Jimi Hendrix Sings About Atlantis

“The tiny island sags downstream… cuz the Life they Lived is, is dead”:

“I’m singing about the valleys of sunrise, painted blue canyons too, I’m singin’ about Atlantis, Love songs!!” …..

Jimi Hendrix was an incarnate Ascended Master, who was born here to spread the truth and Light while working through his own earthly patterns of behavior and addiction, like all Ascended Masters who have walked this Earth.

People freely talk about Jesus and Buddha and Muhammad for the Masters that they were, but many people fail to recognize that the Masters did not stop incarnating after our ancient history; there were handfuls of Ascended Masters in the 60s and 70s, laying the energetic, Lighted foundation for the hippies to awaken on.

There are many Ascended Masters incarnate on our world right now as well. 🙂



  1. Huh, Wes, Jimi was telling the story of getting in a arguement with his girlfriend Mary. Jimi didn’t like the way she cooked something and she stormed out into the street. Hince the title. After all the ‘jacks’ are all in their ‘boxes’… was from the end of the broadcast day for the BBC. The BBC used a set of ‘jack-in the-box’ and doll clowns for a ‘test’ screen before shutting off. Jimi Hendrix was murdered. I have been a true fan of Jimi Hendrix since 1967 and I missed seeing Jimi in Frankfurt, Germany in January of 1969 as an ARMY-BRAT, and once I returned home to Oklahoma when Jimi played in Tulsa, OK later in 1970. His manager, Michael Jeffery was known to have said that Jimi Hendrix was worth more to him dead. I have no doubt that Jimi Hendrix was being channeled to, just not in the song: :Wind Cries Mary’. See the story: Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation. It has over 12 chapters, so it is good reading. Peace! Light!


    • That is extremely interesting, thank you so much for sharing. 🙂 I have always wondered about the circumstances surrounding his death, seems a lot of Lighted individuals were ‘put away’ in that time….

      Much Love 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing this Wes! My younger brother always shares a story with others of his memory of me coming out of our house, standing on our front porch screaming, “Jimmy Hendrix is dead, Jimmy Hendrix is dead” and crying. Being a peace loving Hippie from the 60’s and 70’s during a time of great change and awakening for humanity, was fun but often challenging.

    All last week I spent much time listening to many Beatles songs and “Under My Thumb” by the Rolling Stones. These artists were very ahead of their time, based on the lyrics of their songs.


  3. Jimi was murdered by his manager Michael Jeffery. He had fired Jeffery 12 hours earlier by phone from London to his lawyer Henry Steingarten in Manhattan. He deliberately sat his girlfriend Monika Dannemann down in front of the phone at London’s Cumberland Hotel to have her witness this. Somehow Jimi was induced into taking 9 of the most powerful sleeping pills on the market at Monika’s apartment later that night. When he was passed-out as intended MI-6-trained in covert murder Jeffery had his thugs come in and pour bottles of wine down Jimi’s throat and kill him. Monika was probably so deep into it, and had her life threatened, that she kept quiet up until her strange death in 1996 from car fumes. The other main witnesses have stayed incriminatingly quiet since Tappy Wright admitted in his 2009 book ‘Rock Roadie’ that Jeffery had drunkenly confessed to murdering Jimi shortly before his own death from a freak mid-air commercial jet crash in 1973. This was a CIA political assassination under their COINTELPRO program. With all this evidence out there they’ve still gotten the British Government to cover it up, even to this day.


    • Wow! It honestly all makes sense. They wanted to make him look like an irresponsible rockstar who drank too much, and I always did find it disrespectful how people talk of him choking on his own red-whine vomit when dying. It makes sense that they wanted to make it look that way.

      Thank you so much for sharing all of this 🙂


  4. I feel such a connection with Bob Marley. He was a very enlightened soul, here his songs “Natty Dread”, “Soul Rebel” among other’s and see what soul group you think he was!


    • Indeed, the music of Mr. Marley and the Wailers is other-worldy and multidimensional…. 🙂

      I particularly Love exodus, and Satisfy my Soul. So very beautiful!! 🙂


  5. Most people are ignorant of CIA/FBI’s COINTELPRO program of the 1960’s. If you bother to do any research Michael Jeffery, who was taking mafia loans before Jimi’s death due to lack of funds, was suddenly flush with cash after Jimi’s death. He paid Al Hendrix 250 grand in cash. He also paid off all his debts and was seen flush with money. Unfortunately, the circumstances behind Jimi’s death cannot be settled in internet comments boxes and requires a formal movement to do justice for Jimi.
    Jimi was 100%, definitely, and without a doubt murdered by his manager Michael Jeffery. Jeffery had threatened to kill Jimi if he ever tried to fire him during a faked kidnapping Jeffery arranged in New York in 1969. On the afternoon before his death Jimi had sat Monika Dannemann down at the telephone at the Cumberland Hotel and had her witness him call his New York lawyer Henry Steingarten to fire Jeffery. 12 hours later Jimi was found dead. The attending physician, Dr Bannister, came forward in 1992 to claim that instead of choking on his own vomit Jimi had been drowned in a large amount of red wine. Scotland Yard ignored this claim as well as Kathy Etchingham’s petition to re-open the case which proved Monika Dannemann was lying about what happened that morning. The public thinks that if evidence is out there governments will automatically, honestly act upon it. The public has a a lot to learn about the world.
    Jimi had what Dr Bannister described as “bottles worth” of wine flooding his lungs and stomach. Yet he only had a negligible blood alcohol content as discovered at his autopsy. His 5mg/100ml blood alcohol content forensically conflicts with the “bottles worth” of wine witnessed in his body at the hospital. His 3.9mg% of blood barbiturate level proves he had to be unconscious when the wine was introduced into his body. If he had drank the wine while conscious his blood alcohol would have to be much higher in order to correspond with “bottles worth” of wine. And since a 3.9mg% of blood barbiturate content (borderline lethal dose) requires a period of unconsciousness for at least the last half hour of life it proves he had the wine introduced while unconscious. This is legal proof of murder that Scotland Yard refuses to recognize.


  6. I saw an interview with BB King and Buddy Guy that said that the people or person that introduced Jimi to drugs should be shot and hung . When they knew him (Jimi) he did not drink or do any type of drugs.He had to have been a Master way ahead of his contemporaries and the first person that I heard speak of the Rainbow Bridge.He was a shy and a deep thinker and still have many followers even until today.Too many of our accomplished stars die entirely too young. There has to be something going on other than the obvious.


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