The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Personal Astral Travels, Reality-Creating Energy Currents and the Infinity of Creation

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

There are multiple, concurrent energies and structures of reality and energy alike, set up on your world and throughout this beautiful and intricate Creation, and suffice to say you have yet to know and understand fully just how many different types and threads of realty are currently existing and intertwining with your own.

You are all on Earth, wearing the filter and veil of the lower dimensions and as such, you do not perceive of the infinite and innumerable realms which constantly intersect with your own, as the higher realms are purposefully not made perceptible to an Earth soul [until one ascends] as dear souls, what is the point of you undergoing a lower dimensional experience if you are still perceiving the higher realms and thus having that illusion busted?

The way that your reality and your Lives function in general has much more to do with movements and intersections of energy than you realize, and we will be happy to ‘step up’ in the near future to inform you fully without any type of constraints upon our doing so, of the multiple different types and layers of energy which intersect with your reality and current experience.

Much of this energy that we speak of does in fact influence the events which manifest in your reality and much of this energy is important to the overall shaping and molding of events that occur in your own Lives.

Previous ascended souls through this scribe have begun what is indeed a relatively introductory explanation on the threads of energy which intersect with your perceptions and experience, and help to mold the Creation of such events that are to manifest in your Lives and suffice to say dear souls, this is a complex and intricate issue that will take much explanation and much adjustment on the part of humanity, of the levels and purity alike of information that you are able to absorb and take on.

We say that the energies of continual purity being given to you and your world now will see you vastly expanded enough to be able to fathom and comprehend many complex and intricate discussions that would at present set your heads spinning, but for now we must work within the veils that are instated in much of humanity to bring forth the clearest and purest possible explanations that we can of many things which are not yet perceptible to the majority of humanity but that you are just beginning to open up to.

When in meditation, you are getting a glimpse of the various different parallel and intersecting fourth [and fifth] dimensional realities that exist right along with you on your Earth. The colors, the feelings, everything that you experience in meditation which you gain such a spiritual sustenance and nourishment from; you are existing in continually purer realms as you go deeper and deeper into your meditations, and you will find yourselves unanimously greeted by all of us in the higher realms who have been eagerly awaiting contact with you.

We have always been with you dear, beautiful souls, just beyond the veils of your perceptions and now, many of you are indeed beginning to feel the various and multiple different, concurrent and intersecting realities that exist alongside your own and this is by its very definition, opening up to your true and pure Divine Multidimensionality.

You are Multidimensional by nature, dear souls, yet humanity has been so vastly limited to only the perception of one thread of reality that is indeed one small yet significant thread out of multiple, infinite realities that exist, even just within your Mother Earth. Imagine, dear souls, the layered and infinite realities that exist throughout every other star and planet throughout Creation. It is indeed an expanding concept to behold.

Now, you are beginning to expand exponentially and as you are beginning to open up to your inherent Multidimensionality in your own personal and wonderfully pure ways, you are finding newer concepts that are reaching the fore of your perception and this is as well why we and many other ascended sources are happy to be able to be with you and offer the guidance and advice that you so seek along your beautifully unfolding and expanding Earth journeys.

The multiple threads of reality that you find around you are not just based in higher dimensions which have nothing to do with your current Earthly realities or Lives. There are many of these concurrent energies which heavily shape and influence events to manifest in your Lives, and these are the energies being brought through yourselves which exist as well in a concurrent flow throughout your reality and the overall patterns  of energy that make up the Earth.

You have the power to grab ahold of this current of energy as it is streaming through your chakras at all times and this specific stream and current of energy which we speak of is that which has the most influence in manifesting which events do and don’t happen in your Lives.

This current of energy can be known better as a supreme aide to the Law of Attraction, as it flows repeatedly throughout your chakras and interacts with the Earthly, etheric realms of Creation which themselves come through your chakras, and as this energy flows through it is either distorted by specific ego patterns within your chakras or for those who are opened enough, it flows through smoothly.

To those who experience such energy coming through in a distorted manner for many different reasons, most of which being the host not understanding the true power and potential they hold within – events that you wish to manifest can sometimes be harder or take much longer to bring through yourselves.

However, to those who are beginning to open and expand themselves and their chakras in the very pure ways that see them able to understand and even interact with their own Creation energies coming through them in specific and wonderful ways; you dear souls will be able to take charge of the Creation that you are bringing through yourselves for dear souls, you are all constantly and continually Creating your realities around you, no matter your current level of perception.

As you are all continually Creating your realities, it is important for those of you who are opening up and beginning to understand more fully the very concepts of Creating one’s reality, to begin enacting the disciplines and changes within yourselves and in your own Lives that will see you better able to take charge of your Creations and Create that which you desire out of your Lives.

Any type of Earthly distortion still being fed will render one difficulty in fully and purely taking charge of their Creations, and there are a plethora of things at any moment that one can do to adjust themselves more purely to the higher frequencies and encodements of supremely-pure Universal energy being sent to and through you at this time.

Nearly all of those things have to do with laying down the Earthly experience and the energies and sometimes, blockages that come with such Earthly experiences, and finding the energies of the higher realms in any ways that one can do so.

Interacting with nature is one of the best ways to find the energies and landscapes of the higher realms in very pure ways that the Earth has always offered, as Gaia has always been known throughout Creation for Her immense beauty, as well as being known for the immense difficulty of incarnating directly on Her surface.

Some of the strongest and most resilient of ascended beings have taken to inhabiting the astral realms of your Earth to be of assistance rather than incarnating directly on your surface. Your Earth and you all as well are so very Loved and looked upon throughout this beautiful and enormous Creation, as the ascension of your world does indeed hold the key to the ascension of this Universe which is itself occurring at this time.

There are many different and specific types of ascended beings who inhabit all different types of levels and stages in their growth, who are assisting you and your world at this time and suffice to say dear souls, the perceptions in humanity of what is and is not reality are going to have to be vastly expanded as it is explained that there are numerous different types of ascended souls who wish to aide you in attaining your collective and individual ascension, and while we may take different roots and different ascended forms, we are all still United in that we are all constructed of the beautiful and pure energy of the Source, of our dear Mother and Father Creator.

The ultimate effort of any soul who is performing service-to-others based work is that of serving the Creator, by serving the various lower dimensional facets of the Creator who find themselves ready to experience the next step in their natural evolution. For many planets and Universes physicality is unheard of but eventually, all lower realms Unite and transform back into the wonderfully pure and beautiful higher realms of existence in which you will find infinite ascended souls whom will Love and respect you so very much.

Many of such souls will begin making themselves known to you in very real and for some, intense, ways if you find yourselves open to such an exposure. Our specific energy signatures are coming to and through you whenever one may wish to feel our energies or communicate with us specifically, and we [the overall ascended collective] have come through many different scribes to deliver the same message of Love and of a happy giving of information.

The purpose of the communications of many ascended and channeled sources are to expand the perceptions of humanity and of those who will be reading, listening to or absorbing such messages and the encodements that such messages have to offer, for there has been much backward programing which has been purposefully instilled in humanity, that we are now assisting you in eradicating and transmuting in yourselves.

Humanity has been subjected to much propaganda, much violence and deceit and any lower dimensional experience in every form that it could offer, and manipulation of the mind and heart has been brought forth in so many, throughout so many different Lives and time periods on your world. Up to this current day there are still many who are trapped in ever-prevalent patterns of ego, of being and behavior that were purposefully Created to be fed by such souls who would find themselves susceptible to its influence, and it is this program that we are now working with all of you to eradicate and transmute in yourselves.

‘Behind’ this communication, we and many other ascended souls who Love you all so very dearly are attaching specific signatures and varieties of energy that are going to serve to heal, transmute and Love away much of the dark, negative or twisted programming or residue that may still be left within the minds or hearts of anybody who reads [channeled] communications.

You are being upgraded with Crystal implants of sorts from within, and by this we of course do not mean in any way that you are being injected with some type of unfamiliar, lower or alien technology.

What we mean by this is that your chakras and your bodes alike are Crystalizing, and many new energy centers within yourselves are being opened up as you expand and expose yourselves more and more to the continually pure frequencies of energy being given to yourselves and to your dear Mother Earth at this time.

These energies that we speak of are serving to expand many of you in specific ways that are seeing you better oriented along your own growth and learning of lessons, and as you are clearing away this programing yourselves that has been instated which is again, something that we happily assist you with, you are finding your own perception of realms and lands that were previously beyond your understanding, knowing or perception.

Many of you are discovering wonderfully profound and genuine astral travels that you have the ability to undergo at any time and suffice to say dear, beautiful souls, that which you perceive as your imagination has all along been your perception of the astral realms of Earth and of your own personal astral Creative lands, wherein you can Create experiences for yourselves to enjoy.

Many of you have always wondered why you are able to see and hear and experience things when imagining them and yet, you are not actually seeing, hearing or feeling them with your five senses. This is because again, you are Divine and Multidimensional beings by nature and all of humanity does in fact have a perception of their own Multidimensionality, it is simply labeled as fake imagination that occurs only within the brain of one, rather than this being your own perception of your personal astral realms.

Many, whenever undergoing a lucid dream, can begin to feel, understand and interact with the reality around them and this is as well what you are able to do within that which you term your imagination. Make the efforts, dear souls, to find and feel yourselves within your ‘imagination’ perhaps in a wonderful and pure land of nature. Perhaps imagine yourselves at a river or lake, or on a beautiful landscape that features many hills, beautiful grass, flowers or even an enchanted-seeming forest.

You are finding yourselves within your own personal astral Creative lands whenever doing so, and you will begin to find many ascended beings with you in such lands as you continue to make your efforts to exist within them and as you continue to discover your own abilities to exist with these lands and to interact with them fully.

Many distortions within the human body which can still hold one back in the avenue of ascension and of feeling for oneself the true and pure astral realms which you all carry within, have been those of which foods humanity chooses to consume.

There are some foods which by their very nature, have been meant to keep one in a lower state of density as the ingredients in such food contain the lower dimensions in many ways. Much of the meat that humanity is given is laced with some type of chemical, and there is much food as of late on your world which has been genetically modified as well.

We must stress that when any type of food is genetically modified [to be produced] much of the health lf such food is taken away [compared to the real version] and the mere purpose of the distorting of food has been to keep humanity in continued states of density as you consume things which hand you the lower dimensions in forms that can be very hard to escape from and gain a previous state of perception that was perhaps purer than what is attained after ingesting such things.

You dear, beautiful souls are beginning to open up and become discerning to which foods will make you feel the worst, and you know which foods are best for yourselves and for your bodies. Humanity has been used to much heaviness and density and as a result, this has blocked and distorted your view of the higher realms in their unfiltered form and in every amazing form that they have to offer.

You are reaching remarkable strides in shedding the densities that you once willingly fed for so very long and you are now finding that the expanded perceptions you have so heard about, are beginning to be reached within your own sphere of experience. Your filters and veils are disintegrating every moment as you make it your intent to transmute those last prevalent parts of yourselves and as you make your requests for us to be with you and to assist you with such transmutations.

Indeed dear souls, you do not need our help with these transmutations and you are all indeed very capable of performing them yourselves, but for the most part you have not realized how much power you hold and you have not realized as well, the many ways in which you have kept yourselves down and it is with the giving of these communications that we wish to inform you of many processes that you have been undergoing within yourselves that you perhaps did not fully know about or understand, so that you can begin to work with other parts of yourselves to perform the actions necessary to see you better prepared to integrate energies of a continual purity.

You will find the realms mentioned above, and you will find that they have always existed and intersected with your reality and you will find as well, that the thread of reality in which you are undergoing your experiences on is indeed only one out of an infinite, and dear souls we mean infinite, amount of reality threads.

Imagine the infinite different trees and plants all around you, and imagine as well the infinite Universes and the infinite realms which are even more expansive than what are known as Universes, and imagine all of the planets within such Universes, within the Galaxies within the Universes.

Imagine all of the Life on all of the planets, and imagine the Life underground and within the planets as well.

Imagine the infinite amount of realities that all planets carry within them, and imagine such planets themselves numbering an infinite amount. You have so very much to explore, dear souls, and after the cleansing and transmuting of Earth many of you will choose to continue on in your missions of spreading Light to this Galaxy and to this Universe, by inhabiting lower dimensional areas of this Galaxy and Universe.

Dear souls, you are all Universal travelers and Light-bearers by nature. Some of you have traveled throughout innumerable realms, to innumerable planets in innumerable Galaxies and even Universes, and many of you are near-experts in the lower dimensions after inhabiting so many lower dimensional planets and helping the civilizations of such planets to ascend along their collective Life paths.

Many of you have brought Light to innumerable areas throughout this beautiful and magnificent Creation, and we have been with many of you on Earth who will be led to this communication and to our energies, in a number of different Lives and on a number of different missions.

You will find, dear souls, that every ascended being and collective who is coming to humanity at this time has been with you throughout innumerable journeys to so very many places, many of which were lower dimensional and you all helped [such places] to attain a higher dimensional, unfiltered experience. This is one out of many reasons why it has been continually expressed that we are so very close with humanity, as we have been with many of you dear beautiful starseeds and awakening Lightworkers throughout your many journeys to bring forth the Light.

Many of you have yet to fully understand or realize the nature in which you have been Light-bearers and spreaders far before even your Earthly ventures, and for many of you the Earth experience has been the ultimate lower dimensional test of your higher dimensional resolve and strength, and with the millions of Lightworkers now incarnate on your surface helping to hold and spread the Universally pure energies that are seeing your ascension take off in ever-purer leaps and bounds, the veils that have been keeping your Multidimensional perception away from you are finding themselves with little influence or will to keep going, and are finding themselves transmuted, healed and disintegrated away from your realm of experience.

What this means, dear souls, is that you will begin to perceive of every realm of Creation within your Earth whilst you are on this world and you will find as well that your own perception of your personal astral lands of Creation begins to expand as you excel to new and wonderfully pure heights along your ascension processes, which truly are so very amazing to behold.

Exponential filters have been placed upon your Multidimensional expression whilst you have underwent the Earth experience and throughout it all, there have been innumerable Guides of humanity waiting along the edge of your perception of the various different dimensions and echelons of reality around you, and we have been graciously awaiting your beginning perceiving of us so that we can share how close we have been with you all along and so that we can share the higher dimensional experience which we are undergoing, with you dear beautiful souls who are just beginning to become open to the perceptions of the higher realms.

It has not yet been fully communicated how deeply we appreciate being able to come to humanity through channels and scribes who willingly bring us and our energies through, as on a planet such as Earth the Light has not always been able to gain a significant standing but now with the end of your final Earthly cycle fast approaching, the Light quotient on your world is proving that the pure Logos energy which has been continually sent to you and your world for so very long, is indeed shifting the thread of reality brought through all of you, which decides which events do and do not manifest.

As you begin to understand how to individually work with the Law of Attraction and with those aforementioned threads of energy and reality coming though you which carry much influence in determining what happens in your reality, we wish you to begin collectively utilizing this ability as when doing so, you all begin to work with and influence the collective chain of events to manifest.

By this we mean that you are bringing forth events which will affect the collective as a whole, rather than individually manifesting events to happen in one’s personal Life by individually working with such energies.

The very purpose of the many meditations that you have been performing have been for both ridding your world of the influence of the dark which has been prevalent on your world for so very long, and for working as a whole and as a collective with many ascended beings who are stationed at the many star gates in any given alignment to help you with your incredibly potent meditations, to influence the collective timelines [on which events are to manifest] that are coming through each and every one of you.

Obviously, the events of humanities awakening and resulting ascension are the events that are intended to be brought forth with the continual alignments being reached on your world, as that has been the intent of all of our efforts, dear beautiful souls.

As always, there is still so very much to inform you of and we [again] vastly utilize and appreciate the opportunity to be able to come to you dear souls and inform you of all that we can. There will soon be no veils placed over the information we are able to give you and you will all find yourselves able to absorb information that is so very pure and that is so very large in quantity, and you will wonder how you were ever working and feeling under the veils and perceptual blocks that have kept many from realizing the reality of your innate and inherent Multidimensional nature.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.


  1. Beautiful channeling Wes as it explains aspects of this energy in detail. I really relate. I have been a vegetarian for a few decades now & have never suggested this diet to others until now. However, I do want to encourage light workers to try this diet and see how it resonates with them as I think it is more compatible with the cleared out light grid now in place. It should be easier to achieve such a diet since May of this year with the power of love in your corner now. The vibrations of fresh vegetarian food are of the highest quality. Keep the great news of love & light coming.
    Thank you,


  2. When one meditates, what is the goal? To think about nothing? For as long as possible? Holding stillpoint for 17 seconds requires counting. Hence no ‘not thinking’. We have been told that clearing the lower astral souls from Gaia’s astral realms is very, very important. Is this to be done during meditation? I envisage this when I’m not meditating. I’m not the brightest star in the galaxy and need tips on meditation. Thanks for all your wonderful channeling.


  3. Thank You for helping me on my continuing journey to that promised mindset I have been striving for. It is not easy for some as I am sometimes dissipointed on my progress.


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