The Present is your Gift – Divine Mother Mary via Julie Miller


Message from Divine Mother Mary
Channeled by: Julie Miller
April 23, 2012

Bless your beautiful hearts beloved children of God for all that you are. I know your road to getting here hasn’t always been easy, yet you weathered each step knowing in your beautiful heart there was no giving up for you. Within each of you holds both feminine and masculine principles. It is the nature of who you are. These polarities must have balance for you to become truly spiritually and psychologically complete. You are moving through a stage where spiritual healing is occurring at rate like no other before now. It is the Mother within you that encourages ALL that you need to do and learn. It is also the mother in you that nurtures your spiritual intellect and awareness to the heights you have reached. 


With the balancing of both the female and the male energies you then become a magnet to your blessed Father’s Almighty light and never-ending love. I know many of you forget that these energies that are alive within them require balancing and even more have not yet worked on them. They beautiful hearts are your key to the mystical and magical reunion with God, your heavenly Father. From inside you beautiful hearts I am relentlessly nurturing and instructing your soul that it is okay to develop your Christ-Self. Do not shy step any longer, let your soul be drawn to what it yearns for. I will not leave you beautiful hearts; my love for you is forever strong and never-ending. 


I do recommend beautiful hearts for you to question yourself. Ask thyself, “What have I been doing with my time?” “What have I been doing with my thoughts, and my feelings?” Be honest dear ones with your revelations. We already know your truths, but it is up to find them and come home to them as truth and become One with all that you are. These kinds of questions on yourself are good ways to observe yourself simply before you take the time to further investigate any findings. You may discover there is more purity in all your actions then you may have thought, or maybe you will learn, if you are being honest and truthful that there were instances when you were not so pure in all actions. You cannot go back and fix what has already been done. But beautiful hearts you can learn from these lessons when you are presented with the opportunity to shine your Christ-Like energy and love-way to all people that cross your path. 


I have also seen, heard and feel many of God’s beautiful children with to see so much from the past and the future. To see any of the past is to learn from it. For you to see a glimpse of the future is no easy task. Being able to see any future through dreams or visions must be understood that anything seen and perceived as a future has the potential of being changed and altered by simply making choices. What is important dear ones is holding onto the Present. The Present is a gift given to you; it is here where your work is required. What you learn from the past, is well used as learning tools for now; what you do now dear ones is preparing for your future. Live in the now with your ever evolving wisdom, inner-power and love for yourself and all of humanity. Even with all the trials and tribulations you have encountered, find and live in the peace and harmony each challenge has left for you and bask in the happiness every day that surrounds your loving heart. 


Oh, I know, I see and yes I hold you when you ask for me during times of great strife. I will never turn my back on you, for I love you unconditionally and accept you as you are. Before me, I see only your true self. And I tell you, you have someone else you can turn to in times of despair, you have God. Your heavenly Father is not only there for you when you are in need of help. He is there for you to share your joys, your peace; to share in your prayers, in your joyful activities. He is there above you, He is below you and He is ALL around you – ALWAYS. Call to Him, speak to Him as you would me, your guide, another Master or to whom you normally work with. Talk to him as an old friend you haven’t seen for a while. Feel the love grow in your heart during this time of reacquainting yourself with your Father. He does love you so much. 


Let the love of Jesus guide you to the arms of God. I know it can be hard to maintain your faith and belief. When you find yourself struggling beautiful hearts, allow your feelings to come to the surface in a healthful way so you can identify the true source for the upset. Give yourself time to nurture and heal yourself with your own unconditional love. During times of self-healing ask God to share this healing journey and feel with perfect knowing that yes He will bestow upon you His Divine and infinite love to you. He will never deny you this beautiful hearts.


My time spent with you today has been my gift, and I treasure these gifts and I treasure each of you. 


And so it is, Divine Mother Mary through Julie Miller



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