~Revealing the Light~Identities ~ Attachments ~ Expectations ~ Part III

Identities ~ Attachments ~ Expectations ~ Part III

by John McIntosh
Expectations tie you to the future. Freedom lives in the Now Moment … timeless, without regard to past or future … and therefore without the primary shackle that binds you to the world of tears – judgment.
Identities and attachments tie you to the past as a history of your experience and to the future as an expectation of what could, should or might be.
There is great anxiety connected to expectations, which the ego-mind associates with life, explaining that it is a natural part of living … and yet it is a product of the ‘no pain – no gain’ manipulation.  Expectation, the ego tells you, gives you the sensation that you are alive even if huge fear is tied to it. The roller coaster life lived in the ego-mind is always partnered to expectation.
When you finally approach the decision to live Free, to Be the Peace that you Are … the ego-mind complains that life without expectations will be boring. It argues that with nothing to look forward to life will not be worth living.
Living Free of expectations does not mean that you do not have a vision of what the future may hold … it simply means you are not bound to it. Living in the timeless realm of Now is a Joy-filled experience with a great vista of possibilities lying before you, all interchangeable and none required for your Moment by Moment happiness.
You are not ‘possessed’ by what may come because you are not bound by outcomes. In this way you move freely and lightly, ever ready to shift with the flow of life and the fresh New experiences it offers when you grasp onto nothing.
As with the release of attachments and identities the transformation of consciousness from expectations to open allowing of what may come, feels like dying and in Truth, it is the death we have been told of by all great spiritual teachers.
The temporary experiences of the 3 dimensional world of separation from Oneness have felt like the only possible life we could experience. To release these from our experience at first feels like the total loss of life leaving only the prospect of a cold, lonely, barren existence. It is part of the last line of defense the ego-mind has to keep you tied to it as the imposter it is.
The I AM Presence never demands, cajoles or uses trickery of any kind to induce you to shift your attention away from the three great chains of identities, attachments and expectations. It speaks softly but persistently of light and joyful living and beckons to you through symbols and signs, metaphors and dreams suggesting this bright New world that awaits your acceptance.
This ‘still, small voice’ has been referred to as the Divine Discontent because it feels like a constant bitter-sweet nagging echo, speaking of a long forgotten life of Peace and Joy, of Abundance and Love … of the Freedom of a child running through a flowered meadow with reckless abandon.
When the fear of releasing your identities, your attachments and your expectations comes … and it will … do not run from it … rather embrace the experience and watch it transform into the Freedom you Are. All That Is, IS nothing less than ALL and as such contains every experience while retaining Its boundlessness.
It is One … it IS God … It IS Love … no matter how It shows up, disguised as rapturous beauty or repulsive ugliness … it ‘IS’ Love. Embrace It and you are doing what so many great teachers have advised … you are Loving your Self because you Are IT, and loving your Self is the first step toward loving All That Is.
Whatever you give your attention to EXPANDS! 
Loving All That Is … embracing everything, no matter what it shows up as, expands the the Conscious Awareness of What you Are in your experience and soon, very soon due to the dramatically increased frequencies of Light on the planet Now, you will find yourself living always in the Now Moment – the Heaven of Now – the 5th Dimension where Life is remembered and what you once called life reveals itself as the dream it was.
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