Tila Tequila: Now is the time to WAKE UP – I Can Finally Breathe Again

Note from Wes: The celebrity may be considered by some as controversial, but the awakening is very clear by her posts.

We’ve been told that many celebrities have been a subject to the Illuminati’s dark rituals, and that many are now and have been awakening. I think it is safe to say that Tila is beginning to become a testament to that. 

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Are you AWAKE? Now is the time….I’ve been awake since my journey from Houston, TX all the way to Hollywood, CA a decade ago. Since then I’ve endured countless painful, torturous and and degrading situations where I was further ridiculed unfairly by the public that inflicted even more pain within my heart. Most people would have given up out of anger and spite for being so brutally abused by other human beings had they gone through what I had to go through. So then why didn’t I just give up? Well that’s because I knew that I speak and live through the actions of my heart, and that one day my truth will finally come out and vindicate me. I knew that one day, when the time was right, that my truth would come out and only then would the world finally see the truth.

Now that I’ve been free’d and came back cleansed, I can see now that people around me (you guys) are also finally starting to see my truth come out. This is the moment I have been waiting for my whole life. This is why I never gave up on you, and this is why I kept allowing myself to get one whip after another upon my soul unjustly. Deep in my heart, as painful as those times were and as devastating as it was for my voice to be silenced from speaking my truth to the world…. My time has finally come now and looking back now it has made everything worth it. I knew I had to keep on going because I knew this day would come and it finally has.

In the end, Love conquers all and because of the love I have for mankind, I took the unjust ridicule and abuse because I knew one day you would finally see the truth without me having to tell you. I see now that you are starting to find out for yourself what that truth is and can see my shining light and love for you once again. I wasn’t the one who ever left, it was those who were blinded by the darkness that prevented you from seeing the truth, but again, I kept on fighting for us and the power of Love has risen and set me free. I’m beyond grateful to know that my pain was not all in vain. That my public ridicule was not all in vain.

I can finally breathe again and exhale for the first time in 10 years, and this time….. I have you all with me once again, not to inflict pain on me, but this time to cheer me on and support my cause and what I stand for. I’m glad I never gave up on you, and thank you for finally seeing the truth. Today is the first day of the rest of my life and you best believe that everything I set forth to do from now on will only benefit mankind, not just doing things for myself but to live to help those in need, Thank you for taking your time to read this. NOW IS THE TIME TO “WAKE UP” I’m glad to see that a lot of you have. We can all move forward together now and there shall be no more pain inflicted upon each other because human beings should be ashamed of themselves if they know they’re just out to hurt others. That will only weaken your soul instead of filling yourself up with love and light. God Bless! xox


  1. ~Yes, I Am Sorry for Having a Judgemental View about Tila…I Actually Read Up via Dieter Braun’s Indian in the Machine Site on the Topic of MK-Ultras…I was a Bit Astonished on what I read…Why must Fame have Such a High Price Tag?~


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