Tick Tock…You Asked For It…Here It Comes…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Wednesday, 20-Jun-2012 13:07:22

There’s no denying it or delaying it now…Here it comes…
So pay attention…Especially, You, Mr. Man Behind the Desk…The one with the glasses and the crown of marble who reports back to all his superiors, those secret agencies of the details about these posts…Who would have thought anyone could see you…

I’m trying to help, honestly, as best as I can…but this is wearing me out, and I haven’t been well, see. So your timely cooperation is of the utmost importance…No more playing games.

Almost every night I keep dreaming of a Giant Wave…Is it a Metaphor I keep wondering? It’s HUGE. I just don’t know. All I can say is, I sense something BIG is coming…very fast, very soon.

The Changes are inevitable, you can’t fight fate…it was decided long ago. Big Brother, you’ve become a dark cloud, a wall, blocking out the light…
Maybe you need to re-read the opening of The Constitution…
That is if you don’t choke on the word, Truth.

You can not stop The Light…After all you don’t stare at the sky on a dark cloudy night, now do you? No, you wait for a night when the stars are all out…To see them shine. We are always drawn to stare at a starry night…to the light…Think about that, would you. There’s a whole lot of meaning there.

I’ve been offering helpful advice and so far I’ve seen very little as far as results. That ‘little’ had better turn into a whole lot real soon. What are you waiting for?
Because THAT Clock, it’s ticking louder, see…
Let’s make that clear right now.

That’s a joke if you think those little gadgets you made can control the Earth, she’s had quite enough of your tinkering…allowing you to believe what you will…

I’ve said watch the water…The Waters will point both to the Trouble Spots, and The Sanctuaries…Only the Wise will know the difference between the two.

Turn OFF the Colliders, they are her first targets…And turn of all inter-dimensional experiments and operations NOW…Those are her second targets…The Earth is going to ROCK…And believe me you won’t see it coming…She’ll make history for you to remember…All this for your dabbling with powers you shouldn’t have toyed with, and messing with the planet when you should have been more respectful.

All that I know is that she will primarily PROTECT her soft spots first…And I am not talking about tender fault lines…
I can only wonder how The Summer Olympics will do during all of this…

NEXT, AND RIGHT NOW… As an act of VIRTUE and GOOD WILL…now mind you, this won’t clean your slate at all…
YOU NEED to APPEASE and CHEER The People of this Planet RIGHT NOW.
No pausing, no hesitating, no contemplating or waiting…You know EXACTLY how to do this…

And I’ve been trying to help too, in case you hadn’t guessed, so don’t get in my way…But some help is always appreciated.

Raising a VIBRATION of CHEER in the people, the population…and that INCLUDES freeing their minds…Will help a lot in bestowing a demonstration of light to the planet and get her attention…Why it may even slow her down. Are you listening now?

For my part, I’m attaching more artwork…entitled, ‘Tempus.’ I believe her name says it all. She packs quite a punch in several different ways. Hmm.

Dear Mr. Spacemen, Clearly you have some issues…Go public NOW…After all this includes you too, remember?
Friends from The Stars, The Seven Sisters, pay me a visit…we need to work together. Time’s Up. Radical changes need to happen, and they need to happen right now or things are going to start to shatter fast. This summer will only demonstrate tidbits of troubles to come…For Us…For You…What happens here…Will happen on worlds across the universe next…surprise, surprise…The parallels will amaze you.

That’s all for now.




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