Kata of “Lemurian Awakening”: Writer, Teacher, Channel, Activator of Divine Star Gates

Wes: It is wonderful to see how the sheer number of us Lighworkers has grown on this world, as it seems we are finding every day, emerging Lightworkers who have been working for this world for quite a long time. 

One fellow Lighworker who has been brought to my attention, is Kata from the website “Lemurian Awakening“. Here is some information about dear Kata: 

Kata is a writer, teacher and channel. After working as an attorney she left to answer the call of the Masters, and to pursue her universal mission. Kata founded Lemurian Awakening in 2006. She leads workshops, sacred journeys, and worldwide reactivations at specific energetic sites/portals. Kata works directly with Adama, KyraNamu and other Lemurian Masters, and is dedicated to the creation of the New Earth.

Kata is the author of her upcoming book “Journeys of the Heart”. Her inspirational articles, letters and channeled communications awaken our deepest memories of ascension. She understands and assists those hearts that are called to shift their beings into the crystalline by transforming and awakening their DNA.

I’ll let Kata describe herself and the important, Lighted work she is doing: 

“My name is Kata and my website is www.LemurianAwakening.com , which is a Mt. Shasta related webpage with articles, insights, and channeled messages from the Lemurian Elders. Their wisdom, light and love lead me to the most beautiful places of the planet where we did ancient reactivation ceremonies to connect and activate the full return of the pure ancient vibration of the Divine Feminine. Lemuria was the period of time at the dawn of human history when this Divine Feminine vibration was fully cared for and loved by the Lemurians.

In the last three years I have completed 22 journeys. My heart and their wisdom took me to different sacred sites all over the world from New Zealand to Mexico, from Tibet to France, and from Bolivia to Spain. Some of the journeys were with groups of beautiful dedicated hearts, and some were just me. I live in Hungary and LA and have the gift to spend valuable time at Mt. Shasta in Northern California. Until I finish my book which is based on the amazing experiences of these sacred journeys, I have articles published at www.SpiritofMaat.com. Here are a few links:


Some of my communications with the Lemurian Masters have a great significance in this truly extraordinary year, (…)  Love from the bottom of my heart, Kata”

The communications brought through Kata are very pure and clear, and the work she is doing at this time is quite appreciated. 🙂 

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