The Manuscript of Survival – Part 148

The time is approaching for yet another round of intense energy bombarding your little planet. As always, you will feel the onslaught from all of these highly charged particles in so many ways, but rest assured that even if the process in itself might be somewhat hard to digest, the outcome of it will be beneficial indeed. You see, these incoming energies will drive another nail into the coffin of all of the outdated and outmoded processes and patterns that have been holding your species back, and from now on and to the end of this week, you will literally feel how things are starting to fall apart at an even more rapid rate than previously.

Everything will be accelerating yet again, so best be prepared to fasten your seatbelts and hang on. As always, not much will be apparent on the outside at a cursory glance, but you will indeed be more than encouraged from what you all experience in your own lives. Daytime and nightime action will in many ways blur into each other, and you might be hard pressed to tell the distinction between them. In other words, your so-called dreamtime will become more and more lucid and apparent, and you will start to take a much more active part in your lessons during this stage.

It is time to broaden the scope yet again dear ones. School is opening for another semester, and the lessons you will be given will make your hearts soar in more ways than one. Be prepared to be astonished by what you find hidden away in your inner core, because now so many doors will open it might take your breath away. That is all for now, we leave.

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