Visionkeeper: Be Fearless

Be Fearless

Posted on June 20, 2012

As things begin to pick up speed and move forward in the shift, it would stand to reason the dark ones will become more desperate and make a move to hold on to their control over humanity. Times may become somewhat challenging, but there is no need for us to feel fearful in any way. This is where our faith will pull us through and the love we hold in our hearts. We have been gathering our abilities to stay in our hearts for quite some time now and as the time approaches we must put what we have learned to use. This is not a time for fear or is it ever. We have no reason for fear, for staying in that energy only pulls us down and weakens us. Now is the time for strength and feeling sure about ourselves, no doubts, just that strong knowing in our being that we are right, we are on the correct path and it is love that will guide us to where we need to be.

Let’s face it, fear has been the weapon of choice that the dark ones have used to keep control over us. We bought into it for a long time, but now we are awakening and we know better, fear is a state of mind not a thing. The dark ones used fear as a thing to wave in front of our faces. Terrorism became a ‘thing’, they even created a colored chart to let us know how dangerous times were and how afraid we should be. It is now time to disconnect from the fear meme that has played in our heads for decades. We have been brainwashed into expecting fearful ‘things’ and that we should be on guard at all times. For heavens sake look at our insurance policies! They are based on fear, the ultimate catastrophe that might go wrong that we should be ready for. Our world has been operating around fear.

Fear is a persuasive factor in our health care system as well. Get these shots because if you don’t you could catch the terrible diseases being created. Our food sources were even turned into fear tactics with contaminated meats and vegetables. Our entire way of life was centered around fear in one form or another and for a very long time we accepted this as a normal way of life. Thank goodness we have awoken to the evils we have been living under. It is time for us to resurface and swim downstream away from the stranglehold we have been held captive in forever. The only fear is fear itself, and fear is a state of mind which means it can be changed and it is up to us to do so. Stop falling into the state of fear!

If we stay strong and continue to live and think from the heart, fear is not present in our lives. It is only when we stray away from our hearts that we doubt and when we doubt the door swings wide open to fear. There are a great many evil things going on in the world that if we allowed ourselves, we could feel fear about. It is crazy right now and we are being attacked on all fronts, but we must stand our ground. In doing so we are setting our intentions to be fearless and those around us will take note and wonder why we are not afraid. They may even question why we aren’t, or be attracted to our calm when all else seems to be imploding. We must show the world fear is not only not necessary, but it will be our downfall. If we set the example, others will follow.

We need to continue to focus on what is RIGHT in the world for that is where we get our strength. If you stop focusing on the bad things, suddenly the good things become more obvious.  There is a great deal that is right in the world. We are wakening, the dark ones are going down soon, our freedoms will be ours at long last, we are slowly fixing the things we have been doing wrong in the world, we are creating new things to replace the old that is being demolished, we have found our reconnection to spirit and most of all we have discovered love and gratitude and all the wonderful things they bring to the world. We are mending ourselves and in doing so we are finding our purpose in life. A new earth is being birthed and we are the midwives and soon our baby will be born. A lot is right in the world!

Blessings to you all,



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