Sanat Kumara on the Grid of Humanity

Linda Dillon channels Sanat Kumara in this video, designed to illustrate her Saturday morning conference calls. Thanks to Kathleen.

Sanat Kumara is the Planetary Logos, or planetary keeper of the law.  Some time ago, in an episode of An Hour with an Angel, Sanat said that he could be found on the 11th Dimension.

I was going through some difficulty over that comment, given that he is worshipped in some religions as the equivalent of a god.  Zarathustrians worship him as Ahuramazda and the Biblical prophets knew him as the Ancient of Days. Somehow it just did not fit that such an exalted being would be found on the 11th Dimension.


Then I had a reading with Archangel Michael on March 28, 2012 and presented my difficulty to him. He responded:

“When Sanat Kumara suggests to you that he is found on the 11th or 12th [Dimension], it is also understood that that is where humans can experience him. It does not mean that he is restricted there.

“So it is where the human beings can find him and have the experience of who he is. That is why he places himself there. [Steve: So what is the rest of the story please?] It is far beyond dimension.  It is far beyond any reality that humans currently have access to. He is making it understandable and workable.”

That solved the difficulty for me.


  1. Marvel, marvel, marvel!

    How blessed you are, Linda my love!

    Of course was the 11th dimension a meeting place only.
    Don’t we always need bend down, get our little children out of the mud?

    We’ll hopefully soon stop
    our silly attempts
    to try sticking the INFINITY of CREATION
    in our petty 3D limited drawers.


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