A Message from the Galactics in Writing!


A Message from the Galactics in Writing!
Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the passenger’s seat of a car looking at the clouds as we waited for a light change. I noticed how thick the clouds were. One had a cookie cutter hole in the bottom and I decided to address the craft which I thought was inside. “If you are in that cloud, could you show yourselves?”
I waited for a few seconds and looked away, and when I focused on the clouds again there was a reply in writing. The message was written in white, cloud- like letters against the blue sky. It read as follows: NOT OK.
I was thrilled to see an answer to my request. They were letting me know that they couldn’t show themselves, that it was not o.k. to do so. By the time I focused on the message, the upper part of the N and the T were hardly visible, covered by other moving clouds. However, the message was clear to me. I thanked them from the bottom of my heart.

Note from Wes: Is it not extremely interesting, the methods our Galactic brethren will use to communicate with us? My mind drifts back to one time my fiance and I were driving home from visiting relatives, and we found ourselves in the middle of an open farmland with nobody around for miles. 

My fiance remarked that it would be a good time for our friends to show themselves to us and almost at an instant, we then saw a beautiful Light streak across the sky before disappearing. Once we got to a more dense and urban area, I remarked that it would be great to see them again and immediately, my fiance felt an impression from them that we were now in an area too populated and it would surprise too many people. 

My fiance never channels and rarely receives such instant impressions, so I thought it was pretty significant. 

In my view, this story is very synchronistical to that experience. 🙂 


  1. I have a picture of this type of cloud writing. I sent it to you, Wes, about six months ago or so. The letters L and V are written with a tiny rainbow between them (my interpretation, and others who have seen it ‘Love’). This response was a reflection of my desire to witness something of this fashion. The writing was not evident by the naked eye, only evident after I had uploaded the pictures I had taken of the tiny rainbow high up in the clouds. Immediately after the writing appeared, the next picture showed multiple orbs in-line in the same area as the letters had appeared. The entire sky was an unworldly silver/blue shade quite unlike any I had witnessed before, but quite in-line with what, just a few days earlier, i had read about someone else observing this phenomena… It was as if LIGHT had shifted to a silvery frequency higher and more dramatic in frequency than normal, and LOVE was written in the sky for any to witness should they take the time to do so. Very exciting and impressive to witness.


  2. Wow so I am not the only one to see things in clouds Thank Gaia or the Space Babes.I have seen so many hearts and perfect holes and the holes make Star paterns and seen my Initials and loads of others Solex Mal hieroglyphs.I though it was my imagination or wishful thinking but you have made me feel so happy to know I am not the only one seeing these things.


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