Tila Tequila’s Deleted Facebook Post on Aliens – Read it Before it’s Gone – Very Interesting


Never forget me for my love for you has always been true no matter what happens I don’tcare anymore I already died 7 times. Might as well let them finish the rest im not scared anymore. Lucky for me I saved 2 anti-seizure meds so swelling slowly coming down now but it hurts so bad. stop threatening me im not scared of u anymore. Come on then. Finish it off. fuck off you KNOW who’s almost here and they are NOT happy with what u did to us at all! UR JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING FASTER THAN U REALIZE! I’m one of the FEW who actually remembers “MY CONTRACT” before entering here. So I always knew before I was even born! You have always been there throughout my life watching haven’t you” I remember you but Im not scared anymore. As for your litte gimmicks sending over 3 “DARK MAN-MADE” “GREYS to scare me: HA! u think I’m that dumb? well now the joke’s on you! Your FAKE MAN MADE WANNA BE “GREYS” wont do shit. But at least I am friends with REALLLLL ONES FROM THE GOOOD LIGHT WHITE SIDE. THEY ARE REAL! Give it up with your pathetic fake greys! People are becoming a lot more stonger and smarte than you realize. They are cming for you and you know they are not happy. You cant keep BLOCKING THEM OUT of “GOOGLE EARTH” for much longer by using some lame dark square in attempts to keep the public from knowing the truth which they have a right to know! Ur all fucked anyway so I dont care. Come on baby! Ur real followers will chear you and welcome you back with open arms. Then together we, only the good ones will start our new life together at “NEW EARTH”

Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/tila-tequila-s-deleted-facebook-post-on-aliens-read-it-before-it#ixzz1vAxk6tB4


  1. Reblogged this on risingsolar and commented:
    First the teacher in Texas, now Tila Tequila. I think the Divine is using people in mysterious ways to spread the message.


  2. Ha ha ha Please Pardon my intergalactic language
    nasty little creeps and ya stupid Black Jets and Bollock Ratlers (helicopters) pretending to be galactic Light Ships with your stupid Disco lights.
    Let me tell ya something it dont work coss your stupid machines are to noisy.
    Ged It ha ha ha.
    Oh and forgot to say too slow and clunky to be Light Ships
    nuff said ha ha ha


  3. In 2011 Saturday August 6 I wrote a short Paragraph called Transhumanism is a Devolvement into 2 dimensional existance.It is on the Left Hand Path and will degrade humanity into becoming like Daleks (monsters from Dr Who) and will become a negative force in the Universe.
    This was taken of my page within half an hour so now I wont bother with f arsebook coss sure as stink in a spacesuit some NWO arsehole is keeping tags on it


  4. You go girl…..Stand up and tell em. That is how to break the fear spell. I send you love and light and hope all goes well with you….Love and Respect for your courage, lvarrow


  5. Wow – the past few days I have been leaning about MK Ultra / Monarch programming. These Tila Tequila posts synch up perfectly for me. I had no idea that so many celebrities have been abused in this way. Not just celebrities. Multiple personality disorder, mind control. It is really sickening. Thanks Wes for posting this stuff here. Your work is hugely appreaciated!!

    Take a look at Brice Taylor’s story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHtYsYdpFCc



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