Lisa Gawlas – The Splitting, The Tight Rope, The Wonder! – 6 June 2012

What an “internally” amazing 3 three days it has been.  I had wondered how the splitting in half” would actually play out in our reality, I think understanding it second-hand would have been nice!  But god forbid!

The morning of June 3rd it started in my body.  First my left eye started tearing all day long (into the next day actually) and that of course kicks in the sinus drain.  I had already awoken with a dull headache that day which intensified as the day progressed… sort of.  It was more like on again, off again and moved around my head.

To chime in with my fluids just seeping out of my body, my monthly cycle started with a vengeance.  The entirety of my spine at my back had this rolling throbbing something or another happening.

With all this leaking and what really felt like energy just draining out of my body, came with a full on infusion of some seriously quick vibrational energy. What ever energy was coming into my body made it actually hurt to hear any external sounds.

I wanted to just lay on the couch but the part that was vibrating so quickly wanted to run around the house, but my head said no freakin way.  So I chair hopped.  Sitting still was really hard.  Moving around was equally as hard.

I woke up on June 4th and felt wonderful… at least for the first 15 minutes.  The more my soul merged with my body… it started all over again, but this time my left eye actually hurt so much and looking at the gentle light of my laptop was like a searing fire… so I moved away from my computer… and chair hopped for  most of the morning.

As the natural daylight started to stream into life, the craziness in my body started to mellow out, which is good because I had long run out of tissues to blow my nose with, using toilet paper is just not the same!

So there I am, trying to find orientation with my world without sound piercing my audio system or light burning my visual cortex, hair matted to my head, left eye swollen and red, nose dripping…. sitting at my computer doing all I can to type out an email or two now that I am so behind I know I will not catch up… and I hear a very unexpected knock at my door.

There was a very beautiful man standing at my door who was not wearing a UPS or Fed Ex uniform, I assumed he was either very lost of looking for my landlady… I nearly shit when he said “are you Lisa”…. ummmm…. can I just say no for a minute, go take a bath and then come back and say yes?

I let him in.

After riding two days in the car to get here, he wanted to go for a walk along the river, all I wanted to do was take a bath!  He went for a walk and I went to the bathroom to find two really big crickets holding my tub hostage!  I leaned over to start the dance of getting them out of my tub when out of the clear blue Jorge crossed my mind… and the meditation I had of him just appearing out of no where at my front door and the one thing I didn’t write about, whoever that man was I seen in my meditation at my front door had on a blue shirt.  Of course my good-looking stranger was sporting a blue shirt that really made his blue eyes stand out.

My mind was now on over drive, the crickets had no desire to get out of my bathtub so I did the only thing I could think of doing to expend this now intense nervous energy inside of me, I baked a bundt cake!!

And let me tell ya… it came out great!  (smile)

It is one thing for me to be now in the overload of wondering… could it be?  But when he asked that question last evening, I about shit.

There is something so freeing when you can talk openly about anything… everything… all I can say for sure is, I don’t know.  The days will reveal the truth to both of us and we are just going to have to see how it all unfolds.

So, this is why I have not had a blog out in two days… I am processing to beat the band here… still am really.

If this is any indication of living life on that high wire… dear lord please catch me if I fall!!

The photo I used for this sharing is an image I took yesterday of the Venus Transit while standing on top of the Boca Negro Canyon in Albuquerque.  There is a whole story playing out in the sun rays!!

I have a full day of readings today, and look forward to seeing the rest of our story as it unfolds in the field of Light!!

This is an added note, I just attempted my first reading for today, there is a stream of pixelated rainbow energy streaming into the center of the field from deep West.  We will see if the rest of the readings are the same… but today is day 3 of the release of all this new energy, so we may not find form until tomorrow!!

With so much love, honor and so much wonder to all!!

Lisa Gawlas

Fathers Days Special: link to original article

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