin, a company providing bullets and other types of assets for war, was established in this area as well. A pumped-up economy poured into Wood River as a plethora of people came over from St. Louis to work at the Wood River refinery and Live in one of the houses provided by Sears-Roebuck to Shell Refinery employees. Nearly all of those houses are still standing today.

Alton and Wood River, Illinois were the places to be around the 1920s, as they had bustling economies based on fruitful jobs and wondrous attractions as well; Alton with its brick-lined roads and Wood River with its movie theater and swimming pool which, while it was in operation, was the largest swimming pool in the world and was quite known for it.

If one was to visit Alton or Wood River today [and I have] one would see that they are not the bustling towns they once were. The 20th century took quite a horrendous toll on this area as it was likely meant to, just as the centuries before had already began to take their tolls on Cahokia. Looking around this area now, one sees many near-ghost towns that are barely representative of the once-bustling places they used to be. In general, this land is calm and Peaceful.

The Wood River refinery was closed in the eighties but the treatment of this land has remained the same. The Illinois towns of Hartford and South Roxana are surrounded by and enclosed within two oil refineries. I remember being a child and seeing oil flooded in our street, and my parents being quite sore about it along with our neighbors. This has likely happened much within the Illinois towns surrounded by polluting oil refineries.

It is my belief that the sacred nature of this land has been covered up as modern, American culture and doctrines have become ingrained in nearly all of those who Live here. There are many poor neighborhoods around here and especially around the Cahokia Mounds, yet one will find a liquor store [and a drug dealer] on nearly every corner of many of the towns of this area. There is a horse track very close to the Cahokia Mounds to this day.

In my opinion, the sacred nature of this land has either been completely forgotten about or purposefully kept from our perception, as this land is ravaged every day of the sacred energies which could be provided in much cleaner ways with the utilization of free energy-based technology. It is my belief that the Cahokians utilized this type of energy and the most prominent of the Cahokia mounds could have acted as a conduit for the utilization of Universally pure energy which exists within our atmosphere.

The visitors had realized a mistake in showing themselves only to the leaders of various civilizations, and would later take to directly showing themselves and their craft in ways that would garner much widespread attention. Even those attempts at making themselves known and the documented proof of such attempts has been kept from us to this day, suppressed under the guise of “national security” within government projects such as Blue Book.

However, the visitors have not given up and in the year 2000, made themselves and their presence extremely known to quite a few different Illinois towns and police officers, who were based in such towns that were all only miles away from the Main Square of Cahokia. Again, I can see the ships of these “visitors” as well at night and they are of the few Lights I am able to see in the sky, due to the oil refineries nearby and the constant polluting smoke [and smell] they are filling the atmosphere with.

I feel no proper way to wrap up this report, except to simply let the content speak for itself. I have felt much about the Cahokian civilization and their structures simply from visiting there, and the research done for this report seems to validate many musings and wonderings I had about this area of Cahokia, the sacred nature of this area and the means in which this sacred nature has been hidden among American influences and structures, just like the Cahokia Mounds have been.

I would recommend if one finds themselves in or close to this area, to check out the Mounds and to check out the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site Museum which sits right on the property, as it is quite neat and interesting. Unfortunately, to get from there to Monks Mound you will have to cross a highway that was quite disrespectfully slapped in the middle of the site, which shouldn’t be there.

Until many startling truths and revelations about our past, present and future are exposed and disclosed on our world, the development and fall of Cahokia will remain a mystery and we have only small bits of evidence and musings from others to go by when researching and discussing this mystical and perhaps, once enlightened, ancient advanced civilization.

Wes Annac – Fascinated by our True History, which we haven’t been told in our schools.


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  1. hey wes…i appreciate what you do for these people and have obviously taken so much time out of your personal life to do this that we all have the obligation to at the very least respect you for what you are doing.the only suggestion i have is that maybe you could add some kryon material in here.he does a unch of seminars and the mp3 files are available at words move people.constructive critisism and i dig it.thanks


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