Vatican is falling… ready to Hold the Light Lightworkers?

Vatican is falling… ready to Hold the Light Lightworkers?

Another truth is coming to the surface, again, we said this would happen and it is happening, even the most untouchable are now touched by the Light.

Lightworkers, you’re here to Bear the Light of Love.

This truth is not the only one, there will be more… much more, thus our task is not to point our finger but to help transmute and transform.

Into Light.

Turning our back and pretend it did not happen would be as fake as all illusion. Thus we’re here, and we’ve trained to be able to accomplish our task Now. And our task is Love, not hate, not judjment.

Always remember, this is an illusion. Send Light, send Love, not to the act that have been done, not to the mask those beings are wearing, send Love to their True Self, send Love to those on the forefront that are doing their best to bring all this to the Light, send Love to all Humanity so that Humanity is supported while finding out what’s going on right Now and what has happened so far, and will feel the support of Light and Love. 

Humanity needs You Now. Humanity needs Light and Love right Now. 

So many had no clue (though many did not want to have a clue) of the truth… but we’re Here Right Now, to help.

Send Love to the families affected, send Love to the victims… they’re already smiling from Heaven! Giving You all a big Hug for your Love sharing. No One of them would like you to use fear or rage… that was the old way.

Lets show how Powerful True Love Is!

Lets show them that Love is what will bring the True Shift for All. And lets give them a chance to understand and make a second Choice. As they forgot… they deeply forgot they are Light and Love as All=Us and that we’re One=God. Lets help them too… re-member!

Thank you LightWorkers!


  1. Thank you so much for this article and youtube regarding the Vatican. I am a survivor of ritual/sexual abuse by a priest and nuns here in New Mexico. The ritual abuses, rapes happened during Black/Satanic Masses happening underneath the churches. During the Law Suits here in New Mexico back in the early 90’s, the clients were told by their attorneys never to mention the Ritual Black Masses Abuses. It was okay to say they were sexually abused by the priests but never to mention the Black Masses. I am in my 60’s now and still suffer daily from the effects if these rapes! Thank you for your voice that speaks for many of us who live in fear towards the hierarchy of the church, Our Souls were tampered with.

    Love and Light to you my dear brothers!



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