SophiaLove – This Power Needs no Force


It’s taken several days to get my heart around today’s message.  The hesitation springs from a reticence to force action.  Force is what has been typically used to accomplish any effort on this planet; with war, punishment, law, coercion and power.  Images of impending battle and rising up to conquer, reach deep within us and inspire.  A heroic victory led by one valiant leader – this is what movies are made of.

The Return of the Goddess yields no such images, yet this power is beyond anything we’ve seen thus far. This power needs no such force; it is your very essence.  You’ve been lied to.
Love has been purposely downplayed.  This is like the story of the Animal School: . In this school there were no leaders, no stars, and no extraordinary animals.  This was because they were all tested in the same manner and their scores averaged or “normed”.  There was a swimming test, a flying test, a running test, etc.  The birds aced the flying test but failed all the others, the fish excelled at swimming and the rabbit at running.  Each animal went home believing fully in their mediocrity, when in fact they were all stars.

We are about to finally realize our own brilliance.  Man or woman, our true strength cannot be separated from the love that we are.  Our greatest moments come quietly and are experienced deeply.

In order for balance to be reached there must be an equal and opposing force to what is now here.  This planet has been ruled these many years by powerful masculine energy.  This is the energy of facts and figures; single and divisive, controlling and owning.  What is needed now is love.

Collaboration, unity, equality and compassion are the energies missing.  It is time for the Divine Feminine. The Goddess has been minimized, sexualized, ridiculed and marginalized.  She is the only one who can save this planet.  This is not a small, nice trivial thing.  It is the only thing.

The Divine Feminine represents love.  She is what is missing from the ruling of our world.  Even now she is intentionally depicted as a dominatrix – breasts, butt and stilettos.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Return of the Goddess:  is our sacred moment – the ultimate destiny that leads us beyond lives of separation, slavery, domination and polarity.  We are here to usher her in. The energies felt now of compassion and awareness are her tentative beginnings.

This Venus Transit marks a significant moment for the full force of the Divine Feminine.  Together we can intentionally create a powerful smooth transition to love.  This is our natural state.  Not domineering, whip bearing female or meek and weak, subservient female but a powerfully loving, wise and compassionate balanced being.

In the return of our natural tendency to love and forgive, we will find comfort and strength.  Both male and female, we will experience freedom.

We have reached a moment to celebrate.  This is our ultimate release from tyranny and we will initiate it ourselves.

Join together with your brothers and sisters and see the possibility of each of us as fully activated divine beings, with both male and female characteristics equally appreciated and experienced.

You are not one or the other, you are all of both.  Call forth the Return of the Goddess on June 5th/6th.  In her you will find the ONE – Yin/Yang, Beginning/End, Male/Female, and Alpha/Omega.

We are not partial beings; we are fully divine sparks of love.  It is time to set our selves free.  It is time to return to the truth.

Details for this global event are here:

This is why we are here; to quietly, completely and finally usher in our true and ultimate powerful selves.

We are the ones we are waiting for.

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