Cahokia: An Ancient American Metropolis with Cosmic and Galactic Ties – Part 4: Ship Sighting and Conclusion

There is so much more from this quite detailed reference that could be posted and I highly recommend following the link (13) and reading the entire account of this grand starship sighting for yourself. I will post here, a section of the radio communications between the police officers as they viewed this marvelous object.

“(…) Better information was provided by the St. Clair County Sheriffs Office. They released copies of the dispatch tapes for the morning of Jan. 5,2000. What follows are the relevant transmissions:

Dispatcher. Lebanon, this is a call from Highland P.D. in reference to a truck driver who just stopped in. He said there was a flying object in the area of Lebanon. It looks like a two-story house. It had white lights and red blinking lights, and it was last seen southwest over Lebanon. Could you check the area?

Lebanon officer. Did they say the truck driver was DUI or anything? 10-4, I’m out…. Just a quick question. If I happened to find it, what am I supposed to do with it? If I see it, I’m not saying a word….”

“…Be advised there is a very bright white light east of town. It looks like it’s just east of Summerfield, and it keeps changing colors. I’ll go over there and see if it looks like an aircraft. It doesn’t look like an aircraft, though…. It’s not the moon, and it’s not a star. 

If you would, will you contact Scott Air Force Base and see if they have anything flying in this area please?

Whether it’s a plane or not, it’s heading westbound now. It should be really close to Scott now…. As a matter of fact, if the Shiloh officer looks up, they can probably see it by now.

Shiloh officer: I see something, but I don’t know what the heck it is…. It’s probably heading to Lambert (Field).

Millstadt officer: I’ve got that object in sight also

Dispatcher: Are you serious?

Millstadt officer: It’s huge.

Dispatcher: Does it look like a-What does it look like to you?”

Millstadt officer: It’s kind of V-shaped. It looks like it’s possibly headed toward Lambert.

Dispatcher: 10-4. That’s what Shiloh said when it was heading towards Fairview Heights.

(One of the officers hums theme song to “Twilight Zone” over his radio.)

Millstadt officer: This object was above me about 500 feet. And it was huge.

Dupo officer: This thing appears … it’s probably 20 or 30,000. It’s about where planes usually are. It’s not low at all.” (13)

So here we have an incredibly detailed account of an equally incredibly large ship, the origins of which are still unknown as the report goes on to display the fact that Scott Air Force base took to denying the craft was dangerous while not saying a word about its origins or what it even was; and this sighting took place in towns just barely away from what used to be the bustling Main Square of Cahokia.

The amazing display of intelligence and spirituality that the Cahokians displayed as well as the existence of the quite impressive mounds and the limestone structures which seem to exist under Monks Mound which cannot be tampered with in any way, lest the whole structure come down; combine this with the reports and beliefs of a great spiritual energy emanating from the mounds and these recent amazing craft sightings as well, and it seems clear that Cahokia was not at all a simple Native American civilization, and was rather a grand and intelligent civilization that, one way or another, gained extremely advanced knowledge of the Cosmos, city planning and engineering among many other things that were quite ahead of their time.

Now, there is only one query that remains, and that is how the fall of Cahokia took place and how this great and advanced civilization degenerated into sacrificial rituals and such before the ultimate fall and abandoning of Cahokia by its residents.

As the aforementioned small communities began to form and come together creating some type of general ambassadorship or something that would link the earliest and most prominent of the tribes together, the collective could have been subsequently reaching those strides along their growth that would call for some type of Divine Intervention, to help them initiate themselves into more aware states of consciousness.

I think that benevolent, Galactic humans could have contacted the leaders of what would become the Cahokian civilization. I believe that such leaders were approached Peacefully and in a way that was not inherently threatening, and the visitors offered advanced knowledge and technology. As a result of the giving of such knowledge and technology, a Peaceful understanding and bond was likely formed between the leaders of the possible general council which would turn into the elite council of the bustling Metropolis of Cahokia, and the kind and friendly, Peaceful visitors who only wished to help them advance.

This opinion may not be supported by many but honestly, Cahokia would only be one example of this possibility when looking upon some of our most advanced, ancient societies. As far as I can see, nobody has yet made the Ancient Astronaut link with Cahokia but this could be because this ancient city is hidden pretty neatly within a slew of developing and quite poor alike, communities (the mounds are in an area where we prefer not to venture often because it can be dangerous at night) as well as main and major roads in Illinois, one of which again, cuts through the site quite crudely separating Monks Mound from what used to be the Main Square.

I believe that this benevolent contact is what happened to the Cahokians. This possibility could likely explain the nature in which these few small, closely-knit communities suddenly seemed to burst and expand in marvelous ways, Creating enormous and impressive structures while doing so, one of which is purported to have some type of limestone structure under it, holding it up.

I believe that the mounds were one type of technology that the Galactics could have shared with the Cahokian civilization. Certainly, all three types of mounds were used for different respective purposes. I believe that the platform mound could have most likely been this technology or at the very least, could be duplicating it or representing it in some way.

Just what this technology is I could not tell you. However, whatever it is it seems to give off wondrous healing energy of a metaphysical nature, as many have noticed and felt this when visiting the site. I do not believe that this possible technology is the sole source of this healing energy, rather I think it could have been a type of technology utilizing the atmospheric, free energy of the Earth for various different ceremonial and evolution-based purposes.

Who knows, this energy could have even been utilized as some type of electrical system or grid, to power other technology given to the ancient Cahokians that we have perhaps not discovered due to the sheer nature in which the land has been polluted and disrespected since the fall of the Cahokian civilization.

I know that there is certainly a seeming abundance of oil running through the ground in this area as again, there are numerous polluting oil refineries nestled together around here.

I believe that the mounds were built and placed right where they are for specific reasons, as is suggested in Cahokia: Mirror of the Cosmos. I believe that these mounds were meant to be aligned with the Cosmos for very specific purposes, to receive the energetic abundance coming from the entities within the Sun and from the Sun itself on important, specific astrological alignments.

The Cahokian civilization was again, very interested in the Cosmos and in the Sun in particular, similar to the ancient Egyptians. Perhaps the technology given by the Galactic human visitors in the form of the biggest mounds and the as of yet undiscovered structures which seem to exist, at least under Monks Mound; perhaps this technology was meant to unite all of the mounds which were made specifically for purposes of aligning themselves, together and with the Cosmos, for the ultimate purposes of again, receiving and utilizing a Universal and Planetary Free Energy.

Any archaeologist who knows about Cahokia will tell you that we do know about this civilization is vastly less than what we do not know. Nearly everything about this ancient, incredibly advanced Native American civilization has been lost or hidden from our perception, one way or another. Luckily, we are able to gather the select few references and accounts gathered in this report and others, and couple such accounts with what we have learned about the nature in which our Galactic brethren have been contacting our societies for a very long time, sharing innovations such as what seemed to have been given to the Cahokians.

While anybody will tell you that the Cahokians were much more advanced in nature than we will ever believe or know, perhaps this is much more of a truth than we realize; as this civilization could have utilized various types of advanced technology that could have ran off of the grid of energy being fed through their various giant mounds, or could have perhaps only utilized the mounds and no other types of technology. We truly do not know.

The leaders of the initial tribes who began coming together were likely those who the Galactic visitors chose to represent themselves to, as they likely wanted to appear in a diplomatic fashion. In my opinion, this decision could have been an accidental yet significant factor in the downfall of the Cahokian civilization, but in no way am I attempting to link the Galactic visitation with the downfall of Cahokia.

In my opinion, as Cahokia started to develop so very rapidly and as amazing structures were being formed, likely with advanced technology similar to that which created the pyramids of Egypt, it seems plausible to me that the leaders of Cahokia could have likely let the fact that they were “chosen” by perceived “Gods” to spread truth, Light and technology, get to their heads.

I believe that the egos of the Chiefs and “Leaders” of the Cahokian civilization could have become overdriven to the point that they instated themselves as sole communicators with the “Gods”, sole communicators with the realms beyond the perception of the average Cahokian in which the “Gods” came from, and the absolute leaders of the people.

Before or as the egos of the leaders were starting to develop, a very important facet of the teachings being given by the Galactic visitors were those of art and philosophy, of belief systems. The Galactics were likely representing themselves and their perceptions in which they wished to share with the Cahokian civilization, to the leaders of such civilizations, essentially and eventually creating a bit of a filter between the teachings the Galactics gave and the “teachings” being given by the leaders.

What I mean is that after a period of time, the teachings given by the Galactics could have been distorted in some way that benefitted the “rulers” of the Cahokian civilization whom the Galactics were appearing before in attempts to give truth and Light to the entire developing Cahokian civilization. Fears could have been spread about our Galactic brethren to the point that it was assumed and ingrained within the society and culture after only a few years, that only the Chief and the elites of Cahokia could speak safely with the “Gods” lest a fabricated wrath of the gods be unleashed upon Cahokia.

The entrance to certain mounds at times when ceremonies were not being performed could have become forbidden after a certain point, and restricted to only access of the elites. I certainly remember when visiting these mounds that along with feeling a peacefully calm and pure energy and vibration, the closer I got to the biggest mounds (excluding Monks Mound) the more I felt that I shouldn’t venture any closer, as if it was forbidden or some spirit did not want me venturing any closer, like it belonged to this entity.

In short, the assumed elites could have let the continual visitations and sharing of advanced technology and views, get to their heads after a certain point and whenever the elites began sharing false doctrines and purposeful fear about the benign and peaceful visitors, it was likely decided by the Galactics that they would no longer visit and spread truth throughout the Cahokian society.

They could likely not show themselves to the collective of Cahokia directly, lest a fear and panic be created that would tip the collective energy in too unstable of ways, as these are matters that our Galactic brethren care deeply about. The fear of malevolent beings coming back to make war with Cahokia after having given advanced technology and truth, could have been a facet of the story referenced earlier which was based on purposeful fabrications given to the original Cahokian peoples by their assumed leaders.

The Birdman tablets were widely Created and distributed all throughout the trade routes that had been established, which were quite substantial and expansive. These tablets could have been meant to represent the elites who were the assumed sole communicators with the “Gods” and the “Sky Worlds” or heavens and one seeing such a tablet in an outlying community would know that Cahokia and those who represented Cahokia stood for intelligence, culture, philosophy and most of all, dominance.

In my view, the leaders could not get enough of themselves. They wanted to expand their Metropolis into an empire, and they could have wanted to branch out very far to have cultural control and influence over as much of the world as they possibly could. As these controlling thoughts and feelings were garnered, the Galactics likely made the aforementioned decision to move on, and such a decision likely made the elites quite apprehensive.

No longer having a communication with the “Gods” they likely feared they would lose the support of the people in which they had gained so very much of, all throughout what is now the United States, and they likely feared the waning of their support causing widespread attack of their stronghold. Because of this, they could have built the stockades and walls around Cahokia that have been discussed by others and that were themselves quite grand, and the elites also likely increased production of weapons.

All around this area, there are numerous arrowheads from before, during and after Cahokian times just waiting to be discovered, as there were clearly many weapons made and utilized during these times, likely for hunting purposes. Many of the weapons created could have been kept close to the Main Square in case of a feared outside attack.

The leaders likely continued to claim contact with the Gods while putting out false doctrines that may have been passed down in Cahokian-related legends to this day and eventually, support from the general public had to have started waning. The public had to have realized eventually that their leaders were no longer communicating with the “Gods” and were full of it.

This realization likely came at about the time the leaders started convincing the public that sacrifice of the poor was necessary to bring forth a real and lasting contact with the Gods. Sacrifice was slowly but surely integrated into their ceremonial and ritualistic culture and practices, as a result of false doctrines given by the elites that claimed sacrifice was needed to feed the will of the Gods who truly, never wanted to see such things happen.

The breakdown of Cahokian society began to occur and just like its rise, it happened in a very accelerated manner. In my own personal opinion, as tensions heated up more and more there could have been a final boiling point wherein the Cahokian people took control over the mounds, offering up the leaders for sacrifice to the Gods in a last-ditch effort to proclaim a collective communication with them.

Keep in mind that while the integration of sacrifice into ritual and ceremonies could have set off a warning Light for many, as a result of the sheer nature in which the city was spectacularly built, everything coming out of the elites mouths which were proclaimed to come from the “Gods” was absolute, unquestionable truth to the people of Cahokia. There were many who likely caught on to the false doctrines given by their leaders while still adhering to false mindsets instilled in them by such leaders, such as the need for sacrifice to communicate with the Gods.

The Cahokian peoples, having been so brainwashed, likely saw the elites as liars who once communicated with the Gods and the mindset could have been procured that if the Chief was sacrificed, this could bring forth a communication with the “Gods” on the part of the collective. The problem is, our Galactic brethren are Peaceful by nature and would never respond to such a gruesome request for them to make their presence known. It is simply not who they are.

As the Chief could have either died of natural causes or have been sacrificed, he was buried respectfully along with many others who were sacrificed in rituals before, in Mound 72. As this attempt to bring forth communication with the Gods had failed, the Cahokian people likely gave up, abandoning the site once and for all and finding other places and small communities to Live.

What is interesting is that one cannot trace a common bloodline back to the Cahokians, as even the Native Americans who were in this area [who are called the Cahokians and who Cahokia is named after; nobody knows the real name or ancestry of the advanced civilization] when the Europeans arrived, had claimed they knew nothing of the mounds or of the people who had built them. It is very interesting and very strange at the same time and despite all that is given in this report, still clouds the downfall of the Cahokian civilization in much mystery.

Like the Mayans, the Cahokians seemed to have developed and grown quite suddenly, creating powerful networks of trade and community while somehow possessing advanced knowledge of technology, city planning and the building of enormous, wondrous monuments. Also like the Mayans, the Cahokians degenerated into human sacrifice and like the Mayans, seemed to disappear without a trace.

Until our past is made known to us in very direct in undeniable ways, we will not know what caused the ultimate downfall of Cahokia and what is given here is one possible explanation. I am certainly set in the belief that the Galactics shared amazing technology and teachings with the Cahokians but I will as well remain confused about their rapid decline.

Eventually, the Europeans began discovering and settling in this area. They created small towns and such that were pretty much slapped all over and around Cahokia, and these towns are still very much in existence today. These towns were named usually after a family member of the person who created and mapped out the towns [Alton, Jamestown, Edwardsville, Troy, Chester, I could go on and on] and the white men who came here discovered much about this land as well and utilized all that it had to offer.

In the 1920s, the Wood River area was selected for the building of a Shell Oil Refinery which would bring many jobs and much development to the area just miles away from Cahokia, while hurting the Earth in so very many ways but back in those times [and pretty much in these times as well] it didn’t and doesn’t matter.

Olin, a company providing bullets and other types of assets for war, was established in this area as well. A pumped-up economy poured into Wood River as a plethora of people came over from St. Louis to work at the Wood River refinery and Live in one of the houses provided by Sears-Roebuck to Shell Refinery employees. Nearly all of those houses are still standing today.

Alton and Wood River, Illinois were the places to be around the 1920s, as they had bustling economies based on fruitful jobs and wondrous attractions as well; Alton with its brick-lined roads and Wood River with its movie theater and swimming pool which, while it was in operation, was the largest swimming pool in the world and was quite known for it.

If one was to visit Alton or Wood River today [and I have] one would see that they are not the bustling towns they once were. The 20th century took quite a horrendous toll on this area as it was likely meant to, just as the centuries before had already began to take their tolls on Cahokia. Looking around this area now, one sees many near-ghost towns that are barely representative of the once-bustling places they used to be. In general, this land is calm and Peaceful.

The Wood River refinery was closed in the eighties but the treatment of this land has remained the same. The Illinois towns of Hartford and South Roxana are surrounded by and enclosed within two oil refineries. I remember being a child and seeing oil flooded in our street, and my parents being quite sore about it along with our neighbors. This has likely happened much within the Illinois towns surrounded by polluting oil refineries.

It is my belief that the sacred nature of this land has been covered up as modern, American culture and doctrines have become ingrained in nearly all of those who Live here. There are many poor neighborhoods around here and especially around the Cahokia Mounds, yet one will find a liquor store [and a drug dealer] on nearly every corner of many of the towns of this area. There is a horse track very close to the Cahokia Mounds to this day.

In my opinion, the sacred nature of this land has either been completely forgotten about or purposefully kept from our perception, as this land is ravaged every day of the sacred energies which could be provided in much cleaner ways with the utilization of free energy-based technology. It is my belief that the Cahokians utilized this type of energy and the most prominent of the Cahokia mounds could have acted as a conduit for the utilization of Universally pure energy which exists within our atmosphere.

The visitors had realized a mistake in showing themselves only to the leaders of various civilizations, and would later take to directly showing themselves and their craft in ways that would garner much widespread attention. Even those attempts at making themselves known and the documented proof of such attempts has been kept from us to this day, suppressed under the guise of “national security” within government projects such as Blue Book.

However, the visitors have not given up and in the year 2000, made themselves and their presence extremely known to quite a few different Illinois towns and police officers, who were based in such towns that were all only miles away from the Main Square of Cahokia. Again, I can see the ships of these “visitors” as well at night and they are of the few Lights I am able to see in the sky, due to the oil refineries nearby and the constant polluting smoke [and smell] they are filling the atmosphere with.

I feel no proper way to wrap up this report, except to simply let the content speak for itself. I have felt much about the Cahokian civilization and their structures simply from visiting there, and the research done for this report seems to validate many musings and wonderings I had about this area of Cahokia, the sacred nature of this area and the means in which this sacred nature has been hidden among American influences and structures, just like the Cahokia Mounds have been.

I would recommend if one finds themselves in or close to this area, to check out the Mounds and to check out the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site Museum which sits right on the property, as it is quite neat and interesting. Unfortunately, to get from there to Monks Mound you will have to cross a highway that was quite disrespectfully slapped in the middle of the site, which shouldn’t be there.

Until many startling truths and revelations about our past, present and future are exposed and disclosed on our world, the development and fall of Cahokia will remain a mystery and we have only small bits of evidence and musings from others to go by when researching and discussing this mystical and perhaps, once enlightened, ancient advanced civilization.

Wes Annac – Fascinated by our True History, which we haven’t been told in our schools.


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