The Extra Terrestials: To DISCLOSE A.S.A.P.

Created by Marteen Host


Aagtekerke, Netherlands

Worldwide petition to show the ET’s we really want Disclosure.

It doesn’t matter HOW you believe in the existence and presence of ET’s. Via the Galactic Federation of Light, Via Scientific proof, The Guardian Alliance or via your job.

If we all stand tall and tell the ET’s we want them to disclose themselves and we mean business then it will happen.

We all know they can reroute all the mainstream media channels and even our TV sets even if they are switched off.

A point I want to make clear also:

The Galactic Federation is very sensitive in certain things. They want to be careful and not create a shock for the majority when Disclosure happens. Well here is this:

Too many people are brainwashed by the mainstream media and it is their choice. I have spoken to friends, family and neighbors and they do not want me to talk about ET’s. So there is nothing I can do. We live in a military world where we have no power to influence the mainstream media. But the ET’s can. Easily.

We urge all intelligent and loving life from outside the Earth to Intervene and use whatever force necessary to arrest anyone who opposes the new era of peace and first contact. We know of your law of non-interference, but now, we, the Earth-humans demand that you take action and free us from the daily lies and show you are here.

From now on we want to walk beside you in love. We are longing to meet you and live in peace.

So let’s sign this petition:

YES we DO want Disclosure and we, “the informed” take total responsibility for the masses to panic. We will take care of them. We can handle them. But we need your help ET’s. So badly. It is all about informing us. We are in the sixth month of 2012 now.

Do not wait anymore. We are eager to meet you.

Together we are victorious.

Maarten Horst,

Formal Host and Producer of ET-First Contact Radio on BBS Radio and FindingVoicesRadio.

Any citizen of any nation can sign this petition.




  1. Dear Maarten,

    While I completely understand how you feel, it sounds as if you are selling the Earth Human a little bit short, and underplaying our role here in this unfolding drama, or the “Best Show in the Galaxy”, as it were. We have ourselves manifested this reality, and it is up to us to first take responsibility for that, and then collectively raise our light quotient in order to precipitate the positive changes that we all wish to see (including the reuniting with our friends from other dimensions and realms). We must transcend the victim mentality as best we can, and learn to help ourselves. Thoughtforms such as helplessness are of a low energy and can only serve to feed the Dark Ones. Please understand that many positive ET’s and higher-dimensional beings have been helping us all along throughout Earth history, and they continue to help us in ever increasing ways and numbers as we move into higher frequential realms along with Mother Gaia in 2012. Look into your heart and dreams and you will find that this is true. Also, through an understanding of the Universal Law of Free Will, perhaps you may decide to alter the language in your petition, as it is not coming from a place of love to “demand” a specific course of action from any sentient being in the universe. Beings who walk in the Divine light are serving the highest good of all involved, and their timing is of a Divine nature; it is not up to you or I to say when (coming from our third-dimensional perspectives). However, if you desire assistance from the higher realms, all you need do is simply ask, and you will be heard. And, as they have already given us more assistance than any of us could possibly fathom, perhaps it is simply best that we send them our love and deepest gratitude. By believing that We Lightworkers here on Earth are strong beyond measure, by envisioning Victory of the Light, and by remaining steadfast in these convictions, we can ‘help them help us’, for it is in part through this positive energy that we can create that they are able to do their great work, which will in turn help manifest positive changes on our beautiful planet more quickly.

    Thank You Maarten, Many Blessings to You and to All.

    Neil Parry


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