The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Auric Cleansing, the Creation of your Future and Experiences within the Earthly Dreamscape

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Every Earth-vessel upon the surface of your incredibly beautiful world is shining marvelously and wonderfully, and we very much appreciate the chance and opportunity to be able to not only observe you as you undergo your ascension processes, but to be able to actively communicate with you as well and for many, help you to clear the lower residue and the egotistical blockages that have been holding many of you back from perceiving the depth of the glory and wonder that your lower chakras can and will bring you.

Many souls have focused themselves on the opening of their heart and pineal chakras, and we say that this is good to center oneself upon opening the heart and then the mind, but once such work begins to take effect and you feel the openings in your heart and crown chakras, you can rest assured knowing that such openings will not go away if you temporarily focus your attention toward your lower chakras.

We are here to assist you with the cleansing of your auric fields and with the cleansing of the residue we have been speaking to you of, and we were delighted to find so very many of you accessing the flow of our energies, communications and energetic assistance for we have now been able to help so very many of you, both while you are in meditation and when you are in the dream state asking for such assistance.

We are able to help so very many of you now to clean out this residue, and a part of this cleaning will be your going through Life lessons within the Earth matrix that will test your ability to keep yourself away from the influence of the residue that does indeed, take hold over your minds and hearts at times [if you let them] while attempting to revert you back to your old ways of doing and being.

Worry not dear beautiful souls, for you are growing past such residue and excelling marvelously in the lessons that are bringing [your attention to] such residue and with the help that we and so many other beings are giving you at this time, accessing such help is becoming easier as well as you all find yourselves more opened, as a result of the cleansing of your chakras in such ways.

This work is yours to do and every little and big event that happens in your Life is a manifestation of the ongoing process in yourself to clear away this residue while transmuting the physical aspects of your experience and consciousness.

Naturally as you continue on in this process, your consciousness expands to proportions that you may not yet be able to imagine or fathom, and dear souls we say this not to make you feel limited in your current experience and with your current perspective,  but instead to give you a bit of a measure of just how different and wonderful the realities that you have been heading to with your continual transmutations and integrations which for many, have been harder to go about because of the continued actions fed that can block one’s perceptions, are.

Many of you have been asking for our energetic assistance in many different states of consciousness and being, and we ask you now to begin requesting assistance with the cleansing of the lower residue within your lower chakras, for the majority of you have begun to open your hearts and minds up to proportions wherein they will continue on their own paths to expand, with your aide of course.

While your aide is needed for your mind and heart chakras to continue developing and expanding, for many of you, you are reaching a point now where it is ok for you to turn your attention toward your lower chakras for these lower chakras have needed your attention for every bit as long as your pineal gland and heart chakras have needed such attention.

You are growing and developing continually into your beautiful, Multidimensional higher self, and we say that this continual growing and learning will see you United with not just each other, but with yourselves.

That is what is most important throughout this whole endeavor, dear beautiful souls – finding yourselves and learning to Love yourselves first, and using such United and Loving energies to find Love, Peace and Harmony with those around you.

Many of you are finding it increasingly easier to find a companionship and a happiness in those around you, and for many who are not still stuck in the lower vibratory experience in difficult ways, you are finding a general Lighted-ness with everyone around you.

New friendships are abounding. Old friendships are rekindling and becoming stronger than ever as dear souls find things in common with each other that they had perhaps not expected about another.

The energies pervading your planet at this time are lifting you up and literally making you Lighter, and this includes everything; your moods, your experiences, how you interact with others; the Light is pervading every aspect of your entire experience and while duality is still in play, the seeming opposing side of all that we speak of will itself increase in intensity until it is transmuted and healed on a collective and indeed, individual, level.

Humanity will have no choice but to turn toward each other and Unite so very soon with the inpouring revelations of all that has been done to your world, and the energies being given now with the opening of so many important stargates and energy gates, will see that this coming together on a collective level is aided wonderfully.

This Lightness that is being found within yourselves and within each other will grow to miraculous proportions once the wealth and prosperity is spread throughout all.

You will find everybody happier, uplifted and experiencing the prosperity that you have all so dearly desired to experience. We can feel already that the Light quotient in many of you is growing significantly even as we give you this message, and this is good dear souls!

This is good because even as we tell you of and give you impressions of the future that you are growing to as a collective, you feel and imagine such impressions in yourselves, through your own tinted veils that are themselves dissolving so very wonderfully and quickly at this time.

Even while wearing your veils, you still imagine and feel the impressions of your New World in which we are giving you [the impressions] and you take to feeling the Lightness accompanying these impressions. Is it not so very wonderful dear souls, how your thoughts turn to manifestations instantly in your thought-realms?

We ask you to act in accordance with your feeling, with your heart space, to Create the Heavens and futures in your mind that are to be reality on your world so very soon ,as your doing so will aide the manifestation of such events in the time window that we would like such events to be laid out.

In relation to this, at present we are working harder than ever to set the stage and lay the foundation for the physical events to manifest on your world.

The sheer intricate and Lighted nature of how these many events are to manifest one after another must see much preparation on our part, in every facet that such impending and quick changes are to be brought about, and we assist greatly in continuing to lay the foundational energy that will bring these events to you, like a beautiful creature of the sea arriving on a shore from a wave.

Also like the scenario given above, this energy will take you all back with it, right out to the proverbial spiritual sea, and you will be transported to the lands and realms of this energy, to the realms of the spiritual sea.

You will find and feel many souls, so very different and so very like you alike, that will have been waiting all along for you to realize their very existence, let alone their Love for you.

We are those beings; us of the higher realms. And there are so very many of us here that it would make your heads spin and drastically expand your perception of infinity.

Try to imagine infinity. Try to imagine even the implications of infinity, for there is an infinite amount!

Intelligent, infinite consciousness, taking its form throughout an infinite amount of heavenly dimensions and octaves, feeling itself in so many different structures, that of your physical reality being only one out of, again, an infinite amount; that is indeed what we all are and it is wonderful and beautiful to be a part of this consciousness experience in every form that it has to offer.

We all exist humbly and happily, and we have been working with every bit of ourselves to make you realize our existence and our Love for you, and upon doing so we are aided so very greatly in our own evolution and in the overall evolution of the entire Universe.

Feel us with you, even right now dear souls. Feel us sending you our Love and our impressions, for you are all receiving the specific and original impressions and Love that we are giving our scribe as we give this message.

Indeed, dear souls, the energies you are receiving by absorbing these communications are original and genuine. It is a beautiful act, as we and our scribe alike are continually sending you such energies in the full purity that our scribe receives them, every time anybody reads a message through our scribe. (1)

This takes a lot of energetic work for us and our scribe alike, but our scribe has not yet experienced the Lightness that would even make him aware that he is performing such energy work every moment, with every communication from every ascended being given through him [this applies to all other channelers as well], and we are able to perform such work continually and happily with every facet of ourselves while at the same time, performing an infinite amount of other tasks, usually related to the ascension of Earth, of you all or to the ascension of the Universe, or to our own ascension into realms even purer than what we experience, which we are undergoing quite a bit.

Every one of you are performing similar energy work, work that would truly dazzle and boggle your minds and have you wondering how you would maintain the physical and energetic strength to perform such actions.

We say that this strength and energy you are given to perform such things every moment of your existence is not physical, and such a mindset of thinking that energy cannot be sustained when performing energetic work is a bit ‘off’ in relation to the truth, for the giving of energy to others makes one feel more Lighted and energetic themselves.

This is why many of you who have brought through the Violet Flame energy or even brought through the accelerated and pure energies of one of us ascended souls who are assisting you all, have noticed that [much of the time] you feel much more Lighted and that you have much more energy afterwards.

This is because you are able to replenish your energies at any time, provided you have a clear access to your energetic ‘tank’ so to speak.

When bringing through energies purer than what you have been experiencing with the lower dimensions, your own ‘tank’  expands and becomes bigger, and you are able to hold in and keep holding in much more and much purer energy, that you will then send to those around you provided their higher selves are ok with such an action to be taken in accordance with their Life plan and path, for them to use to expand their own chakras and holders in themselves of the Universal energy that makes up and forms you reality.

The Universal consciousness matrix is becoming purer and purer with the continual unfolding ascension of Earth, and since we have the wonderful privilege of being able to exist outside the concept of your time, we can see the new Earth taking form and we must let you dear souls know, that [in certain possible timelines] Atlantis and Lemuria did decide to ‘come back up’ to the surface upon the purest of peak energies gracing the surface of your world.

When we give this prediction of sorts, we say this because we are looking at the closest and most likely timelines to occur as your many timelines converge into the one overall ascension timeline.

Even this prediction given by us is not set in stone, but we can say that by the pattern and rhythm that the timelines are converging, this event we speak of, that of Atlantis and Lemuria rising back up, seems quite likely.

There were lessons that were not learned in Atlantis, and upon the rising of this beautiful City if such rising does occur within the final timelines, we will all be there with you just as we were there with you in those times before you entered into the timelines wherein these two beautiful Cities went underwater and underground.

We will be there and the reunions that will be taking place in the Main Square of Atlantis and in many other places upon your world, will be spectacular and magnificent.

You will not just be reuniting with yourselves and with us, you will be reuniting also with the many beings within your Sun who have been gracefully continuing their work for the ascension of your world and for the ascension of the Universe alike, for these souls dearly Love each and every one of you.

Quite a bond is formed and maintained when one continually gives the energy that Creates and sustains Life, consciousness and experience, and though the majority of you on Earth do not know anything of us beings who humbly Create your complexes and your reality that you experience as a collective and as individuals, we are still there and here with you , behind the scenes and behind the veils of your perception, gently attempting to get ahold of you whenever your ego does not find itself with much influence or power.

This is why we who are the Guides of many of you, and many other ascended souls alike, choose to contact many of you as you are falling asleep at night and waking up in the morning, for your ego is substantially diminished in such times as your soul makes its preparations to leave your body temporarily and go off to perform many other things for the Light that you do not yet realize or understand that you perform during your daily experience.

Pay close attention to your dreams, dear souls, as every dream is an encoded message relating to anything that is close to your hearts and minds at this time.

Your hearts and minds and your lower chakras alike, dictate the lesson that is to be learned and encoded within your dreams, for whatever you focus yourselves upon the most throughout your Earthly experience is what is kept closest to your chakras to be Created and re-Created in the patterned manner that such Creations are brought through, and you take with yourself your auric and astral chakras as you stay connected to your body at night and in the morning time, through such chakras.

As you take your chakras with you in the sense of an energetic print of sorts attached to your etheric and astral, subtle bodies, you take as well that which has been closest to your mind, heart, and to your other chakras as well.

As you are wearing the veils of forgetfulness, by the time that you have finished many of your higher dimensional travels and tasks while outside of the body, you subtly and slowly begin to anchor yourself back down to the lower realities, through an energetic trail of sorts that you have left throughout your travels, known by some as your astral chord which is connected to your solar-plexus chakra.

We say that for some this manifests as a chord and for others as trails of beautiful, sparkling Golden and silver-rainbow Light. What specifically manifests for you will be unique to you and to which energies you have been bringing through your chakras upon the time of leaving your body.

You use this chord, trail or whichever beautiful metaphoric energy is manifested, to slowly anchor and readjust yourselves back down to the lower [third and fourth dimensional] realms.

Upon doing so you feel, experience and remember much density, and upon entering a certain threshold of the lower dimensional experience while anchoring oneself down, a magnetic attraction and remembrance of sorts drags one all the way down, sometimes to realms past that of what one wishes to experience.

You and your higher selves oversee this process of sorts, so you are only allowed so ‘slingshot’ so to speak to lower realms where you may encounter your own personal manifested ‘demons’ of sorts, if decreed for you to do so by you and your higher self for the purposes of learning lessons.

Even when this is allowed to happen, the realms you are taken to are never far from your own realms and range of experience, and your higher self and many Guides are with you the entire time.

This happening that we speak of is that which you may refer to as a ‘bad dream’ and will only happen when there is a strong fear or blockage causing one to feel blocked inside of themselves.

The blockage must be taken care of for the learning of lessons, but sometimes the blockage can be too strong to call for the manifestation of an experience on Earth, because the experience would have to be too intense and difficult as one’s fears would have to be presented to them in a way that would get their attention.

If you find yourself experiencing bad dreams that are caused by blockages, we say not to fear that which is putting you in such fear states when encountering them. The common theme of the majority of these experiences you will undergo is that there will be something making you afraid that most of the time, you are running from.

You will choose many different ways throughout your dreamscape adventures to get away from this thing that is making you fearful, but none of them will seem to work in this state.

Perhaps you will try to run and find your legs and body feeling like concrete; this is because you are letting a very dense energy of fear into you in some cases by attempting to flee, and this makes you feel heavier as you match more and more the resonance of heavier, fearful realms.

It is also a catalytic happening, for the purposes of getting you to realize that that which you run from really cannot hurt you at all.

If you find yourselves in a bad dream, even one in which you feel little consciousness or introspection, try to stop that which is making you fearful and ‘chasing’ you in some cases, and ask them what they are meant to represent. You will get an answer and an accompanying transmutation every time, dear beautiful souls.

Upon this happening you will find that the dense and fearful energies manifested as objects, people or mean animals in your dreams, will then be transmuted into one of us, your Guides, who will give you Love and congratulate you on the transmutation, which may then either make you go lucid entirely or wake up from your experience, or you will find a very happy and freshly transmuted aspect of yourself, who will let you know that they are ready to assist you in your own ascension.

Just as you are all spiritual and physical cells of Gaia, the cells within your body are physical and spiritual in nature as well. The cells which carry your blood and oxygen and perform so very much more work for your physical and subtle bodies every moment of their existence, are very important in your overall emotional states.

They have their own feelings and ‘opinions’ as well and some of the cells, upon being inclined by the lower energies which you let through yourselves, then become these very fears that will manifest in the lower states of consciousness that you can be transported to upon entering the [lower] Earthly dream state once again.

Upon moving past the fear of whatever seemingly scary thing this lower part of yourselves who simply need to be transmuted will pose as, these cells will themselves be transmuted and become ‘soldiers of the Light’ for your own body and for the ascension of your body, just as you are all beautiful Lightworkers and Lightholders and indeed, Lightwarriors upon the surface of Earth for the purposes of aiding in Her beautiful ascension.

As we now bring this communication to an end, we wish to let you know that indeed, we are with you even far past our communications with you.

We leave you the emotional and energetic impressions of our energy upon disconnecting from the physical aspect of this communication; that which is being scribed for the benefit of you dear beautiful souls.

Feel the imprints we are leaving upon you now for they are again, original to our structures and to where we come from within the higher astral realms of your world. You are infinitely Loved beyond measure, and with your own transmutations and finding of your higher selves, you are becoming this infinite, unconditional Love which graces you at all times.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.

(1) This is pretty interesting and is something that I never knew, but it makes sense. At times I can feel the impressions of fellow awakening souls who are reading messages given through me, and it makes sense that this is an energy exchange and interaction that must be going on with every channeler and the people who read their messages.

A very interesting subject indeed.


  1. The dreamwork you suggest mirrors exactly one childhood recurring dream of my own, and the resolution I found only recently. I have been running from a bear attack for literally decades. This fear, placed in my mind, is residue of the program ‘Survival, Sacrifice, Struggle’. To end this experience (and thank-you higher self that the true experience in a 3d physical format did not become necessary!) I simply became aware of the dream as I was in it by spending some conscious effort intending to lucid dream. This effort allowed me the ability to recognize the dream state, and while in it and ‘safe’ inside a building protected from attack, consciously open the roof to allow the bear in and I gave him a great big ‘bear-hug’ whereupon we both dissolved into a pillar of light. How refreshing to have this dissolved. The next night, the bear had turned into a lion bent on the same task (eating me, I’m sure). Same problem, same solution. The next night, the lion had turned into a nest of spiders. A channeled source described this to be a progressive ‘lessening’ of the manifestation of the fear represented by the relative size and threat implied by the ‘aggressor’. Interestingly enough, escaping the victim/aggressor cycle in dreamwork parallels the physical experience in something of a ‘obviously the dream does not carry the same physical damage risk, and so a really terrifying situation can be experienced while preserving the physical body’ can manifest in a physical encounter in a slightly less physical threatening manner, namely, one that harm may come to the physical, but probably not to the extent of becoming food 🙂 Thankfully, the process of purge and clear lessons learned while in the dream state do also apply in the wakened state. My personal experiences validate for me what you are sharing. Thanks for the clear channels Wes.


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