Not a Perfect World | The 2012 Scenario

Written by Steve Beckow

A reader wrote yesterday: “There is something I’m very confused about it seems that a lot of stuff on back tracks it’s self I was just reading an article that said the arcons…” and the reader continues.

I think I need to acknowledge the frustrations that I feel at this moment. Perhaps I can do it without naming names.

I know what the reader means when he says that we appear to double back on ourselves. And it’s a dilemma that isn’t easy to address. We attempt to present a coherent and consistent picture to you in the channeled messages we post.

But that does involve judgment calls and those calls mostly reflect the fact that sometimes the channeled entities may not be who they claim to be. It doesn’t always reflect on the channeler. It more often reflects on the channeled source.

Channeling is not a perfected art. There are many factors that can interfere with a message being credible.

It’s an accepted and established principle that readers need to use discernment in reading and accepting a channeled message.  We as a site ( that posts channeled messages analyze the credibility of sources (for improbabilities, impossibilities, implausibilities, contradictions and inconsistencies). We ask Archangel Michael for his assessment. He does not always wish his comments to be posted and he does not like to judge.

He’s usually very fair and tolerant.  He may say that a psychic is honest and sincere but what he channels is mistaken or that a psychic sees accurately but the events happened years ago. We may act on his advice but not say that he’s the source of it. I have in the past also asked Suzy Ward for Hatonn’s opinion of a channeled message. Hatonn is GFL director of multidimensional communications.

Perhaps I can review some of the matters that presently impact some of the decisions we make when publishing some channeled messages.

Let’s begin with the subject of the Archons or Annunaki. We have one psychic saying that he observed the destruction of an Annunaki underwater base and that a war is going on between the Annunaki and the Galactic Federation of Light. I asked Archangel Michael about this some time ago in a private reading and he said the psychic’s vision was true but the actual event happened years ago.

Others are saying that the Archons are still here and we’re battling them while Matthew Ward, Hatonn, SaLuSa and others say that all negative aliens have been taken from the planet and that a light grid prevents their return.

Several other psychics, Starseeds and channels say that we’ll be taken from the planet in arks, or aboard spaceships, or down to Inner Earth, some saying we’ll ascend from there, while Matthew Ward and SaLuSa say this isn’t going to happen.

I have to acknowledge that I prefer the version of Archangel Michael, Matthew, SaLuSa, Saul, the Arcturian Group, etc.

You should know that there are individuals and groups that don’t believe that I’m speaking to Archangel Michael and don’t post his material either. Some of these are colleagues whom I’ve worked with in the past who think I’ve departed from reasonableness.  That’s fair game. I don’t oppose or dispute with them or complain but allow them their freedom of choice and discernment in the matter as well.

The people who represent the Annunaki as still being here are, I think, mistaken. The people who say we’ll leave the surface of the Earth because of cataclysm or terraforming are also, I believe, mistaken. I believe they are. Not like I know. I don’t know what’s absolutely true.  That’s why I say we support the versions we prefer.

Many of them who say so we don’t publish. But new voices keep arising who also say so.  It’s not something that can be attended to once and it never arises again.

New people – primarily insiders and whistleblowers – are coming along who are just becoming willing to acknowledge the presence of the galactics but their knowledge of what the galactics say is not necessarily deep and their versions have some pretty interesting but anomalous representations of where the galactics are at.

If you’ve been reading SaLuSa, Matthew and Saul for years, or listening to Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara and Ashtar on InLight Radio for months, you can see where the depictions of the newly-accepting lightworkers can sometimes be somewhat off (if you prefer the latter’s version).

Except in the cases I just referred to, I’m not saying that we’re right and they’re wrong. I’m saying that everyone has channeled messages and versions of events which they prefer based on what they believe to be true and messages and versions they don’t prefer. And readers can read the sites which offer them a version which they too prefer. And that, for me is the best that can be done at the moment.

Sometimes a version comes along that looks as if it may undo much good work. This site is aware that the galactics follow the universal laws and take great care not to panic the population unduly – that is, not to hide the truth but also, even when presenting the truth, to do so with great care.

Therefore when someone comes along and posts pictures of Noah’s Ark, compares the galactics’ activities to the events of the great flood, says that the galactics were there at that time and assisted Noah, and that they wish many of us to go aboard a form of ark because many of our coastal towns are going to be flooded – and our preferred sources say this is not going to happen – we’re presented with a real conundrum.

To post a message like that is to risk panicking people and undoing the calm that we’ve worked hard to effect, having been guided by what we regard as credible sources to remain calm and not post catastrophic messages when no catastrophe looms for the world.

Sometimes we editors of this site may not know precisely what to do to serve your perceived best interests and the best interests of those who will awaken at some point in the future. For now I suppose I simply want to state my frustration at being faced with so many psychics, channels and other sources who sound credible on some scores (mass arrests, NESARA, and Disclosure) and then sound anything but credible on other scores (evacuation of Earth and presence of Annunaki and other negative races).

We’re not going to become censors and black out certain portions of messages and publish the rest. So do we post messages that have what we regard as inaccuracies for the benefit of posting the parts that we believe are accurate? Or do we not post the source at all?

Speaking only for myself, I don’t always know what to do to serve you.

The thought that we’d be depriving you of some authors you like is not a happy one. But if we weed out from this site – and we have on many occasions – people we don’t think are credible, the list just grows and grows.

I’d like to hear from you on this dilemma. What do you wish us to do in cases like these? (I’ll leave comments open for you to give your view of the situation to us.)

Note from Wes: Steve made some good points in this article and especially, the channeled words from Matthew in the previous article on this subject stood out for me. Comments are open on this repost as well, so feel free to post your beautiful opinions. 

As for Greg Giles, we here at Aquarius Channelings will still be posting Greg’s messages and with everything, we invite you to use your equally beautiful sense of discernment. If you don’t agree with the ‘Earth changes’ aspects of such messages but find other parts of them resonate as truth and Light, then simply take what resonates and let the rest go.

That is, nearly by definition, discernment! 🙂 


  1. Dear Steve, I have to agree with Wes. I don’t subscribe to the extreme Earth Changes scenario and yet other material from that particular channel strike as true for me. Each of us has an individual journey of discernment while we are here. After 20 years of being involved with meditation, telepathy, channeling and the like I appreciate the many variables that can impact “truth”. These variables include the beliefs and psychology of the channel as well as variables in timelines, potentials and possibilities that have nothing to do with the channel. I do feel, for the most part, that the channels who are re-blogged here and at Aquarius Channeling have a sincere desire to be of help.

    Consider the function of an editor in any publication. Discernment, discretion and values have an important part to play. I would not disapprove of anyone who chose to shape content based on the values of empowerment, compassion and kindness. In such as case, one may choose not to include material that skews toward fear or the sensational. For example, Matthew has spoken of changes in sea level in a way that, in my estimation, did not incite undue concern or fear. Discretion is the key to evaluating how language is used and shaped to convey a message. Steve, you yourself exercise that editorial discretion from time to time with regard to comments here – and I feel you express yourself well with regard to what is appropriate for the forum you have created here. I give you these thoughts with great respect and admiration. As they say in the program, “Take what you like and leave the rest.” Please keep up the stellar work you and your editorial staff are doing. It means a lot to me and I am sure to many others. Best regards – Adam


  2. I haven’t been comfortable reading Greg Giles messages for awhile. My stomach actually hurts after reading past the first paragraph. I made the decision to delete all of his messages recently. But I am finding that even Salusa’s message today, toward the end, didn’t make me feel very good. So, my conclusion is that my empathic abilities are at a peck right now and that I need to be very careful about anything that I read.

    I love and appreciate ALL of the channels and messenger’s. The service to all of us has been over the top extraordinary! The learning and loving that I have received, I will forever be grateful for.

    I agree with Steve. It is his blog site and he can choose who is able to post on his site. If it doesn’t feel good to him, then he doesn’t have to do it.

    I also agree with Wes. He is choosing to continue to post Greg Giles messages, and that is his blog site and his choice!

    Love and Freedom of Choice to ALL!


  3. I do appreciate the time and effort everyone puts in, whether it is the person channeling or a website that provides all channeled messages in one spot. I prefer to choose on my own as to whether or not to accept or reject the information I’m receiving in those messages. Anyone questioning a reading should be contacting the person who channeled the message directly.


  4. Gday Wes

    I have read your article with interest, and these scinarios are bothering to most who read them, and that muust be thousands. the higher order, like Christ Michael Atton, Sanands Immanual, and the like seemk to be never mentioned outside the Abundant Hope site.

    This to me is very frustrating and difficult to understand, as their messages to me, are crystal clear as to what is going and not going to happen.

    However, we are instructed by MOST channels to se our discenment on ALL messages. disgarding that which we find does not resinate with us, and to take on board that which does. this to me is a most sensible reasoning, altghough commion sence is not that common.

    But the Creator as we have been informed many many times is an entity of pure love. Now it makes it abundantly clear to me that a being of pure love, and one who loves his flock so much, would NEVER place them in danger, especially when we have also meen told that the “button” has been pushed for the hierachy of Heaven to “Go get em” (the bad guys that is) and have them removed from this realm.

    Even these ones will be protected, as they too mustn come back to the light, apart from those who are openly defient and wist to take tghe road of “Uncreation”.

    This Bantering of “doom” and “gloom” is only fear based, and we ones should be directing our energy to the light, not the negitive aspects of this material world. It will NOT HAPPEN. It is just like Atomic Weapons. Channels keep on telling us that certtain BBs and Gs STILL have them and WILL use them, when CM Aton and others have catagorically stated that ALL atomic weaponry has been neutralised.

    Come on guys, get together with some JOY and some LAUGHTER. This is supoposed to be a time of GREAT JOY, not GLOOM!!

    I say let the mongrels throw what they will at us, and see how far it gets them, as I for one am ready for them.

    Blessings to you one and all.


  5. You can not avoid some mistakes because it hasn’t happened yet. I did not find the Noah’s Ark channeling very worrying. It was not wildly sensational like some. Also I am not in a flood prone area so I suppose that helps. My sister lives in England and I sent it to her but with a disclaimer.

    I think the radical flood and cataclysm risk ended in 1991. That’s when I felt it end.There are millions of crystal children etc. on the planet now and all our energies have tipped the balance.

    Also we are creating what we believe to be reality. Most of the people I see around me do not seem to be in a state of hysteria about all this. The stress of poverty makes a lot of negative energy but things are lightening up all the time.

    Many respectable channels have mentioned that there may need to be some small evacuations here and there. Not just Greg Giles. He said, if I remember right…hundreds maybe even thousands. That is not huge In a population of seven billion. A bit alarmist maybe but not over the top.

    There are also channels who have been over optimistic in their predictions. This may have uplifted some of us for a while but coming down to earth was hard too. All of us are fallible.

    Greg does some good channeling but once or twice it has felt a bit borderline. Or even over the edge. We do have to check with our inner guidance all the time. Unfortunately some people are very easily programmed..they are already programmed and have no idea how much.

    I don’t see how you can stop some people from getting the wrong end of the stick. I just go by, If it feels good and right it comes from God and if it makes me feel bad it comes from the other team. So far I have found that works.

    Thank you all so much for making all this high quality information available. I know this has helped me a lot and many others too.

    Much love to you all! 🙂


  6. Mother Earth and her Elimentals are Complicated beings as are Humans.We all have the ability to use our minds and spiritual abilitis for the results and needs in our lives.AAM Mathew SaLusa etc etc are telling you there will be no drastic terraforming events because they want you to hold that vision so these events will either not happen or are less drastic.You must connect to the Elimentals with your visions These are our duties as Light workers.
    As wise as these Beings are they do not know every thing that can transpire as Mother Earth has free will as do you AAM et al do not want to cause us fear and they are trying to comfort us to generate possitivity.But we are up against Negative humans with the same free will and who have knowledge on the mental abilities and technology to be able to intervier with Mother Earths systems.These creatures want Armageddon desperatly they see it as a way to keep the status quo they have had for the last 13,000 years or so.
    Greg Giles in formation on Noas Ark must not be totaly dismised because of the above reasons,His contacts are warning us of the possibilities with the comfort that we have our Space Families as back up. Also they are senarios for us to mitigate using our spiritual abilities and connections with the Elimentals.
    Our guides Space Families and Angels have a very difficuilt job to do in trying to get us past this they are trying to cover as much possibilty as they can and also trying to get us to understand to be responcible for our actions in our minds as well as our physical actions
    So dont over react and call all things that dont follow the comfort zone in your lives .They are given to be thought about and to take the apropiate action in mind soul and body.


  7. Have more insight for you all.
    The key in Greg Giles message was the mention of Atlantis the last Major flood.
    Atlantis and Lemuria were destroyed in great catalysism due to mind technologies and Weather warfair.Beings on both sides used their minds and mental manifestations to destroy each other.
    NOW today we are in a simular possition there are those awful HAARP machines effecting our minds and disrupting Mother Earth and her Devas.
    The Annunaki have been kicked of our world so now we are deeling with their minions who are not very nice people but still humans so it is our responcibilty to change the direction of the events we want to transpire and mitigate the effects of these nasty black magicions.
    UP to you now.


  8. Thanks for highlighting the discrepancies. I agree with Steve’s judgement on predictions: minimal flood, no physical taking of the planet, Annunaki being rather at peace with the Galactic Federation at the moment than fighting them. If they are here, they are likely not as active as they were before and their agenda likely is being changed under the pressure of higher forces.
    I also follow Bashar and Allendale who I found much more grounded and specific than other channels. I believe some sources from other dimensions are so off base because they are very little grounded in our dimension, because for them the realities of higher densities are closer than our reality and what they describe actually happens in parallel worlds, not ours. Effectively, their channelings are bleed through from parallel lines of history.


  9. Wes,
    I’m with you. I say post it all. We’ve had thousands of years of manipulation and cover ups. It’s not our fault, It’s just the way it is. Who knows how things are actually going to work out? Who cares? Sit back and enjoy the show folks, this is going to be good.

    Post it all and let the reader pick out what they want. And if it makes certain people uncomfortable, too bad.

    By the way, in my opinion, I think you’re doing a great job!


  10. Yes I agree post it all have no fear and let us be aware of the different scenes to be able to manefest better conditions of those possibilities


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